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I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, a few other anime, and videogames. That being said, hope you enjoy my stories!


This story is a sequel to EoH Evolution: Season 3

Ever since he destroyed Shining Dawn, Burst Stream's life has resumed it's usual routine. At least, it would have if he hadn't split with Celestia to give themselves some much needed space after Shining Dawn had nearly torn them apart. But the space in Burst's heart was not empty for long. It's a space that Nightmare Moon has now filled. However, it's not a space she entirely occupies. Burst still loves Celestia. He always will. So how powerful is a heart that has room for the love to two goddesses? Burst Stream will find that out for himself. And maybe then, he'll also find out what his destiny is. Maybe then, his crest will be complete.

It will be no easy task. And returning foes like the Chaos Kin will only add to the challenge. As well as an old foe from Aether's past. One who has been rotting in Tartarus. And if he can't make the father pay, then the son shall suffer. . .

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This was really AMAZING! Glad to see the first episode of season 4 out AND REALLY enjoyed seeing moon becoming a princess and her dream coming true where now people can see her different and be love and forgiven AND NOW Iā€™m looking forward to seeing more of season 4 to come

So now, she's a princess...

She earned it.

The copies were essentially a test, but...let's just say impromptu test LOL.

She's proven that she isn't the monster that she was before

Also...SEASON 4 IS LIVE!!!

Unrelated, this was the song I was listening to while reading this chapter.

So what did you think of the prologue and the song I included in the chapter?

Prologue - Very touching and fluff heavy (not bad in this case), with some setup for the 1st episode

The song in the 2nd chapter - Perfect (then again... anything from Gurenn Lagann is good, so...again perfect). It meshes well with Moon

Hi I really like your stories there are so many amazing I love them so much I was wondering when you'd the next chapter the story and tell me when you can please

Well, college is keeping me pretty busy. I've got a lot of work to do, so I can't write as much as I'd like to. I'll try to get the next chapter up over this weekend at the very least. But I make no promises. I hate keeping my readers waiting, but I can't afford to mess up with my school work. Especially since I've got an exam tomorrow. All the same, I'm happy you've enjoyed my stories. Feel free to PM me about what you like or if you want to find out about other stories I have planned!

Okay thanks for letting me know šŸ˜ƒ

You're welcome. So what do you like best about my stories?

Will everything I can't think of anything I don't like well there is one thing why do you always break up bust and celestia l mean l think they are made for each other and when they had a break up Celestia is always said I want to know Celestia is my favourite character in in cartoon in move or in fanfichen so I want to know not that of the other characters are bad I like them to

Well, I don't like to do it. I love Burst and Celestia as a couple. They're pretty much perfect for each other. But, I also ship Burst with Nightmare Moon as you've also seen with my stories. And as much as I don't like to do it, Burst and Celestia breaking up is the only way to develop Burst and Moon's relationship. But don't worry. Burst and Celestia won't be apart forever. And Moon won't be forever alone. But you'll need to wait until season 6 to see that come full circle.

Okay thanks for letting me know can't wait for the next chapter or stories

No problem! Btw, of the Elements of Heroism, who's your favorite character and which Duelist Arm do you think is the coolest?

Burst Stream of course end his Duelist Arm l forgot is name but l like da Oder chapter to o and celestia boat princess and principal

Well, the Duelist Arms don't have names in the reboot. But Burst uses twin blasters and a sword. I can give you the original names if you want.

Burst's sword is called Bahamut Edge and his blasters are called Twin Burst. Inferno's sword is called Ignitis Fang and his blaster is named Blackfire. Steel's weapons are called Arms of Honor. Ace's weapons collectively are called Resolve of the Dragon Knights. Ty's weapons are called Dino Arsenal. Akage hasn't received his Duelist Arms yet, so I'm still working on a name. Ice's claymore is named Archfiend Dragon's Tenacity. Fang's claw gauntlet is called the Destiny Reaver. Venus' whip is named Rose's Wrath. Shadow's spear is called Celestial Guardian. And lastly, North's shotgun is called Polarity Buster.

I really like it

Really enjoyed the chapter! It was definitely worth the wait and I love this first date between Burst and moon it was enjoying to see it

I enjoyed this chapter.

A first date between Burst and Moon was nice to see

Also...yes...Twilight does need someone

Any favorite bits of Burst and Moon's first date?

just more overall pretty good. If anything though...the ending was possibly the best part because that moment with Burst leading the kiss this time showed relationship development.

Yeah, they're going to be busy.

Keeping Dash herself (head-on into battle without a thought), but showing some development with her relationship with Steel was very good with this chapter. The battle itself wasn't bad either (overall)

If you're concerned about the chapters taking a while...it happens. Would rather have quality than rushed.

Good chapter

This was definitely worth the wait and I very VERY enjoyed it so much and Iā€™m looking forward seeing each of the fights with the chaos kin

Oh this was SO AMAZING love the 2 anime lines on this chapter especially Ty and his new move that was really a badass moment and love that ending to

Ok new move and...

A sound like thunder rang across the whole battlefield! The second the sound of thunder passed, Ty unleashed a flurry of rapid punches to Tyrant Neptune's chest! Letting loose all the rage he held towards the monster in a scream! And just as quickly as Ty's assault had begun, it ended. Ty landed on the ground, and turned and begun walking away.

"You. . . you think that will be enough to stop me?" Tyrant Neptune mocked as he staggered to his feet. "I barely felt anything from that flurry of blows!"

". . . You're already dead." Ty said as he didn't even look back to meet Tyrant Neptune's mocking gaze

Glad you enjoyed it. I bet you can't wait to see the rest of the Chaos Kin battles, right?

Yeah. I got creative when looking at yugioh cards that would serve as the Chaos Kin's minions. Especially since the Chaos Kin are monsters from the card game themselves.

I thought I saw that name Tyrant Neptune from somewhere...it was Yugioh

Same goes for the other Chaos Kin. And yet I still manage to make an original story.

creativity for the win.

Btw Tyrant Neptune is banned for a reason (broken effect)

Yeah, I saw that on the ban list. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got another episode to work on.

Really loved it Venus telling Splendid about true beauty and even when he was sorry for sounded harsh and saddened as he watch her go he had he got Splendid to do some thinking

True beauty...you can be beautiful on the outside, but it's all about what's inside...

This episode at least got Splendid to think a bit.

By far one of the most best episode right now because it shows spike becoming a hero and a part of the team Aswell

Thanks dude. Oddly enough, I unintentionally predicted the future when I wrote the original series S4 episode because Power Rangers is now owned by Hasbro.

Yeah. I'm serious, Hasbro owns the Power Rangers now. Look up the Beast Morphers trailer. It's on YouTube!

Also, I got the next chapter up. Hopefully, I can make it to the next arc of the season before monday.

9231428 I really enjoyed This this was also one of my favorite episodes in the post Reboot season also there should be a nightmare moon episode

So Hasbro owns Power Rangers...yeesh.

Spike got his duelist arm AND Power Rangers. (Dino Thunder was my favorite btw, Black Ranger Tommy FTW)

Good Chapter (by the time you get this I will either be reading the next chapter OR I will already be finished reading because it's 1:15 in the morning)

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