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When Starlight gets emotional, bad things happen. She really shouldn't have blasted Discord. Now she has all the time in the world, but paradoxically finds that her time is rapidly running out.

Tagged SF for "Timey" elements. The story begins after S8E14—A Matter of Principals and therefore contains spoilers. This is a revision of A Timey Nightmare written for the All the Time in the World event on WriteOff.me. This is the Starlight Glimmer of the Enforcerverse.

Tip o'the hat to DoContra and Trick_Question for pre-reading and critiques.

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All I can say is that Starlight did the right thing blasting Discord. Any decent person/pony would and should have.

9193473 Agreed. Discord was being a total jerk.

Woah, why am I not following you? This is all kinds of really good. o.o

<cheesy grin> You made my day.

Endangering the children just really crossed a line. Even if he wasn't, they wouldn't know that.

And treating Starlight, who legitimately liked Discord and considered him a friend, the way he did. She was enjoying Discord's antics in Celestial Advice while everypony else was just rolling their eyes. I it no wonder no one wants him around, except Fluttershy?

And sending the Mane 6 to Celestia knows where on a fake friendship mission. What if Fluttershy got hurt or worse on it, for a pointless journey? Sometimes I almost wish she had been, just to get it through Discord's thick head just how seriously wrong doing things like this is.

A stunt done by Discord Seriously Hurting His One True friend, AND It Would Be ALL His fault.

9195173 He definitely regressed in A Matter of Principle


Yeah. At school? What were the writers thinking?

Speaking strictly show-canon (not my fictional re-interpretations of it), Discord has taken over the annoying selfish churlish pre-teen boy role from Spike, allowing Spike to mature a bit. About time. Discord has always worried me, though, as a potential OP magical backslider. But then, as the show demonstrates, all our friends can be unique and special and still be our friends. :moustache: It really pushed Starlight to backslide (at least in her mind), which I followed up upon in my story. :scootangel:

I hope a good show writer will one day take him on a journey that cements him well on the path to faithful friendship.

Remember, if you're going to shove your friends into the Ethereal Plane, you should at least close the door behind them. Who knows what you might let in otherwise.

Not sure why Starlight's scrutiny caused her mirror to heat up, but aside from that, great work all around. Thank you for it.

9193473 Oh totally, especially since it doesn't look like it really did him any damage, it just let her blow off steam.

One of Discord's friends almost got hurt because of him in "The Ending Of The End", Spike. His wings were almost brutally ripped off and if Chrysalis went through with it, Spike would be at grave risk, and it would be partially because of Discord, I wrote a story called "Torn" surrounding the idea if Spike almost got his wings ripped off, it will have a happy ending don't worry. Now I'm not mad at Discord he had no intention of getting Spike hurt in that episode, I'm more mad at Chrysalis for that.

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