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"Celestia stuck her horn into the door". Lewd.

And then Twilight does something stupid and wakes him up ....... :ajbemused:

If the slayer is in Canterlot, then who's keeping the demons back in Hell?:twilightoops::rainbowderp:


Congratulations Celestia! You are literally DooM'ed countless dimensions for your idiotic "right" thing to do!
Achievement: "Super prissy princess - numerous death edition":trollestia:
Achievement: "Best assistant of Demons - Spike is jealous edition":moustache:

thats usually how it goes, with twilight doing something way out of her league

I’m intrigued!

Eh, she might just be keeping him around for "Break open in case of Demons" scenario.

Mortally challenged, please, not demons.

Nice start, can't wait to see what comes next!

Damn, I’m looking forward to some more of this.
Anyways, have some constructive criticism

Take this paragraph I stole from the story

However, Celestia simply walked inside and inserted her horn into the far wall, which also opened up, revealing a rather large elevator. Twilight was taken aback by this.

“Twilight was taken aback by this.”
Yes, you got the point across, but a better way to phrase it would be;
“Twilight was stunned; Her mouth agape.”

Getting the point across in a story is important, but the difference in a good author and a great author is how they phrase it.

All in all, I’m exited to read this. You have potential, young one.

Yeah but the problem is... with the Doom Slayer stuck in stone in Equestria.... Who the hell is beating the shit out of Demons in the rest of the Multiverse? <.<;; Keeping him in stone like this is LITERALLY what the Demons would want since they can't kill him....

Celestia is best Demon helper xD

ok i'm curious

I'm intrigued. Thus far we only have a tidbit of setup, though. Keep going, let's see what this becomes.

quite interested in a doom cross.

This gets better ... Good to know

but is he truly human at that point.

What is he? Simple. The anthropomorphic personification of Bloody Slaughter.

Remember, faggots: "Demon" is an offensive term.

They froze him and stopped him from killing demons, I hope he punches Celly and Luna in their muzzles!

Keep, going, I'm getting into this already.

Who the buck freezes DOOM guy! You don't piss off a man like that what so ever! Please continue I like this now and am hooked.

So far I don't have a good sense yet of what this story is going to be about. Yes, clearly the Doom guy is here; that's one item that I need to suspend disbelief of. But I also have to suspend disbelief of the whole hidden-lab thing, which has presumably existed for ~1000 years, and seems to have ponies actively working there, despite there being no apparent hints or rumors of its existence. There's nothing wrong with asking the reader to suspend some disbelief so you can do setup for a story, but I feel like it's easy to push too far too fast depending on how much disbelief your concept needs. And I think this is starting to skirt that edge.

But, as with the first chapter, I'm pretty intrigued by what you've got here. It's a lot of setup so far, which is making me hungry to get to more in to the story. But you've got me hooked!

I hope Twilight calls Celestia out on her bullshit. I mean, you see him hating demons as much or even more than you, and the demon banishment spell doesn't work on him, so you imprison him without trial for eternity?


this story could really turn south if Luna's and Celestia's bullshit was left unpunished . Although they could try appeasing the doom slayer ,it would fit his (canon) character the most that he , as force of nature archetype would hunt down his captors , would make for a more satisfying story at least

The Doom Slayer doesn’t belong anywhere that demons aren’t, for he is to kill all that is evil.
He doesn’t just kill demons, he violently renders them into non-sentient piles of blood, flesh, and bone. That kind of rage doesn’t belong in Equestria.

"Please call them 'Mortally Challenged'.

I hope this is a DOOM: Eternal crossover. that would be awesaome!

True. However, Sisters rendered him unable to do his job for several centuries... that's nto gonna end well.

Rated "TEEN"?! Oh, man, you're going to have to change that shit...

Also, given that Equestria is a magical land where musicals spontaneously materialize out of nowhere and it's inhabitants are known for breaking into choreographed song and dance at the drop of a hat, I'm honestly going to be a little disappointed if when Doom Guy is inevitably awakened to fight the hordes of incoming demons, the air doesn't thrum with a palpable blood lust and the soundtrack from DOOM 2016 starts playing at absurdly loud volumes as he gleefully tears Hellspawn apart with bullets and bare hands.


I have R Rated Gore and Violence in all my fics and I only place an M rating on the only one that deals with sex.

In fact for the longest time in this site everyone with violence even reaching R Rating levels used the T rating.

This was because M rated stories could not be found in searches. So most writers tend to agree that only Porn should have the M rating. But then again that has been changing with more and more fics using the M rating when they are just Ultra-violent.

Celestia and Luna where just too scared at all the corpses and decided to imprison him out of fear. They really didn't want to test if he would turn on them once his targets ran out.

Doesn't change the fact that it is judgmental and downright cowardly as all hell.

I mean, as far as I'm aware, the Doom Slayer is incredibly patient with anyone who isn't a demon or actively attacking him. I can't imagine he'd lose that patience at this point.

Most curious... most curious, how will this go?

i like it, keep it up.

One can only wonder what will happen once he's free... it's not a matter of if, but when.

Good show.

666 views lads

Eh, the demons themselves stopped him before, and nothing happened. Hell still hadn’t recovered when he was released again.
Just hope he’s released without needing to kill the inevitable demon invasion instantly. Again.

Interested in seeing how this turns out. Whether it being the depiction that the Slayer doesn't care about kicking demon ass or if he's secretly some intellect under the muteness and ultra-violence. I'm hoping for a middle ground leaning slightly toward the former.

Would'a been neat if you threw in his mark in that blacked out dreamscape.
Seemed fitting.

I don't really think the Doomslayer is the type to slaughter a pair of frightened and well-intentioned pastel ponies over a (admittedly massive) mistake. His original rampage was kicked off by demons killing his pet bunny for crying out loud. I do agree that they've got some karmic retribution coming, though.

Regardless of which one, I personally hope he stays silent. The Slayer has so much personality without uttering a single word.

So, bets on how long it takes for one of Celestia's researchers to reveal themselves as a demon-worshipper and unleash the fury of hell upon Equestria? I'm putting my money on chapter five.

oh shoot , i though you had insider information on this fanfic , i did not know daisy the bunny was canon . That gives me the idea for the most apt and interesting punishment . Have the sisters realize that Doom guy's rampage was to protect people that time , which would make his confinement not only undue but also detrimental to the safety of either equestrians or people back at earth ; have them face now that violence can be helpful to protect ponies ; or both .

and yet in the next chapter it states they are too afraid to even approach the gate to equestria so even if their was a worshiper it wouldnt do any good

Hmm this seems pretty interesting so far. I'm gonna keep an eye on this story, hope to see more.

I think it would've been cooler if chaotic stuff was happening in Fluttershy's home (while Discord could be enjoying a normal cup of tea), and as soon as Twilight mentions the Slayer everything freezes or shudders or fizzles away or something. Anyway, nice chapter. How long is this daily chapter release going to last?

I mean, it's not confirmed to be canon but there is a strong implication that the Doomslayer may be the same character from the first three games (Doom 1, 2 and 64), so...

But what about demon blood?

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