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Alternate (and shorter version) of my previous fic, Pony Art Online. The adventures of Yui, Asuna and Kirito in Equestria.

After the death of Yuuki Kono, Asuna Yuuki knows she needs a break from ALO. She convinces her boyfriend, Kazuto Kirigaya, to try another game for a while.
They connect to a new game, called ‘Legends of Equestria’, but it seems to be much more than a game.

Chapters (5)
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that poor manticore, without outside intervention it'll be dead in seconds.

Everything changed when they bought the virtual reality equipment, known as the NerveGear. They played a few games on it, but none of the games out there were up to the equipment’s true capability. Until the legendary designer, Akihiko Kayaba, created Sword Art Online. A game that they both purchased without second thoughts.

Should have known he would make his appearance sooner or later

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