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Hey! I like Derpy. And butts. And Derpy's butt. Other butts are cool too, though. ~TOOWC

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Description says it's a sequel to Candy, then a remake of Candy. Which is it? :derpyderp1:

It's a sequel masking as a remake :P There's something in there to connect the two stories completely if you read the final chapter of Candy.

Why are you restarting this story?

The old version just became something I... didn't want to continue anymore. So I started over.
I really want FTH to be as good as- and hopefully much better than- Candy.

Well a loved candy
And now I'm taking this
Good work

I’m really enjoying this reboot and look forward to seeing more of Derpy’s cute bubble butt.

Thanks! I'm glad you're liking it so far.
As for Derpy's bubbly tush, it will come into play soon enough, I promise. Just not too fast, and not to often- you gotta savor that butt.

I'mma gonna need moar please.

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