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this isnt incest is it well im not reading until i get some verification (or someone saying no:derpytongue2:)


It is. Rule 63 Twilight X Rule 63 Shining Armor.


Incest is magic!
Write more right now!

I hath shat bricks!

1008255 well interesting concept but ... no:ajbemused: and thanks for letting me know


(Edit after reading)
It was okay i guess, ill track it anyway and see where it goes.

*Sigh* Another TwilightxShining Armor incest story.
I will now exercise my right under the "Don't like, don't read" policy and opt out of reading this story.

Author Interviewer

I'm expecting some delicious debauchery to come.

we need more this is going to be a good read

1009488 Another? In the thousands of stories ive read there's only been one other story with Twilight x Shining Armor incest. These are rare.

Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I've encountered several more: One Last Night, My Brother's Keeper (notable for being one of the first Shining Armor fanfics), Like Two Peas In a Pod, Big Brother Best Friend. Forever. and Vindicated Depravity (debatable, as it's Cadance dressing up as Twilight, but I still count it). Granted, five isn't exactly a lot but it's four more then I've wanted to see (My Brother's Keeper is actually a pretty funny crackfic).

1027488 "Big brother best friend. Forever." was the one i saw. and for some reason i Favorited it. i wanted to see where it would go.

Wait, what? Two Peas in a Pod isn't... Oh, huh, there's like three different stories with that name.

That was my exact reaction. It was like "Oh, that 'peaness' crackfic posted a second chapter? Cool." Nope, just another incest fanfic.

Author Interviewer

Those it was meant for understand.

alright. you've piqued my interest. I'll be watching you


This is, infact, incest. So you're clear to read it if you're into that stuff

1134464 im not into that stuff thats why i asked

Oh dear God, this exists :applejackconfused:

>could generally only have one at a time
It should say this:
>could generally have only one at a time

>she'd be able to work off some of that frustration by boning her bigger brother in his female alter-ego
I love this sentence :rainbowkiss:

>all the trials that life could throw
There is a double space between "trials" and "that" :moustache:

Usually don't read this stuff, usually like it even less when I do.
This however is an awesome exception.:rainbowkiss:

Sooooooooo, are you gonna update anytime soon? Has life been distracting you?


Imagine a freight train roaring down the tracks. Everything's going fine. And then the tracks further along are torn apart like a child's plaything. That is what you just did to my assumption of the direction of this story.
Worst mental pileup I've ever had.
I am very curious as to where the hell this is going.

I'm very tempted to report this for incorrect tags.
Gore, Dark and Tragedy would be useful.
I very much dislike this new development.
Even if this sort of a nightmare scene it is in the story and tags must reflect all of the content.
I'll wait to see what's coming but meh.

Very interesting, I like the massive plot twist with Chrysalis, and the clop was damn good too.

The impregnation is kinky as hell, or I am just weird as fuck, who knows.

Author Interviewer



what in the fuck

why would you do that
At least add gore tag?

Wow. I just did not see that coming, and I must say I love it. Very well done.

Wait wut?
... I still came...

These, ever so much. Seriously? I actually felt that when Chrysalis... when she... oh goddesses, why? WHY? :raritycry:

I went from clopping :trollestia:, to screaming bloody WTF :flutterrage:, then to uncontrolled laughing :rainbowlaugh:, then back to clopping. :trollestia:

This is fucking genius.:pinkiecrazy:

Just... no. All of my no.

Ahaha, literally I thought to myself "...I'm not stopping".

Yeah, I'm in the same boat here. This story was upvoted, but not after this chapter. That was one hell of a shift in tone and story, and it is not appreciated.

Okay, this thing needs to be tagged properly. Not bad at all, even though it was a tad too gory for me.
Honestly now, tag it properly before someone who didn't find that funny really reports you (though I don't know what the immediate result would be.)

First time I've ever unfavourited/downvoted a story after an update. I hope you're proud of yourself :facehoof:

This will take some serious explaining.

Interesting turn of events.

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