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#1 · 243w, 1d ago · 2 · · Prologue ·

Before I read I just want to point out a major plot deficiency. They are not carefree at all.

Applejack: Has to buck Apples on the farm and do chores all the time

Rainbow Dash: Has to clear the clouds and do the weather.

Fluttershy: Has to care for her multitude of animals

Twilight: Has to keep up on her studies and write to princess Celestia on her findings.

Pinkie could be the one who is the most Carefree, since all she has to do is work at Sugar Cube Corner and make swwets. Not to mention baby-sit the twins.

Secondly im pretty sure her friends wouldn't ignore her or do any of these things the story sais they are. It all seems so...unreal, unbelievable.

I get the feeling you've been raped?

Okay, taking away all of my serious anti-clop chizz, I gotta say - this was the most mixed-emotion thing I've read (certainly not the most fucked-up, but, well). Unlike most bad stories, this wasn't great idea, poor execution. It was poor idea, beyond-excellent execution. Those feels weren't normal feels. They were bad and good and odd and bad and bad. :pinkiesad2: My meta-mind is fucking exploding.

Jesus Jesus.

B- y- ne-

Mmmmmmmmmm. >:|

This story... these feels...

It's terrible. No doubt. But it's just a little sweet.

Why am I reading clop again?

Oh yeah, cause it's 2-FUCKING-30 IN THE MORNING.

So... she's a lesbian... but not?



My metamind is having a mindfuck, and THAT'S NOT GOOD.


#7 · 243w, 1d ago · 1 · · Epilogue ·

This is just such a wrong, this is so wrong, the wrongness of wrong that wrong the wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

This is fucking wrong

I loved it so much i had to downvote!!!!  :D :moustache::moustache::facehoof:

#9 · 243w, 1d ago · · · Epilogue ·

I'm not going to upvote this or downvote it, I now hate rarity to her soulless core, why would you Do something that horrible to Dash and now I'm not sure I'll be able to use Spitfire and Dash together now...


#10 · 243w, 1d ago · 2 · · Prologue ·

I second Vinyl Shy's opinion. I can see Rarity setting her friends up on dates, but rape? Is it just that you needed a darker tone or what? The fact that they all would be ignorant of her is unbelievable, as Rarity has displayed disrespect to her friends and not the other way around. It seemed well written, but you started an awful lot of sentences with but. It's just a general rule not to start with but. I'd suggest toning the story way down.

I feel as if you're trying to romanticize rape for some odd reason. Did you write this as a troll fic?

#12 · 243w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·


I third their options. This story doesn't sound real and is so OOC, it is not funny, but you do have me intergied.

#13 · 243w, 1d ago · · · Prologue ·

>>1008507 The opinions have been quadrupled!

It seemed like RD was hit the hardest.

Gangbanged...AND she's gay...in a shower room...by her own heroes.

"stallion's... filly-filler" LMAO :rainbowlaugh:

#16 · 243w, 15h ago · · · Prologue ·

>>1008507 It's a Clopfic. Are you gonna read it or not?

What's with the dislikes? :ajbemused: I'm liking it alot so far :pinkiehappy:

I was expecting her to kick the face of BM, after all... He RAPED HER... Even Fluttershy is badass when she want (like in Putting Your Hoof Down)

Mixed emotions, i feel bad for Fluttershy, and Rarity is a bitch in this story, i mean, making a stallion rape your PFF is something horrible, but well, i will read the next 6 chapters

(Sorry for the bad english, it isn't my native language)

I dont know what the dislikes are about I find this to be a good, well written story! The clop itself is always vague though it needs a bit more .... physical detail. Otherwise its great!

#21 · 243w, 8h ago · 1 · 2 · Epilogue ·

What the fuck is a McIntosh? I know who Big Macintosh is, but who's this guy?

I share Big Mac's  thoughts...What the hell just happened!

I was looking forword to this one...I wanted to see the reactions....


I was listening to Want It Need It (Orchastral Rock Cover)..I don't know why ,but It fits the chapter...

I find it hard to believe Pinkie was a virgin.:applejackunsure:

I still don't get what the hell the guards were doing there.

Emerald Flight hit the nail right on the head. What are you doing! This idea... This fic... It's wrong and I hate it but it's the most emotional story I've read in a very long time. And it was virtually flawless, too. I don't know what to say, other than you're a very, very good writer.

My heart is absolutely broken... My poor poor Dash... How could you treat her like this? D:

#31 · 241w, 5d ago · 2 · · Epilogue ·

HA HA HA! It's funny, right!? Because Rarity hates mules, and she's about to be raped by one! AHAHAHAHAHA-fuck you.


They appeared to be raping applejack :moustache:


I like rapefics but not lesbian stuff and this happening to dash my fav pony this is the worst one in this fic and this is my reactions :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::rainbowwild: what happend to her is horrible. But props for rest of story!!!!!!!!

Edit: Twi is now fav pony.   7.28.2013

There should be an extra chapter in which they all beat the crap out of Rarity and then get people to put her through what they went through. That's not morbid, right? :pinkiecrazy:

i hope this is the only chapter OOC Rarity has a Mane 6 raped. Not that i don't enjoy rape in fics, cause i do, but they belong in a grimdark.

*edit* on second look, this is a grimdark. i kinda forgot because the lack of tell-tale grimdark elements other than the obvious one.

i guess in that case i enjoyed this chapter ok-ish

The whole series is well written, if rather dark, I have no gripes about that... the only thing that I dont like is that this chapter makes homosexuality sound alot more like rabid sexism than a sexual preference... I get the point that is trying to be presented, but I HOPE that homosexuals do not think of the opposite sex in such a rabidly sexist way.

Of course, this is just a personal issue with how the conflict is presented, not a critique on a failing of the story.



Comment posted by 3A deleted at 2:19am on the 6th of January, 2013

I can't really tell if it was rape or she ended up liking it.... :rainbowderp:

I'm still wondering why the hell I read this in the first place

No offense, it's very well written, just not my style.

>>1542036 you have a point 3A :raritystarry:=bitch

Comment posted by swRainbowDash5467 deleted at 2:34pm on the 9th of August, 2013
Comment posted by swRainbowDash5467 deleted at 2:35pm on the 9th of August, 2013

Aww poor Dash! Why would they do this to her?!?!:raritydespair:

So it seems Twi and Fluttershy ended up okay with it, but what happened with Applejack is still cruel!

#47 · 178w, 1d ago · 5 · 3 · Prologue ·

     This is going to be one of the most fucked up pieces of literature that I will ever read... I'M SO EXCITED!!!  


     That was strangely one of the better rape-y scenes that I've ever read.  I'd almost call that eventual-consensual rape right there.  Pretty descriptive, focusing mainly on the thoughts and stuff, but I, personally, would have liked a bit more description about what is going on in the pelvic region.  


     I cackled like a madman when Big Mac came in.  The clop/rape was much... sexier, in this chapter.  Now it's time for the next victim of generosity.  


     I find it so ironic that Pokey poked Pinkie Pie's pink pie and popped her cherry.  Pinkie... how do you bounce back from being raped like that?  She's got a few screws loose if you ask me.


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