• Published 16th Dec 2011
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Tales of Interest! - Pascoite

Random unrelated short stories

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A Single Tear Ran Down His Cheek

Author's Note:

Prompt: Laugh So You Don't Cry

It seemed like such a cliched thought. At an earlier time, Sombra might have laughed at it. He peered at the pony who had approached his hiding place, unaware.

If that stupid mirror hadn’t taken away his dear Celestia, made him into this

He loved her, he did, so much that he’d do anything, anything. He already had—violated his morals, lost himself to save her, his body ruined, so if he could extend his life just another day, another hour for when she might return…

Nothing left but hope.

A second tear, then a third, merging into a jagged rip. This face hadn’t lasted as long as the previous one. He’d need another. Again.

Forgiveness, dear Celestia, please. He no longer had the capacity to do anything but laugh, quietly. That pony had approached even closer, probably looking for berries.

He burst into a cackle as he pounced on her.

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