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I spin straw out of solid gold, I drink cheap-ass beer from expensive-ass glasses, and I prefer my horses with fingers and toes.


Why wouldn't she? It's delicious.
She hopes Twilight thinks so too and takes her to an old dive of hers where they share some drinks, have some laughs and bond. Beer just has a way of bringing people together like that.
Thing is, after a few of them, they can also make one become more contemplative about life and Sunset finds herself reflecting on the events of hers.
A lot of missteps, missed opportunities and shit that could have just gone better. But all things considered, she's pretty damn happy with where she's ended up.

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...why does this have a [narcotics] tag if it is about beer?

Nevermind. Reread the tag description. That is apparently what it is for.

Because it should really, really, really be a [Substances] tag, or something like that

Entertaining story. (though I'm more like Rainbow Dash than Sunset regarding drinks)

Actually, have been discussing that very thing with Knighty/Xaq. I think the tag is misleading as-is. No worries to the author though, I think they're using it correctly.

Yeah, when I wrote a story that had drunk driving in it, I checked the criteria for the narcotics tag and used it because it qualified as abuse of alcohol. In this case the story qualifies for heavy use of alcohol, though it wouldn't have the tag it it was light use, like one scene of Sunset drinking beer or Rainbow Dash drinking alcoholic cider.

i used to be more into cider,
but now im a beer nut
hence the story

Damn, now I want a beer. I'm a stout/porter kinda guy, myself.

Right? Every time I sat down to write on this I had to grab a beer.
I'm more of a wheat beer guy if the story didn't give that away.

Prost is apparently German for cheers and Romanian for dumbass.

:twilightsmile: D'aw~. That was a cute ShipFic.

And, while I normally get a bit antsy at the OC tag (very hit-or-miss tag), I actually really liked Barley Barrel! He seemed like a cool guy to chat with about the world.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Barley was based on a friend of mine.

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