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Got a couple stories out there and I'm working on adding more chapters.

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I'm still thinking how fifteen hundred/1500 is cheap, but great concept and great start.
Keep going.

Finally a God of War fiction. This was good.

he's a Marine so he might see a few things a little cheap

Interesting, I'll see where this goes.

Love it keep goiing please.

Really dislike the haters that down vote just for displaced fics. This is really nice for a first fic.

This is the second god of war in Equestria fic that I've read. 1st was "You can't spell slaughter without laughter". This is looking just as good.

*reads the two chapters currently out*
*inhales more than pinkie*
and that's out of my system anyway this was super amazing do more do more this is way to awesome not to have more

Now this is good, I have been waiting for someone to make a fic like this.

Man, I am enjoying this more and more, it’s a good displaced fic even if it’s only in its early stages at the moment.

Okay, so Kratos!Rand has the Blades of Chaos, but he’s also not complete without the Leviathan Axe.

This has to be the second God of War fic I’ve read, but it’s not everyday I encounter a Displaced with their memories intact and their roles as separate personalities. So, can Rand switch between the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe?

It's pretty good so far but 1,500 is in no way cheap by any standards

am i the only one concerned for the CMC? they are hiding in the forest and the last two caribou headed in that direction.

Good job keep it up can't wait to see the next chapter

For all the shit they got in that one purchase. And knowing how much vendors like to overprice things. No I think that's pretty cheap for con merch.

Maybe give the ponies more fear, they have been at peace for centuries and then they saw a group of caribou large enough to subdue an entire town taken down by only two people

You might want to put a message into your story description on if or if not there'll be cross-overs, that way people won't bother you when you're not readdy. Just telling ya now incase you get popular when suddenly your inbox starts getting messages from people wanting to cross-over with ya.

This is getting good. Cant wait for more!!

My profile pic is me right now


I can't wait for more!

Nice, I like the interaction between Kratos and Atreus and the Princess along with the Mane 6 and CMC.

so far so good i hope to see more from this story

good so far. keep it up

Sounds interesting normally but I don't have any like for that stupid FoE verse so I'm going to have too pass man.

I'm not the biggest fan of displaced fics, nor am I fan of stories where MLP is just a show, but you deserved a reward for catching my attention

But there needs to be more "Boy" in the story.

I like it, and I will be keeping in touch. Please finish this, I have seen many a Story vanish because the author didn't add to it.

Let's... not bring that meme into this.

BOY! there is always enough room for a boy meme.

The joke got old when Jacksepteceye went a bit overboard with it in his let's play, so now the meme feels too forced.

Cant wait to see more of this!

It's looking pretty good I can not wait for more

I really like where this is going. And the whole military background fits. I also think it would be pretty cool if Rand decides to construct a house similar to the one in the game in the Everfree forest. That way Zecora would practically be their next door neighbor like Freya except without the vowing for revenge part.

This is very good, I can't wait to see what you have in store. Also out of curiosity what are the pairings for those two?

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When's the update coming up

Just one thing....

We need more BOI

Rip papa franku

It is so far an excellent story with great wording a great story arc. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next chapter

will there be a displaced character of Baldur?

Nice chapter, good to see this story isn't dead. Keep up the awesome work!

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