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This story is a sequel to Cape and Cowl III: Showdown

On her birthday, life seems to be getting back to normal for Snow Storm after the fall of the Red Hoof. That is, until an unmarked letter shows up, bearing only her name.

Co-Author: Artimae
Co-Author: Lithe (yes that Lithe) Kamitatsy

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This was a sweet story.

For once things were going Snow's way.

Though now I think about it, what happened to the little Diamond Dog pup Snow was taking care of? (Fido I think?)

Was he still over at the place Snow dropped him off at before she took on Red Hoof?

Waaait, Cape and Cowl is not done? Omg, all my yes.

Nope! I still have to do 4, 5, and 6! ^^;

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