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I’ll be keeping an eye on this

Very interesting I have great hopes for this

Good job keep it up

I hope I do. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

How long will this interrogation take until Princess Celestia comes in and dishes out the 'Memory Spell'? That question would also be my prediction.

Interesting premise, and I'm a big fan of the Ajin series, so I'm looking forward to seeing future chapters!

Was thinking in a few chapters by another character, but amazing guess!

I favorited on this chapter. I feel like that makes me a bad person but ,I don't care, I love it :pinkiecrazy:

So princesses, which of you can agree you fucked up?

Awww, does this mean no more torture?:applecry: Fiiinnne, it's still good though:pinkiehappy:

Would be interesting. The sequel that is.

Just DO IT! Hopefully they won't imprison him again for murder this time, not to mention all the reasons behind it: 7 months of being repeatedly experimented on and murdered for being incapable of staying dead, kidnapped, framed and tortured for a crime that was never going to happen, being killed several times, and almost being forced to play along with Discord's plan that would have killed countless innocent people. If what he did to Discord was illegal I would hope he is found innocent due to it being self defense (technically if not legally considering the time and the crimes done to him first), stopping a more than likely incident like this from happening again, and the more than likely mental and emotional instability gained from the 7 months alone. I would think if a situation like this happened IRL the person would be found innocent of murder.

I would love a sequel
Though one small criticism is that discord’s death could have taken longer

Eh, true. But I like to think that someone who'd gone through something like that would want to do it quickly. Release the rage and all. Still, a very valid criticism, and I'm glad you like it enough to put thought into it.

I have an idea for the death you can add if you wish to hear it

Sure, let's hear it!

discord tries to weakly fight back maybe beg for his life because he didn’t expect anyone to try to kill him with ed just looking him dead into his eyes and saying you dug your grave now law in it with some dignity

Last part made me smile, and is generally good. Do you want me to add it as part of a non-cannon addition? You'd get the credit, of course.

You can it’s just a suggestion

A sequal would be interesting

Gotta say, your idea was a good one.

You're welcome, I hope it came out as well as you'd hoped

Turned out great now all I have to do is find my motivation to write my story

Sequel:derpytongue2:? When you get the time/inspiration for it of course.
Also a good story.

great story 10/10 one of my favirots now

If he was me I wouldn't forgive them like that

I don't get it. Discord isn't reformed in this so he's still a "bad guy" yet the ponies believe in what he said even without any evidence to back it up? Seems shifty to me.

Is there a sequel yet?

Working on it. Just got a 12 hour a day job

Ok then. Take your time and try not to burn yourself out.

Well, Discord doing something like this pre-reformation would be right up his alley. He'd probably step in before it got out of hand though, at least if he really did something like that.


It’s been 8 months, what’s the holdup?

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