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A Change of Scenery

Authors note: I really enjoyed writing this chapter. I didn't think my prologue would be so widely liked and fav'd, but i thank you all for the support.

This chapter is quite a bit longer, and I hope you all enjoy where it takes you.


It was early morning. The crisp summer air was still very thick as dew was beginning to form on the grass. Jake rolled over in his sleep. His mind didn’t acknowledge the fact that he was sleeping in a completely foreign place or even the fact that he was no longer human. His mind did however notice that the room was a bit chilly. He pulled his comforters up to his neck. They were soft and large, but most importantly they were warm.

Some people say they never dream, but Jake never seemed to have that problem. While his dreams were not always meaningful to him, he was able to recall his nighttime adventures pretty often. His current dream was not one that would make it into his list of epic adventures, but it was a dream welcomed nonetheless.

This sandwich is amazing.

A bit of drool escaped the corner of his mouth. It was not an uncommon thing to happen to him during the night, and his current food based epic was encouraging it more than usual. Still he slept, unaware of his changes and his vastly changed surroundings.

Eventually the sun rose. Amber waves crept across the base of his room and illuminated the specks of dust floating in the air. The smell of an equestrian morning began to fill the room. It was pleasant, not unlike the smell of a rainy afternoon on Earth.

Jake soon smelled the fresh air and stirred a bit. He pulled his comforters up a bit as his eyes opened lazily. For a few moments it was just another morning. But soon enough his brain kicked in.

I’m awake.

He tensed up a bit. He wasn’t really sure what to expect. He was sure that his heart rate was a bit higher than normal and he was almost afraid to move. Still, he couldn’t help but be giddy with excitement.

I wonder who I am.

Slowly he pulled at the cozy blankets that covered him. He didn’t get very far without thumbs. It took a second, but soon enough he had the sheets off of him a bit.

These hooves are gonna take a bit of getting used to.

He looked at them. They were a part of his body, yet they were completely new. He flexed his forelegs a bit as he tried to get an understanding of his upper limbs. Flipping his hooves around, he tried to figure out how he might pick things up. He found his fetlocks to be particularly useful.

These aren’t too bad I guess.

As he rolled onto his side to mess with them some more he found his mane obscuring his field of vision. He instinctively pushed it out of the way when he realized something.

My mane is blue.

He sat up in his bed and pulled his mane in front of his face. As he studied it he began to smile.

Electric blue mane and white coat.

Jake had an idea of who he was. He prodded his forehead and found even more confirmation. There was only one thing left to see. He pulled the blankets off of himself completely to see a moderate sized ebony musical note on both of his flanks. He laid back on his pillow and released a happy sigh.

I always loved Vinyl.

He laid there in contempt for a few moments before something occurred to him.

Vinyl Scratch is a girl.

His eyes bolted open. The reality of the situation brought about a bit of shock. He slowly lowered a hoof under his blankets to confirm his previous thought.


She quickly brought her hoof back to her chest.

That’s gonna take some getting used to as well.

She sat there thinking her whole situation over. She closed her eyes and tried to get a grip on her new life.

Okay. I’m Vinyl Scratch. I’m a pony. I’m a mare.

Those words hung in the air for a moment. It was something she knew was likely to happen, but it was still a bit of a shock. Nothing could have prepared her for this moment.

At least I’m not Rarity. That would be too much change for me to handle.

She rolled onto her flank again.

Vinyl Scratch. I guess I better get used to that.

Vinyl lifted the blankets again to take a peek at the changes.

And that. That one might be harder.

She looked to her bedside table and saw the necklace she had last night hanging slightly over the edge. It was exactly as it was on Earth. She leaned over to it, and carefully lifted it above her neck and over her head with her hooves. It was tighter than she liked it, but it would do.

Finally, some familiarity.

She took a second to look it over. It was a hand crafted piece, made by her former girlfriend. They had had an … interesting history but they ended up sharing about a year and a half of their lives together. Really the only reason it didn’t work out was college. The distance had its effect on them--as it does a lot of relationships.

Their breakup was heartbreaking, but expected. Vinyl still felt for her, but she knew it would be better to go their separate ways. Vinyl kept the necklace she made her as a keepsake. Vinyl knew she would find love again, and it reminded her just how good it could be.

She polished the trapezoidial clay stone at the end of it with a hoof. It was held together by clever weaves of fine black thread, mixed with beads that gave it a western look.

You were always so good to me.

She took a long breath as she thought about what to do next. She soon decided that getting out of bed would be a good first step. She swept her hooves out to the side and put some weight on them for the first time. She dropped onto her front legs and wobbled a bit. Slowly she took her first few steps and found her center of gravity. It wasn’t easy, but she was able to walk out of her room.

As she walked into her living room she took notice of her surroundings. The living room had a pretty normal looking couch, a few recliners and a table with some magazines on it. She took a peek over the couch to get a glimpse of one of the covers. The title read “Covermare”. She had a subscription to Covermare. She looked around to find her kitchen so she could grab a spoon to gag herself with.

The kitchen was pretty small, but then again so was her apartment.

Looks like Vinyl isn’t as super-famous as I would have thought.

She looked up at her cupboard. It seemed so far away from her on all fours. She tentatively balanced herself on her hind legs as she reached for the handle on the wooden piece. Inside were some plastic cups without handles. Her eyes narrowed.

How the hell am I supposed to hold these with hooves?

She moved the cups out of the way and found some glassware with hoof shaped handles.

Much better.

She grabbed one and turned on the tap. The sound of water filling her glass was oddly relaxing. She took her drink to the couch and sat down. It was really awkward with her new body structure. As she sat there she noticed that the couch was really long, almost long enough to seat four ponies.


She adjusted herself. Sitting like this was really uncomfortable. It took her a second, but she picked up on what was wrong pretty quick.

Only Lyra sits like this stupid.

She shyly stepped onto the couch and sat down on her hind legs. She pulled her forelegs under herself and laid down on her stomach.

Oh yeah. Way better.

She let her head rest on her front legs.

This always looked so uncomfortable when my dog did it.

She was beginning to understand this whole pony thing a bit more. It was certainly different, but she thought she could get the hang of it. She was beginning to get lost in thought when she was interrupted by a scream from nearby.

”NOOOOOOO!!!” echoed a very effeminate voice.

Vinyl’s ears popped up instinctively and she hopped up from the couch.

That sounded like it came from the other room.

Vinyl decided it would be best to respond in a similar matter.

“WHAT’S WRONG!?” She yelled.

Woah. My voice is so… girly.

Vinyl waited a second for a response. After a moment of silence she figured she wasn’t getting one. She quickly decided to find out where the sound came from and she hoped that whomever screamed wasn’t hurt.

Vinyl carefully crossed the floor towards the only room she hadn’t been in yet. She slowly poked her head into the half open door and looked in.

“Anypony in here?” She asked shyly.

“DON’T LOOK AT ME!” came as a response.

Vinyl looked away. “I’m not looking.” She tried to think of what to say. “Uh, what’s uh, wrong?” She half stuttered. “Are you okay in there?”

She peeked towards the source of the voice regardless of her previous statement. In the room was a bed and a lump hiding under the covers which she assumed to be another pony.

Roommate. Aha!

Vinyl slowly walked towards the bed. “Hey, you alright?” She asked, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible. “I think I’m your roommate. But I can’t promise that.”

The lump under the blankets grew a bit. Vinyl thought she could see the outline of the lump’s head, but she honestly wasn’t too sure. It was kinda lumpy.

Vinyl could tell that this lump wasn’t coming out anytime soon. “What’s the matter?” She asked.

Give me something to work with hun.

She blinked.

I’m even thinking feminine.

The lump seemed to have found a comfortable position, as it stopped fidgeting and slumped over.

“I-I’m… different than I expected.” The lump spoke rather pessimistically.

Vinyl facehoofed.

We’re all different. That’s kinda what the objective was here.

Vinyl tried to think of a way to cheer her up. “We’re all different. We wanted to be different. Isn’t that why you came here?”

The lump was silent for a moment. Vinyl took the moment to appreciate how funny her roommate looked while slouched over under the covers. She looked like a little kid trying to hide from monsters in the night. It was kinda cute actually.

The lump spoke quietly. It was pretty obvious she was scared at this point. “I’m a girl. I don’t want to be a girl.”


Vinyl quickly understood.

This guy isn’t taking the change so well.

Vinyl wasn’t sure exactly what to do. After a moment of hesitation she decided to take a seat on the end of her bed. If nothing else, she was going to try to be as friendly and understanding as possible.

She spoke with a soft tone. ”It’s alright.” She sat there staring at the lump.

Really? That’s the best you can do?

She cleared her throat. “I uh, I used to be a guy too.” The lump made an irritated groan.

This may be harder than I thought.

Vinyl was running out of options. ”Look, can we talk? Face to face?” She tried to sound friendly. “Could you come out from there?”

The lump didn’t budge. ”Could you grab me a glass of water?”

Vinyl smiled. “Would you come out to drink it?” She asked hopefully.

“Yeah, whatever.” The lump replied.

Close enough.

Vinyl fetched the glass of water and returned to see the pony curled up on the bed. That’s when Vinyl saw who she was rooming with for the first time.

Octavia. I could have guessed that.

Vinyl greeted her with as big of a smile as she could manage. “Here you go Miss. Octavia.” Octavia half smiled as she took her drink.

“Thanks” she said.

It was quiet for a moment. Both ponies tried to think of something to say but words were hard to find. Finally Vinyl broke the silence. “So uh, you gonna be alright?”

Octavia sighed. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Vinyl curled up on the bed as well. “So, you mind if I call you Tavi?” Vinyl was hoping she wouldn’t. Octavia was a mouthful of a name. Plus it sounded super formal, and Vinyl had never enjoyed formal things much.

“That’s fine” she said, sipping at her water. She set the glass to the side and stretched out a bit. Vinyl gave her plenty of space to figure out her body.

“Moving around is kinda weird at first, but it’s not too bad after you get started.” Vinyl spoke. “I can almost walk normal now!” She added with sarcasm.

Tavi smiled. Her day was not starting out the way she would have liked, but at least she had a roommate who seemed to be handling it all better than her.

“I never thought I would have to learn how to walk again.” She said softly as she edged towards the corner of the bed. “Am I going to fall down?”

Vinyl laughed. “Well, I managed to stand up without injury, so you should be fine.”

Octavia set a hoof on the floor. She put a bit of weight on it and lifted it back up to her chest.

”That’s freaking me out.” She said.

Vinyl couldn’t hold back a smile.

Even I wasn’t this bad.

“Look, it gets better once you have them all on the floor.” She tried to explain. “It’s like having four legs.” Come to think of it, that’s exactly what it was. Still, Octavia was uneasy. She timidly placed a hoof on the ground, then another. Soon enough she was on fours wobbling for balance.

”I…I think I’m good now.” She took a step and wobbled again. She regained her balance and took a few more. Quickly she began walking at a decent pace.

“Now you’ve got it!” Vinyl cheered. “You look like you’ve walked on all fours for years.” Vinyl fibbed. She liked to lie. She would make a poor Applejack.

Tavi smiled back at her. “Okay. I think I can do this.” She walked out into the living room and Vinyl quickly followed suit. She took a quick look around the house when she noticed that it was very bright outside.

“What time is it?” Octavia asked. Vinyl had no idea. “Um, I dunno. Let’s find a clock or something.”

They looked in the living room to no avail. They browsed the kitchen and quickly found a wooden clock above their sink. It was almost noon. Octavia and Vinyl had slept in.

“I’m actually kind of hungry.” Octavia said. “Feel like taking a look around Ponyville and grabbing lunch?” Vinyl’s stomach growled. Lunch sounded very good.

“Sure thing.” Vinyl said. “Let me find my wallet?”She had no clue how ponies carried around their money.

Maybe I have one of those saddlebags.

Vinyl quickly went to search her room for anything that might prove useful. Her floor was as clean as it could have been, which surprised Vinyl a bit.

I kinda figured she would be sloppier.

Vinyl searched her drawers next. She found a brush for her mane, some hoof trimmers, a few bottles of mane product and some accessories. She took notice of the few articles of clothing she had. In the drawer were a few bracelets for her hooves, some socks and a bowtie, the latter of which was probably only for attending her roommate’s formal events. She also took a closer look at the socks.

I can’t remember ponies ever wearing socks.

She lifted the thin, charcoal silk up in her hooves. After brief consideration she decided to try one on. She managed to get the first bit over her hoof, but she couldn’t pull them up any further with her hooves.

How do I do this?

She pondered the question for a moment and then got an idea. She lightly pinched the silk with her teeth and pulled the sock up her leg. It came quite a bit higher than she expected. She walked in front of the mirror to see how it looked.

The long black stocking gripped her hind leg tightly. Vinyl blushed and looked away.


She pulled the sock off quickly and put it back where it belonged.

And that is why ponies don’t wear socks in public.

She continued searching for her bag. She checked the rest of her drawers to find nothing but some loose change.

She moved on to the closet. As she opened it up she was quite surprised. The entire closet was filled with musical equipment. Amps, cables, mics, she even had a P.A. system and it looked pretty high quality.

Awesome. I almost forgot about being a DJ.

She closed the closet when she thought of something.

I have no idea how to DJ.

Sure, Vinyl knew enough about music and theory from when she wrote stuff on Earth, but she had no idea how to mix tracks live like a DJ would.

I guess I’ll figure it out eventually.

She continued her search for the bag. She took a peek under her bed. What she saw scared her on a level she could not imagine. She quickly left her room, face flushing red like a tomato.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Octavia was waiting on the couch. Unlike Vinyl, she had found her bag with no problem and was waiting to leave. Octavia could see that Vinyl was blushing. She smiled. “Everything alright?”

Vinyl almost ignored her. “Yup. Just really awkward. “She said. “Have you seen my bag out here? I can’t find it.”

Octavia smirked. “You should leave your things where you can find them.” She joked.

Vinyl rolled her eyes. “Thanks. I’ll take that into consideration next time.” She walked towards the front door to see if her bag was left out on the ground. Sure enough, a black bag with an ivory version of her cutie mark on it.

“Found it!” She said.

Octavia stepped off of the couch. “About time. Shall we take a tour of Ponyville?”

Vinyl held the door open for her. “Ladies first” she said.

“That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day” Octavia replied sarcastically. “Shall we eat now or later?”

Vinyl licked her lips. “The sooner I eat the better” she laughed.

* * *

It wasn’t long before the pair found a pleasant looking restaurant. They took a step inside and were greeted by a lovely looking mare in a black dress.

“Velcom to zee Café de Roughage. Vould you like a seat?” She said.

Nice accent.

“Yes, a table for two please?” Vinyl asked politely.

“As you vish Madame.” She said as she escorted the two to a booth.

Vinyl and Octavia followed close as they took in the restaurant. It was very classy and formal. More so than Vinyl would typically appreciate, but she figured her first meal here should be relaxing.

“Vat vould you like to drink today?”

Vinyl looked at the menu. They didn’t appear to serve soft drinks and she had no idea what any of their alcoholic drinks were like. She tried to think of what might be a drink here.

“Um, do you serve any ciders?” Vinyl asked. Cider seemed like a reasonable comparison to beer.

“No Madame, vee serve only qvality spirits here.”

Okay, so cider is basically beer. Good to know.

Vinyl tried to think of what to get. Nothing on the menu meant anything to her. She didn’t speak fancy.

“I’ll have the house wine?” She questioned.

That seems like a thing.

“Of course Madame.” She looked to Octavia. “And for you?”

Octavia, while usually depicted as being fancy, had no idea what any of the wines were.

“I’ll have the same thing.” She decided.

The waitress nodded in approval. “Vould you two like to purchase zee bottle?”

Vinyl and Octavia exchanged looks.

“Sure. That sounds great.” Vinyl decided.

“I vill be back vith zee drinks.” She said as she walked towards the kitchen.

Octavia waited until she was out of earshot before she spoke. “I didn’t think about this until just now, but why are there ponies working today?”

That was an interesting question.

Octavia continued. ”Did she really adapt to this so quick that she is already at her job?”

Vinyl wasn’t sure what to think. It was strange knowing that today was the first day of being a pony for everyone here. “I guess we can ask her when she comes back.” She said.

It wasn’t long before the mare returned with two glasses of wine.

“Your drinks” She said as she curtsied a bit.

“Thank you.” Vinyl said. “Also, if I may ask, how did you adapt to all of this so fast?”

The waitress was confused. “I beg your pardon Madame?”

Vinyl tried to reword her question.

“How are you working already? Aren’t you still, you know, getting used to all of this?”

The waitress blushed a bit. “I am sorry Madame, English eez not my first language. I have lived here in ponyville for two years if that eez vat you are asking.”

Vinyl’s eyebrows lifted. “Two years?” she asked.

“Oui, Madame. I vill be back soon to take your order.” She regained her composure and left the table.

That was pretty weird.

Octavia was uneasy. “What did she mean by that?”

Vinyl wasn’t entirely sure. She tried to think of how somepony could have possibly lived here longer than just today. She quickly remembered something that Daniel Graff had mentioned last night.

“You remember how Daniel said that some ponies would be controlled by people working on this program?” Vinyl asked her friend. Octavia nodded slowly. “Yes but, that accent… her facial features and mannerisms… they were all so real!” she said.

Vinyl agreed. The last exchange they had was extremely realistic. “Did you recognize that pony from the show?” Vinyl asked.

“I didn’t recognize her.” Octavia agreed. She had never seen the pony before.

“I guess it wouldn’t be very realistic if they told us they weren’t really in here.” Vinyl suggested. Octavia was still very perplexed.

“It’s still very unnerving.” She said. Vinyl had to agree. It was definitely a strange day so far.

The mare returned shortly after their discussion to take their orders.

“Vat vould you like to eat today Madams?”

To be honest Vinyl and Octavia hadn’t been reading the menu too much. They were caught up in figuring out what was going on with the waitress. Vinyl scanned the menu for something she might recognize.

Eggplant soup, Buttered squash over linguini, Caesar salad… Where is all the meat?

Vinyl chastised herself.

Ponies are vegetarian stupid. There is no meat.

Vinyl was starting to have a mini heart attack. Meat had been a staple of her life for as long as she could remember. It pained her when she realized she would never consume another steak.

That’s actually incredibly disappointing.

She sighed. She had never much liked vegetables, but it looked like they were all she was going to be able to eat. She finally decided on a dish that looked moderately appetizing. “I’ll have the sautéed peppers over noodles” She finally decided.

At least the spices will be distracting.

Octavia ordered the eggplant soup, which sounded incredibly inedible to Vinyl.

“How are you gonna eat that?” Vinyl asked with more than a bit of disgust showing.

Octavia just smiled. “My mom used to make eggplant soup a lot. It’s actually pretty good.”

Vinyl felt bad for Tavi. She must have had a terrible childhood.

“I’m going to miss meat a lot I think.” Vinyl sighed. Octavia joined her. She was fine with vegetarian meals, but she was going to miss the occasional flesh based meal as well.

“I guess we will get used to it.” She said.

Vinyl took a sip of her wine. “Yeah, I guess we will.”

Soon enough the waitress brought them their meals. Vinyl’s peppers smelled amazing and she considered that they may actually be alright. The mare set their dishes on the table along with their silverware.

Octavia’s plate came with a spoon that had a little loop around the end, obviously for letting her grab it with her hoof. Vinyl’s plate did not. Her fork was loop-free.

She quickly got the waitress’s attention. “Um, my fork doesn’t have one of those loopy things.”

The waitress was confused. “Oui, Madame, eet does not.”

It was Vinyl’s turned to be confused. “So how do I pick it up?”

The waitress laughed. “You are a unicorn, Madame.”

Vinyl scratched her head. “Oh yeah, heh. Thanks.”

The mare gave her a questioning look and excused herself.

“If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask.” She said as she left the table.

Vinyl stared down at her fork. Never before had a piece of dinnerware been so intimidating. She thought out her plan of action. She could either learn to pick up the fork with magic, or she could just lift the plate up to her face and eat it like that. She figured the latter option would be less than classy. She was going to have to learn magic.

Challenge accepted.

Octavia gave her new friend a mischievous grin as she began to sip at her soup. “Not feeling hungry?” she knew this lunch was going to be hell for her friend, and she wasn’t about to let her go easy.

Vinyl was genuinely terrified.

There are so many ways that this could go wrong.

She sat there for a moment before she attempted anything. She figured she had to try to lift the fork up with her mind. She set her hooves on the table and prepared herself for the task at hand.

Let’s do this.

She stared down the silverware and prepared for war. She focused on trying to lift the fork with her mind. She scrunched her face up and bit her tongue as she focused. Octavia couldn’t help but laugh at the faces she was making.

“What the hell are you doing?” She giggled. Vinyl felt defeated. She pressed her face up close to the fork, looked up at her friend and smiled softly. “I have no idea what I am doing.”

Octavia had the biggest smile on her face. For a pony who was depressed about waking up female, she seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Why don’t you just, think about lifting it or something? I think you may be trying too hard.”

Vinyl sighed.

I guess that could work.

She regained her posture and closed her eyes. When she opened them she simply imagined the fork lifting off of the table and floating in the air. Sure enough, a cyan glow emanated from the dinnerware as it slowly lifted off the table. Vinyl squeed in delight and the fork dropped.

“I did it! I lifted the fork! WOO!” She exclaimed. Octavia clapped her hooves together in praise.

“That was actually pretty cool” She said. I’m almost jealous.

Vinyl was incredibly excited. From now on she was going to use her magic as much as she could. She could barely keep still as she and her friend continued their meals. Now the only question she had was how much to tip a waitress that wasn’t real.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true, she did exist, she just didn’t live here and the money wouldn’t matter.

She figured twelve percent should be fine.

* * *

Vinyl hated to admit it, but her vegetarian dish had been one of the best she had ever had. She had no idea how rich the flavors of peppers could be. She figured it had to be due to her new taste buds.

I think I might just make it here.

Vinyl and Octavia were walking back towards their apartment. They had spent the majority of the day walking around Ponyville and learning where everything was located. They bumped into the occasional pony that they recognized along the way. A lot of the ponies were still learning how to do stuff and it was really entertaining watching the pegasai learn to fly. Vinyl never thought she would see Rainbow Dash struggle to get airborne. She was almost as klutzy as Fluttershy.

The two roommates exchanged small talk as they returned to their home. It was getting late, going on eleven, and they were pretty tired from their day of exploration. As they entered their apartment they both laid down on the couch. They got themselves comfortable facing each other so they could talk some more.

We’re getting along pretty well so far. This is nice.

“So, did you enjoy yourself today?” Vinyl asked.

Octavia closed her eyes and grinned a bit. “Yeah, it was pretty fun.” Vinyl thought she seemed to be getting used to the whole ordeal. They were both adapting to their new lives faster than they would have thought.

Vinyl thought about their conversation from earlier. She knew she was struggling with the concept of being female. To be honest, she hadn’t thought about it much after they had lunch. She didn’t seem to be thinking too differently. The change was purely cosmetic.

Still a pretty big change though.

Vinyl figured she should probably make sure her friend was taking it alright.

“So, getting used to the whole concept of being a girl?” She laughed. She knew it was going to be awkward to talk about but she figured she may as well address it. It’s not like it was going away.

Octavia sighed lightly and lowered her head. “Yeah. I’m used to it.” She conceded.

Vinyl smiled. “That’s the spirit. I think we can get through this!”

Octavia didn’t seem to feel any better. She kept her eyes closed and sunk her face into her hooves.

Vinyl was confused. “What’s wrong? I thought you said you were getting used to it?” Vinyl thought she had helped solve the problem, but there appeared to be something deeper.

Octavia spoke with a quiet voice. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Vinyl sank a bit. She knew her friend was hurting, but she didn’t know how to help. She had never been good with solving problems like this.

Vinyl tried to coax her out of her shell. “C’mon, let’s talk about it. What’s wrong?” She didn’t care how long it took to break her, she was going to help.

Octavia lay silently for a moment before agreeing to anything. She wasn’t sure if she trusted Vinyl too much yet. She was a good friend, but she had only known her for a day. “You have to promise not to judge me.”

Vinyl was very eager to respond. “I pinkie promise. What’s wrong?”

Octavia sighed. “Being female isn’t shocking to me.”

Vinyl tilted her head in confusion. “Okay, so you’re getting used to it?”

Octavia shook her head. “It’s not shocking because I’ve always been female.”

Now Vinyl was really confused. “Wait, so you were female before you came here?” She asked.

Octavia nodded. “Yeah. I’ve always been a girl.”

Vinyl could admit, she was lost. “Okay, so then why were you all upset this morning? You stayed female.”

Octavia buried her head again in her hooves. “That’s the problem.”

“What do you mean?” Vinyl asked.

Octavia sounded embarrassed. She almost stayed quiet but she decided against it. “I’m upset because I wanted to be a boy.

Vinyl’s eyes popped wide open.

Oh, shit.