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That's an interesting start there. Curious to see where it leads. :yay:

this is awesome and I love it

Looking forward to how things pan out, I'm sure bonbon will come around after a good massage from the human.

that is funny

There's no Plot Holes in the whole "Lyra being in multiple places" thing. It was deliberately avoided by her, but will be brought back up in due time.

:pinkiesad2: Oh. I was hoping for perhaps a little Changeling action there....


That is some next level spoiler tag usage.

I know, right?! It's like a Spoiler WITHIN a Spoiler! :pinkiecrazy:

At least we've got some impressive SPOILER action here in the Comments Section!

*blinks* Well that went up and down in a rapid fashion before setting up for major :facehoof:.

Don't worry, it actually gets better. :raritywink:

So I have some questions do actually plan to make it multiple seasons and if you do you have at least the first season planned out or are you just winging it also can you make a mention of tacos at some point

Well... This just got interesting.

Actually, funny you should mention that! It's a little of both, really. I've got the Seasons planned out, but I'll also be winging it as well! The title of the story will even change once I've finished Season 1, and have the (Season 1) replaced with (Season 2), and so on, so forth.

But I'll add Divider Chapters in-between to help make it all organized and neat. Even got plans for when the Changeling Wedding comes out, but I won't say what. :raritywink:

... And yes, tacos will be mentioned, simply because you asked nicely.

This is actually pretty good :ajsmug:. I can see how everyone would be acting. Bon-Bon being pissed off all the time and Lyra just as ignorant and comical :pinkiecrazy:. I can even see the ending of Chapter 3 where Lyra points out the basement :facehoof: and Bon-Bon getting ready to turn Lyra into bloody pulp :flutterrage:. So awesome :pinkiehappy:. Hope to see another chapter on this soon :twilightblush:.

lol fucking silly green horse

This is getting crazy... I love it!

I hope those cakes are alright

Annnd added to my libary

Saved by porn is now my new favorite line.

The human is upstairs looking at pony on human porn isn't he? This is going to be interesting.

This reached ridiculous levels of sitcom, but hell I'll follow it for a while, it's funny.

please let this story be here for awhile instead of looking promising but after awhile you lose interest!

Seems celestia may be interested in what Lyra has.

Lyra.Exe has stopped working

this was funny I wasnt expecting Lyra to be the anime perv for at least 2 more chapters

Ah... thought it was already pretty much already figured out at this point, to be honest. :twilightblush:

*Clears throat for reference.*

"Woo-hoo! Saved by the Porn!"

Don't worry, this one's actually fun to write! And after a hard day of work, when the stress levels are at their peak, I feel like this will be "The One".

I've also been doing some therapy-level exercises to keep Depression from making me snap again. But should I relapse, and knowing how unpredictable life can get, it can happen, I'll still hold this story as a happy memory, and fill said happy memory with words, and not care about deadlines, set goals, and other things that made me grow frustrated with my previous stories in the past.

In other words, this story's my medicine, and its flavor is one of my favorites.

Please insert Bon-Bon's Hoof in the Head Drive to reboot.

Your words make me think you wanna do naughty things in the dark to this story. :rainbowlaugh:

It's the wings, isn't it? Gotta be the wings! :trollestia:


Like Anime, certain story tropes have lines that should NEVER be crossed or overlooked! Like "Using the main theme in the final battle" for Anime, "Wingboners" for Winged Characters are among those!

Uh, yeah, funny thing actually, he completely missed it!

Thanks! Look forward to seeing more of it soon! :raritywink:

Naughty? Nah. Nutty? Perhaps... :pinkiecrazy:

Man I love this story, very refreshing. You humor and wit is very on point in this and I wait in anticipation for the next chapter!

well their is a regular perv and then their is a anime perv the difference is that anime perv gets nose bleeds when they see something they like

Don't worry. No cakes were harmed in the making of this story.

Ah, gotcha... well... now that you know, you can happily expect more nosebleeds later, as well!

I wonder if the concept of blood transfusions exist in Ponyville...

Tofu has 16g of protein per 100g, soybeans have 36g per 100g , chickpea 19g, a combination of different legumes will get him the 56g of proteins he will need a day, now to complete the diet, He will need vitamin b12, which are not found anywhere, animals have a small amount, but he won't be eating animals, so the only sources are yeast extract or supplements, a capsule of 4000mcg a week or 250mcg daily will do, vitamin D usually produced by the skin with sunlight, but because he will stay inside, he won't be having any of it, so mushrooms will do, though you need to get the mushroom in contact with the sun for it to produce vitamin D, so just put the mushroom in the window to get it in the sun for about 10 minutes, and it will be enough, always eat a carrot a day for the vitmain A, and make sure to eat all kind of fruit an vegetables, and he will be healthy in his new forced vegan diet XD.



All joking aside (because trust me, I take "NERD" as a Compliment, and mean no offense when saying it), thanks for the info! It's always neat to learn these kinds of things!

However, I feel I should admit... I'm not a Food Scientist, and never cared about having a "Proper Diet" based on grams ALONE (believing said details to not really cover ALL grounds of the person in question, like Blood Count, Innate Diseases, Weight, Age, Fitness Level, and several other factors, which would affect how certain amounts of said Vitamins, Minerals, etc. would be required in order to stay "Healthy") nor do I really feel the need to go super in-depth with the details of the food that's being consumed.

However, I do have a statement to the idea of "Food"... you're thinking EARTHLY Standards when it comes to Tofu and Meat Substitutes. In a world like Equus, where there are all kinds of other creatures that may need to rely on the same things, surely the portions of Beneficial Compounds would be made differently for the ingredients so as to allow more flexibility when it comes to other races, would it not?

And then, if all else fails, and the food doesn't have enough Compounds to make it as effective as it should be?

Actually, i was covering the stuff the human body needs in average, if with magic, plants somehow have more nutrients than usual, better for our protagonist then, still, dont know where he will get vit b12, it comes from soil bacteria, or well, vit b12 stay in the liver for 3 years, so he wont need it for now XD; about balancing what I eat by the gram, it is important for vegans like me, structuring a vegan diet is difficult, and is unique for each particular person, a diet with meat is easy to make, the ratios in nutrients are almost the same in our bodies; anyway, with compunds, you say supplements? or vegetables and fruit that have magically altered to cater a lot of races? well, boths are posible world building concepts in a multyrace place like equestria, you could go that rute : D.

Well, I mean, sure I can go any of those routes... OR I could just take the original route I had planned, which basically goes somewhere along the lines of "NOT Complicating The Story About A World That Relies On Cartoon Logic And Magic With Technical Details That About 95% Of Everyone Else Might Just Skip Over Or Not Really Concern Themselves With". :derpytongue2:

well since the short description says literally everything it makes me wonder what is to come

Like how will they deal with the humans mother, a random chicken, Deviljho, and a derpy crashing through the house

Just have him eat dog food. Dogs and humans are mostly the same. Just have him add some fruit for vitamin C so he don't get scurvy. Orange peels and dog food. Boom, instant human chow.

Off to a great start so far. :pinkiehappy:

great story you have here i hope to see more chapters soon

when he was eating the potato chips I couldn't help but think of this...

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