• Published 27th Dec 2019
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Friendship Needs a Bodyguard - Lighttone GryphonStar

In a world that was once filled with peace and friendship, Comet Tail is forced out of retirement by an old friend to act as a bodyguard to protect former enemy turned pacifist and a drunk with deadly weaponry.

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File 0: Blackened Memories

The winds kicked around the kirins' manes as they stood guard. Their resolve was good and their stance was bold against the beating heat of the Sun.

Along an all too accurate path, a carriage surrounded by unicorn and kirin guards rode forward. It's movement unheeded by any stones or rocks that dare attempt to stall it. Inside were four creatures; two kirins in fine uniform suits and two unicorns with trim clean suits devoid of any creases and seams.

The older kirin, a stallion, white in color with a black mane looked toward the yellow unicorn with a blue mane and spoke first. "I'm glad to see that your training has paid off. I’ve never seen my soldier so clean and proficient. Now my country will be ready for anything. I thank you Comet Tail from the bottom of my heart." He held one hand out of the carriage and sighed in relief.

“No, problem, President Sable.” Comet Tail was glad. It had been so much hard work, but it paid off perfectly. He knew now they would be ready for anything.

"Indeed, honey," the slightly younger kirin noted as he placed his hand in the older kirin's free hand. At first, though the younger kirin pulled back at the sight of the unicorn. "Sorry," he whispered under his breath.

“Oh, you two are a thing?” Comet laughed.

The younger kirin turned away, wanting to hide his face. President Sable placed his fingers under the chin of the younger kirin and brought his nose to his own, making the young one smile. “Yes, this is my fiance.” President Sable spoke up. “Once peace has been brought to our land, I am planning to take this wonderful creature as my own.”

“Good, good. Maybe you two and my coltfriend can have a double date.” Comet’s words only confused them. He waved his hand to calm them. “Don’t worry. I was just joking. I prefer not to take any mission personally. It’s quite rare to run into others like us outside Equestria.”

“Indeed, our kind of relationship may seem strange. But it is one we all must value.” The younger kirin finally lowered his guard.

“I couldn't agree more.” Comet loosened his shoulders. When he first met the leader of this country he didn’t expect them to have such a similar mindset to his own.

"Back onto topic, Comet Tail." President Sable interjected. "I hear this Princess Celestia wanted all the nearby countries to be ready for something. Yet we still do not know what?"

"Yes, apparently her draconequus friend said that something might be happening today that could affect every country around Equestria."

"Does this have anything with that bright light that shot out of the Castle of Frie--" He was stopped at the carriage abruptly halting its movement.

"What's going on?" The younger kirin's face filled with paleness once more.

"Don't concern yourselves." Comet held up his hands to them before looking to the unicorn beside him. "Watch over President Sable... and his future husband." The unicorn took up his sword while Comet pulled out a long gladius and leaned his head out the window.

Outside the heatwave had been replaced by a cold stickiness as a lone creature in a black coat stood in the way of the carriage. He was holding out a long katana and aiming it forward. Up in the sky the Sun had gone pale not just twisting the feeling of this scene, but giving a greater feeling that something was terribly wrong.

"Hmm, it's a black dragon... I think." Comet Tail looked to the guards surrounding them. "Ace, Drone, take him in, alive."

"Yes, sir. " The two guards nearest to him left the group and charged forward. The black 'dragon' pulled his katana back into his sheath as they got closer. Comet could only smile at what seemed like a perfect victory.

However, with a single draw that seemed far too fast for a dragon, the guards were cleaved in half. A coldness increased in the air as blood poured from their wounds and toward the carriage.

"Shit," On Comet's words, the others charged in. Comet pulled his head back in and hit the ceiling, "Grape Vine, get us out of here."

"Yes, sir." On that, the carriage heavily turned and raced in the other direction.

"What's happening?" President Sable questioned.

"I don't know... there is no way a dragon could move that fast." Comet concentrated magic in his horn. "Hmm.."

"What are you doing Sir Comet?" The younger kirin questioned.

"Contact spell. I need to know if this was what Discord was warning us about." He closed his eyes however quickly opened them seconds later. "What? That makes no sense?"

"What is it?"

"I can't contact Canterlot at all."

"Could they be blocking us?" the other unicorn commented

"No... it's like there is nothing there." Comet waved his head back and forth in denial before pulling on a different spell. "I'll try a searching spell. I need to see if there are any more attackers coming." Comet closed his eyes once more and the outside world was revealed in his mind's eye. He could see everything around the carriage for up to a hundred meters in a circular spread, However... "Damn it, your guess was correct there are magic dampeners in the area."

"I don't remember authorizing such things."

"Hold on, President Sable. I don't think they are the main cause--" Comet stopped his words and his eyes popped open. "Look out." He threw his hands up and pulled a shield of magic over the president as a giant shockwave burst through and tore the carriage in half.

"Kind!" The president reached out to his fiance as the two were separated by the attack.

Comet Tail and the president's fiance were sent to the far right as the other half of the carriage was pulled into the air by a yellow aura of magic.


"And that was the last thing I remember before everything went black." Comet Tail put down the cigarette and puffed slowly. "I never did find out who that fast dragon was or who used that white aura of magic."

"Yes, that's good much better than last week." The gray earth pony doctor jotted down more notes.

"Yeah, seventeen months of work for nothing." Comet Tail crushed his cigarette and threw it perfectly into the ashtray.

"Not nothing, you have at least some idea of when you lost those memories, you just need a bit more work to find out how." The doctor twirled his pencil around.

"Right, Doctor Allswell?" Comet's voice was filled with a bit too much snark to care for. "Is this work going to help bring my leg back." Comet slapped at the metal limb with a broken gladius caked in dust strapped onto it.

"You at least can walk."

"Yeah, but I couldn't during the war." Without any hesitation, he walked over to the window and pulled it open. In the distance, the Canterlot's mountain once stood, now only a crater remained.

"That is none of your problems. The King has been good to us since the princesses disappearance. He gave you a new leg and all of this good technology."

"Right, the King is so great, yet we never have seen him directly." Comet's eyes wandered upward to a might float crystal fortress that floated above the crater before turning away. "My mission failing happened on the same day that place appearing."

"Yes, but the attack on the kirins happened so far away from here. The king has nothing to do with that event. Your memories do. And they are the only thing that can help you now."

“No, they clearly can’t.” Comet huffed and reached for his pocket as something vibrated. He pulled out a peeper and walked to the door.

“Wait, your session is not over yet.”

“Yeah, but it's time for work.”

“We made so much progress.”

“Yeah, as in none at all.” Comet opened the door and left the room, quickly slamming the door behind him.

Doctor Allswell leaned back and finally gave his own annoyed huff. “So close…” He wrote some small notes down and turned to a phone. Taking a deep breath he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“State your name and rank.” The voice on the other side was quick and strong in his words.

“I am Doctor Alan Allswell of the Raven Institut. Rank, Lieutenant Captain of the Poena Guard.”

“State your business.”

Doctor Allswell got up from his chair and stared deeply at the crater that Comet had shown so much anger toward. “I have my next report on Comet Tail for the king.”


The one on the other side of the line took every word to count. “Good, I’ll take the report to him once I arrive back at Nigrum Crystalli.” The yellow pegasus closed his phone up and turned back to his work.

“Captain Flash Sentry.” A soldier walked up to him. “We found fifty rebels inside, but still no sign of it.”

“Bring forward any that are still alive.”

The soldier turned away and gestured to the other soldiers. Twelve ponies were brought forward. Most of them were very old or broken souls. However, among them were two children.

Flash slowly walked to the children. He leaned down and smiled at their small faces. “Tell me, were there any other children in the safe house.”

“No, sir.”

Flash’s face quickly frowned. “Good, good.” He rose back up and looked to the older ponies. “Now I will ask this once and only once. Where is it?!”

None of them answered though it didn’t seem to be out of some absolute loyalty rather something else. Something that Flash could see very clearly. He walked away from the children and looked over each older pony. He stared deep into each eye as he walked by. Once he reached the end he loose a small smile. “I see, Lieutenant Outer.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Remove the children.”


Flash turned to the soldier with a glare. “Do as I said, a child should never see such brutality.”

Understanding the order, the children were quickly removed from the area. His kindness to them was indeed quite strange to the soldiers, but it brought less fear from them then his rage. The children only saw kindness in Flash’s eyes as they were pulled away.

Flash turned away from them once they were out of sight and looked toward all the older ponies once more, finally speaking to them. “He gave strength and you ran from it.” The soldiers lifted strange weapons with barrels on the end. “He gave you valor and you ran from it.” The soldiers aimed their weapons as the tip began to glow. “He gave you kindness and you give him hatred.” On that final word, the soldiers pulled their triggers.

As the light burst outward from each weapon and the loud bangs bounced over every wall Flash’s eyes never lose their cold gaze. He kept a calm stern mind and stayed ready and loyalty to the kingdom he now served. The kingdom they all now served.

Once they stopped he looked up to a tear in the ceiling. He closed his eyes at the feeling of rain pouring down. Under his breath, he spoke a few small words, “You were once the best of us, Comet. But now you are nothing but a weak soul. And a weak soul is not fit to live in this world.”

"Sir? Sir? Sir?" Another soldier ran up.

Flash's eyes popped opened and faster then anypony could process he rushed forward and gripped the soldier by the throat and lifted him high into the air. "There better be a good reason for interrupting my prayer?!" Flash's words were pure rage.

"Sir... We found it." On those words Flash only squeeze tighter.


"Just beyond these plains. There are some ruins... and an altar."

"Show me..." Flash finally dropped him to the ground.


Author's Note:

Well, this was a hard chapter to release. This chapter showed off our hero, Comet Tail, and our villain, yes it's Flash Sentry. Though there are some other hints in this early chapter to other things.

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