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Usually brony stuff really. I just write whatever comes to mind. Hope you enjoy.


An average day morning in Ponyville had just been turned on its head when an unexplained carnival appeared on the edge of town. Nopony is quite sure what to make of it, but it seemed like a lot of fun. Of course, our Ponyville heroes decide to get involved in the festivities and shenanigans ensues as strange magic starts to affect them all in different ways.

Co-author Foal Star
Rated it Teen just in case. If it's not needed let me know.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

This was so cute! Ember in a pink dress gosh what a wonderful idea. With spike being a fairy. I can't wait for us to write the next chapter. Good job

Aww. It looks nice and cute. With spike and ember in pink dress. And. This is a great idea im wish my ponyoc. Would join in or not okay also. Who going to be next in the next chapter of this story

Well...the ending explains that lol. Hint: :pinkiehappy:

OK. But what top hat is going to do to pinkie pie

She'll become a puppet. Thats what we have right now.

Oh OK im never seen puppets before. And im hope its going to be good one I guess. Then after pinkie

Well more marionettes but still. All the Maine doc get involved at some point and even cmc as seen by the tags

While i like the story, there is plenty of typos. Might want to proof read these before posting

Sorry about that I’ll look it over a little later.

This thing is DROWNING in errors and typos.

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