• Published 16th Dec 2011
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Tales of Interest! - Pascoite

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A Stone’s Throe

Author's Note:

Prompt: I’m Flying Without Wings

“You don’t understand,” Sunset said, pushing her geode into Twilight’s hand—the Twilight from her world. She’d shoved it at Twilight, yet hadn’t loosened her grip.

“Do you remember how demonic I was? Grasping for any power I could. Then later I had it! At the Friendship Games, I had wings! I could fly!”

“Look how you used it, though,” Twilight said, rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.

“Still, I… hadn’t thought about it, when I went through the mirror the next time. What if I’d become an alicorn? Thank goodness I didn’t. I only now realize that.”

“You would have earned it.”

“No, no.” Sunset hid her face in a hand. “I only got those wings by taking everyone’s magic, and now that I know…”

Twilight pushed the fist with the geode back to her. “The fact that bothers you means you deserve it.”

Maybe. But it didn’t have to weigh so much.

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