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Gaze within the Holocron and see what stories it has to tell.

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“Okay. I think I do this...” Sunburst commented to himself as he tried to adjust himself behind Starlight. Struggling at first, the colt managed to press the tip of his dick against the filly’s pussy lips. Letting the two genitals kiss.* “Starlight, it feels wet and slipper**.”

*These two sentences should be one.

“Keep going...” Starlight moaned, remembering what her friend’s mother told her father. “Fuck me with that massive cock! I’m such a fucking slut for your fuck meat!”


“And that’s...how they played...wasn’t that...a fun game?” Starlight cooed, panting in her afterglow. Looking over, she could tell Sunburst felt the same she did. “So...I heard daddy...mention something...called facefuck...wanna try that?” Sunburst only nodded.

Due to this story being a thousand words, it doesn't tell you that it actually takes place during the present, and Starlight and Sunburst are actually roleplaying via the former's age spell.
After all, if this really happened in the past, there's no way Starburst would pass up free tail for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.

they are only foal so they cannot pronounce words correctly and misspelling to.

My, my, my, those 2 were adventurous, when they were young!

Wow, super short but hella good!
(I bet you've heard that before.)

Short and sweet, perfect.

On account of your horrific typing skills, I assume you're an innocent foal too.

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