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This fic needs Derpy.

Also, cumflation would not be unappreciated,.

hot fudge barb-ie

Wait did you update

:rainbowlaugh:nice work oh and about Dragon Bro Z hows the next chapter coming?.:twilightsmile:

gotta bone up on the new few episodes to make sure i get things right.

Pressure building up.

Get some stripes!
I wonder if their offspring would turn out as striped dragons...

I knew it!!! Zecora's first!!

Interesting, but what's with grammar errors!? Stories hot, and I'm not really a Barb fan, mostly because everymare is turned into a dude. But I like this! Good job!:moustache:

Oh yes! Zecora is up first! YAY!:moustache:

Sorry, some still made it though. But, considering all the hotness in that chapter, I can see why it got missed!:raritywink:

So she's not given her a golden shower to mark her? Just saying.

Hot chapter! Love the idea from Zecora.
"Oh, Twilight! It's time to ride the Barb express! I hope you have Barb come at Twilight with a love/lust filled combo. Possibly start with a from behind hug and go from there to sexy time!

About time for, Barb, to go on the offense and get those Mares!:moustache:

This party's getting crazy

That’s what the bite was for.

Fucking tease!:ajbemused:
But seriously, nice chapter for an appetizer. Good job!

P.S. Fucking love that Starlight!:moustache:

nice work looking forward to the next chapter:twilightsmile:

*5 hours of remorseless sexing later*

This is great needs more chapters, though.

pity this died, was a goodun

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