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Lucky Signs, a young stallion from nowhere, never had any desire to do anything great with his life, but fate has always been fickle to him. Ever since earning his Cutie Mark, Lucky has never been able to catch a break from the string of humorous events in his life brought on by his apparent "luck." Content to hide away from anything that could trigger his Luna-cursed "blessing," Lucky just wanted to work as a local delivery stallion and not stick his nose into anything big.

However, while on a delivery for his parents, Lucky finds himself the "hero" of a failed robbery attempt and at the beckoning of the Royal Guard due to his "vigilante justice." Under the careful watch of guardsponies whom dislike him, the newest auxiliary is now being lent out to various low-level calls for assistance across Equestria. Can the poor stallion just serve his time and go home, or is Lucky Signs liable to stick his nose into something bigger than himself, whether he means to or not?

Author's Notes

Hey guys, this is only my second time at trying to create a decent work of fiction on this site. The idea of this was just amusing to me, so I decided to give it a try and so far, I'm liking what I can do with this. I'm new to this scene, so constructive feedback is appreciated.

Edit: Alternate Universe tag being added for sake of continuity versus the show.

Chapters (36)
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Comments ( 73 )

Very good story!I hope you continue to write it.

Thank you, this story has been really fun to write so far and I don't intend to stop any time soon :twilightsmile:

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Well, these are the voices I was picturing in my head during the writing process:

Lucky Signs: Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (English Actor)

Martial Cadence: Tsunade from Naruto (English Actor)

Sergeant Boomer: R Lee Ermey (specifically his acting in Full Metal Jacket)

Silent Stroke: Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach (English Actor)

So in this story,is the banshee cry (im calling it that) a thing for highly trained magic or is it an only bat pony thing?

Putting it in D&D terms, it's a Thestral racial. Due in part to their physiology, they are capable of generating sonic attacks. Such attacks are more useful in closed spaces or places that reverberate sound, such as caves. Using it outside would not have the same effect and the backblast of force requires the thestral emitting the sound to be braced in a specific way or risk vibrating their own skeletons, hence why Stroke wasn't able to emit the attack while tied to the altar.

A mage with sufficient understanding of kinetic energy could produce a similar result, but would require more concentration than a thestral's natural ability.

I'm seriously enjoying this story. I'm Lucky to have found it! :moustache:

I see what you did there :moustache: I'm super stoked that you're enjoying it!

Hi. When will you get to the chapter with the volcano incident on the beginning of the sorry. If it’s not already published.

It's not too far off at this point, probably within a few chapters

i strongly suspect that Dawn is princess celestia in disguise, it just be luckys luck to hit on the princess of the sun

Comment posted by ShadeLeshyr deleted Sep 6th, 2018

It would be, wouldn't it? :pinkiecrazy:

Could also be a cousin he doesn't know about to make it awkward :rainbowlaugh:

I totally have to think Dawn is either Princess Celestia or someone close to important. But I have to say Lucky would definitely get a date with her :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowderp: Attacker attack’s But no donuts?

Awww but it would be awesome to see him taking a different path :fluttershyouch:

Lucky is the mighty hero of luck and bone dry salon :rainbowlaugh:

:fluttercry: But... My deep fried Lucky Roast isn’t going to happen :fluttercry:

Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky soon! :rainbowlaugh:

Man, that style of narration is really throwing me off. Probably because I don't see very many fics that start in media res where the character actually narrates the entire thing instead of just hopping in and narrating the scene as if it's actually happening live.

On one hoof, yeah, he's just been suckered into a position that he has no desire to. On the other hoof, it'll probably pay better than the delivery job he held, and with the way his luck goes he'll probably have a dozen medals before the year's out.

I just hope he remembers to send a letter back to his parents home so they don't file a Missing Pony report :rainbowhuh:

Lucky Signs doesn't realise how lucky he truly is. Sure, he's going through the training from hell right now, but when he gets out, whether it be washed out or being honorably discharged, he'll be fit and buff...and the mares will swoon over him :heart:

...yeah right. Probably he'll keep getting into even crazier and crazier situations. Well, at least he's getting the exercise.

Lucky Signs is just lucky that this isn't a fic with Semper Pie in it. Then there'd be some Earth pony doing so amazingly well that everypony else would have to struggle harder and harder to keep up and the drill sergeant would be breathing down his neck to keep pace with Semper.

Still, he at least appears to be impressing Boomer here...even if it's because he's terrified of the lieutenant (not that Boomer knows). I wonder how he'll dumb luck his way through the obstacle course.

Yeah, it's a bit of a strange narration style, but it was the smoothest way for me to write it out. It felt more natural and I was able to actually get myself to sit and write it without fully hating it by doing it from the perspective of him sitting there telling someone the story from his point of view. :applejackconfused:

Hah, wow. Looks like the Shadow Run is a lot more psychological torture than it is physical. Which isn't exactly unfeasible, truthfully. You want your soldiers to be mentally sound in addition to physically capable. It's just that Equestria probably has some more ability to make set-ups like this with magic than we would :eeyup:

Soooo, I suppose Princess Luna is running this trial?

The better question would be if there even was an obstacle course, or if it was just an elaborate set-up to make each stallion who ran in there fall asleep so Luna could set a trial up for them in the dream world. Probably.

Still...given Lucky Signs' fight against Cadence here, that may invite an interesting scene later on.

Princess Luna: "Oh lieutenant, would you mind telling me why one of your colts is so terrified of you he visualises you as some sort of vampire-ninja-she-demon? There's putting fear into your subordinates and then there's that"

LT Cadence: *gulp*

Well, I was right at least about it being a nightmare set-up. Though it looks like it wasn't the real Luna.

Martial Cadence seems like a fun character. She's unwilling to accept what happened so she'll be plotting something new, no doubt..

...but at least it should mean a pay raise, right :trollestia:?

Surprised that it doesn't seem like anypony else has passed the Shadow Run yet. Then again, Boomer did say earlier they get 7 tries at it, so I assume at least a couple of other stallions will buckle up and face their fears.

Looks like Lucky Signs was just shown the hidden repository with all the forbidden equipment that Equestria officially denies they have any of. I would imagine he may run into at least one former anti-monster special agent during his time out in the field, too.

Hah. Looks like the Martial finally believes Lucky. Just a little too late for her to actually do anything about it. Maybe she'll watch on in an enraptured awe as, following blunder after blunder that somehow turns into success, Lucky Signs begins to outrank her.

This is turning into a buddy cop film, isn't it? Oh god, it's totally turning into a buddy cop film. Good cop, bad cop.

I'd be more liable to ask the sheriff why they didn't send a message out to Canterlot when the travellers were disappearing, and waited until the townsponies themselves were disappearing. That's a rather blatant sense of isolationism and not wanting to get out of your comfort zone right there.

Also, guardsponies communicating through ear flickers code is such a cute idea and now I want to steal it for my own fics

Well, this is about the time where Lucky Signs should cut his losses, grab his bag and immediately hightail it back to Canterlot to report stallion down and that there is a ring of pony kidnappers who may or may not be cultists. That would be the smart, responsible thing to do, and it's within his directives.

Too bad we know that won't happen. He'll probably blunder his way through and save Silent Stroke, as well as all the others whom have been kidnapped (or what may remain of them), and then get a reprimand from Martial Cadence later for going over his head, even when he succeeds :trollestia:. That's just the way these stories go!

Hah. Looks like Lucky tried to do the responsible thing. Too bad he got suckered in by his own promise 😩

At least one pony seems to want to help him out, even if it's a colt. From the sounds of it, it may be a griffon running a kidnapping ring is my best guess.

Maybe armed to the teeth with special ops magically-enchanted equipment will help Lucky Signs do something an unarmed Lucky couldn't do. Or, knowing his luck, it could lead to an even bigger disaster than it would have otherwise :pinkiegasp:

Well, looks like Lucky Signs at least had something go right for him. Of course, that's predicated on the rest of his mission going right, cuz if he falls, it's not like the cultists have to search very far to find the two foals they had kidnapped earlier again.

Well, I wonder if Lucky Strike's sojourns into the cavern really meant anything in the end. I suppose he dodged being assassinated in his inn room by Top Shot as a result, but I guess the real question is if him showing up delayed Silent Stroke's execution long enough for the Royal Guards, or if they would've shown up in time anyways. Still, I imagine he'll be grilled for not doing the proper thing, even if it was the right thing.

What, don't tell me 'Dawn Breeze' is another name for 'Sunny Skies' :trollestia:

I'm...still not certain what's going on with Grave Digger. I feel like I missed some context somewhere. I know Lucky Signs read that hidden diary earlier, but it cut away before we could learn anything that he had read.

Grave Digger and Onyx were kind of a set up for a spin off I'd been mulling around in my head, so it was purposefully left vague for the most part :ajsmug:

Hah. Looks like Lucky Signs is still having an issue with mentally crossing the precipice that separates him from a colt that stumbled into things bigger than himself and the lean, mean, toned, muscled, grizzled Cool McBadass his dream self in the mirror was. Maybe this mare will beat some of that foolishness out of him.

I have a feeling Corium is going to be a riot to be around. If Lucky Signs is already out of his comfort zone being in a wild town like Los Pegasus, and having his ass whooped by a mare many times, Corium is sure to push him even further out of that comfort zone.

...oh dear. If Lucky is there to help bust a drug ring, I'm certain at some point he's going to accidentally ingest some drugs. Probably some hard psychedelics, too.

Lucky Signs probably thinks he must be the only normal pony around and everypony else is crazy.

Something like this, really.

Alas, poor Corium. He got into the moment too easily. Should've just taken the mysterious colt under arrest the instant he identified him as possessing an illegal substance. Then read him his rights right after. But now he's gone off for a chase.

“How do they keep doing that,” I glanced at him inquisitively and he explained, “this is what keeps happening. Agent Glass and the rest manage to pin down a possible lead and give chase. Just when it seems like they have the suspect they vanish into thin air.”

I don't know, maybe because you keep alerting ponies that you're going to arrest them, instead of straight-up arresting them :pinkiecrazy:

I'd say Corium got a little overconfident and got ahead of himself. Merely finding the underground drug den was a big score in itself. He really should have waited for more backup before entering it, but alas.

Looks like another one of the mental barriers Lucky has towards getting better has finally been dropped. Yep. He's on his way to lean, mean, killing stallion now.

Well, looks like Lucky somehow managed to stumble his way into wiping out a sizable drug ring.

This would have been a perfect chapter for Martial Cadence to bite the dust. Then Lucky could have had a brief moment of feeling free from whatever punishment she may have worked up, before feeling guilty over possibly somehow being responsible for her death.

Shining Armor was way too obvious with his description.

Hah. Given my earlier theory about Dawn Breeze being Princess Celestia in disguise, it may mean Lucky just hit on a Princess and will potentially get a date with her.

I would imagine he should have more than a fair amount of bits saved up. I mean, sure, being a private probably doesn't pay all that well, but he's gone on several missions, should probably have gotten a bonus or two, and he doesn't pay rent or for food while in the guard.

As for that cliffhanger...well, the cultists did say they knew Lucky's name, so maybe they wait until he left the guard so he didn't have his bracelet around.

Of course, we all know it's really Twilight Sparkle stalking the guardspony who just hit on Princess Celestia :twilightangry2:

Too bad, Sunslayer. You should have stayed behind and watched him die. I mean, you just investigated him and found out he has some really inconsistent luck that can zig-zag between extremely good fortune and extremely bad fortune, and now you're just going to leave him for one of your minions to torture and kill him? That's just asking for trouble :pinkiegasp: Talk about a critical failure to connect the dots!

And now Lucky Signs has motivation to get back into the Royal Guard to take you down. Plus you just mentioned a meeting spot for the Royal Guard to ambush him. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, that 'bright light' at the end. I bet I know what this is :trollestia:

Interesting that the Wendigo passed up Lucky to go straight at Feral Storm. I guess you're playing it straight with the Hearth's Warming tale, as it's probably targeting the pony who had a lot of hatred in her heart. Saying that, it's amusing how Lucky's luck comes through three times in a row, but zigzagging hard by the end.

So I see Celestia recruited her sister to try to cajole Lucky into the HERD. I imagine you're going to have so much fun with that acronym.

:pinkiecrazy: "Join the HERD, Lucky! Join the HERD!"

But I mean, they must have nabbed Feral Dawn as well, unless she was frozen to death. If they got her, they have somepony they can interrogate for some more of Sunslayer's caches.

I guess you could say that Lucky is going all "I'll Face Myself" in this chapter. With Moonbutt by his side too.

Oh dear. Lucky rejoins the military, only to find out he just stumbled into a 'beat up Lucky' time again :trollestia:

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