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Let's write some fan fiction!


It's the day before the winter break at Canterlot High School. But one student is significantly lacking in Christmas cheer.

Sunset Shimmer, a pony turned human, has been accused of being 'anon-a-miss' by the students at CHS. Kicked out of her apartment by her landlord (the father of an anon-a-miss victim), Sunset is stranded on the streets on the coldest night for decades.

Meanwhile, the Element of Kindness has been thinking: Is Sunset really anon-a-miss?

I know not everyone likes anon-a-miss stories (I think because of how the Rainbooms are depicted) so if anon-a-miss isn't your thing, please don't read my story and spread unnecessary hate... I respect that some people don't like anon-a-miss fics and that's fine.

Although one of the tags is Main 7 (EqG), SciTwi will not be making an appearance in this story.

Set after Rainbow Rocks but before Friendship Games.
Based on the 2014 Equestria Girls Holiday Special.

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Hmmm, not bad, I hope for more

Looks ok

Some more chapters would work

Good job

I like a Anon-A-Miss story where krama come biting the Rainbooms in the ASS!!!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm betting $100 bucks, that Twilight comes to visit... and strangles the CMC like Homer did with Bart.

I really Hope Sunset rejects the rest fo the girls apologizes and offers to make up for what they done. they basically left her to die!
I also want the CMC to be expelled and the families Sued!

I know not everyone likes anon-a-miss stories (I think because of how the Rainbooms are depicted) so if anon-a-miss isn't your thing, please don't read my story and spread unnecessary hate...

Joke's on you, I love Anon-a-Miss stories! You'll just have to eat on a like and fave!

Won't comment on the story, but I think I can add another one to the description.

I think most don't like it for all kinds of good reasons (the Rainbooms usually right up there). But I think even Hasbro hates it.

Hence why they've basically written it right out of existance and all but made it clear it never happened in the official Equestriab Girls cannon.

Honestly, I think they replaced it with Forgotten Friendship if that's the case.

Eh, I doubt Hasbro even pays attention to the IDW comics beyond the sales numbers. Anon-a-Miss was never canon.

I am not a huge fan of Anon-A-Miss stories, mostly because they all begin to look the same, but you've got an interesting hook here. Tracking.

that's not a bet I'm willing to go up against

well it doesn't have to be $100... maybe $40 or $20

9096429 Exactly., It's not canon so we can just ignore it.

Not bad at all. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

I’ve read quite a few handfuls of Anon-A-Miss stories since they began.

I think this one has the potential to be one of those that are just worth reading over and over. The first chapter was definitely a good start.

I’ll be following.

I'm a sucker for anonamiss stories cause they force the writer to focus on a plot device instead of making shit up as they go along.... In theory. Some make shit up anyway and you can just watch as they become rambling messes cause they start babbling to fill the pages.

As for this story, shrug. Other than it being sunset+flutter there's nothing here to talk about

Looking forward to the coming chapters!

A shame Sunset doesn't have a guardian, if she did she could sue Filthy Rich for evicting her without probable cause or advance notice not to mention reckless endangerment of a minor

Actually Equestria Girls is cannon to My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. The Equestria Girls comic are called secondary cannon. That means until Equestria Girls does say it is not cannon it will stay cannon. In forgot friendship there was a direct hit at anon-a-miss. One of the shorts confirmed Cranky is also a detention room teacher. By the comics we knew that lightning dust and Glida are troublemakers and with the human cmcs in detention means they were being punished for something. Anon-a-miss. Basically anon-a-miss shattered Sunset weak bond to the girls. Without the princess it was doom to failed because the girls couldn't trust Sunset and this event causes Sunset to not fully trust the girls. This is proven by both Sunset and the girls flinching when someone raises their voice. It's the fear of making a mistake that could lead to rejection of friendship. The elements knew it was too soon and Daydream Shimmer was born to heal the bond and start a new one.

Good job. There are a lot of Anon-a-Miss stories running around out there but this is the first one I've decided to check out. Have a like. I hope you continue it.

Not bad I enjoyed it very much hope to see more come soon.

Well it's good to know that Fluttershy has got a brain unlike the other 4 Rainbooms. The CMC need to suffer a lot.

I really don't get the whole "THEY MUST SUFFER!!!" Thing. Like, they made a mistake, they'll have to live with it, but to add undo suffering just seems... sadistic.

9097274 I know Equestria Girls is canon, but the writers have said they don't consider the comics when writing

You realise you kinda made the Rainbooms downright evil in this story? You know, knowingly letting Sunset freeze outside, homeless? Why do so many Anon-A-Miss fics do that?

Anyway, even if this story isn't for me, I'd like to give you a quick writing tip: When characters address one another in dialogue, put a comma before the name. That helps your readers avoid misunderstandings!

An example why:

"I'll go wash, Twilight!"


"I'll go wash Twilight!"

Good start, I like it, I'm interested to see where this goes.

honestly i really hope sunset doesn't instantly forgive fluttershy just because, this story has the seeds to be great, but i hope it doesn't fall into the problem so many stories do.

Well Megan McCarthy said until the show directly kicks the comics to the curbside it is part of the cannon. And do you know who approved the comics of The Fall of Sunset Shimmer and Anon-a-miss? Megan McCarthy. She won't admit it now because anon-a-miss comic was to come out after friendship games. explaining the reason for Sunset obvious distrust in the girls. But hasbro being the money grabbing hog it is they want for the rainbow rocks comic.


I’ll take that bet! Let’s see it happen!:rainbowlaugh:

It's the contrappasso law. In the comic, both the Rainbooms and the CMC got off pretty easily, so what most of us people try to imagine is: what if they had to pay for their mistake, like Sunset paid for hers?

There's been some Anon-a-Miss stories I've read that haven't been finished yet, and quite frankly? They deserve to go to HELL. That's how much I hate their near perfect crimes.


Jim Miller who's pretty much the main guy in charge of maintaining canon has said the same thing as Megan. It's also the reason they don't want to bring back Sombra in the show. Some people misinterpret what Jim said about it before which he's clarified before at cons, you don't need to read the comics to enjoy/understand things in the show. They didn't want to make any part of the franchise dependant on any of the others but leave them all as canon. That's why until recently Equestria Girls had very little to do with actual Equestria.

Edit: There is technically an addendum to this; the seasonal specials may not be canon. It all depends on the special and the Anonymous story was a special issue.

I believe the roller coaster of friendship was an attempt to forget anon-a-miss. But we won't forget.

Love Anonamiss fics where at least one of the five has enough brains to question things.

It means the indoctrination is failing.

Yeah or at least send those brats to jail.

You know, as a rule of thumb I avoid anon-a-miss fics. I haven't read the original, but the fanfics around here just get my cringe meter too high for me to muster up the courage.

But as for this, at least not everyone of the Mane 5 is acting like what would be OOC (excuse my language) bitches in any other circumstance; I just don't like seeing the Mane 5 act like that – it's like Dumbledore and Weasley bashing in Harry Potter fanfics. :applejackconfused:

Anyway, I'll give this one a shot, Fluttershy is one of my favorite characters, so I'm looking forward to what'll happen in this story. :twilightsmile:

100th like from me; anyways, cool story bro... for realzies...!

Agreed. Most are so out of character that it seems like an alternate universe. Create reason why they are the way they are.

Good start. Just remember to think things through and give reasons for a characters action.

I read through many Anon-A-Miss stories and not one did I see Twilight strangle or scare the life out of the CMC.

If you got it in here, then I’m gonna give this story a 🏆🥇🎖🏅

Sample reaction from Twilight if she hears about this:

:twilightangry2: GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE SOOOOOO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Are you saying that you wouldn't wanna wash Twilight? :trollestia:

I'd say it's a bit different than most Dumbles/Weasel bashing. Bashing of them tends to be taking one or two character traits to an extreme, such as Dumbles' manipulative tendencies, or Ron's jealousy. Not OOC per-say, but rather just magnifying the negatives.

Anon-a-Miss stories, on the other hoof, and even the comic itself, was just straight up OOC period.

When’s the next chapter going up I’m curious and this is a really good story

Please don't let this die; the premise is too good to for it to perish.

Challenge accepted. Give me a week and I may have something.

I do agree with you though; personally, I don’t have a problem with how the Rainbooms act in these stories – my problem is that there’s never a reason to accuse Sunset beyond “She used to do this. Get her!!!”

I think maybe sixty percent of Anon-a-Miss stories would be a lot better if they provided more reason as to why everyone thinks it’s Sunset. I mean, obviously we know that Sunset didn’t do it, and most authors seem to emphasize that part to highlight Sunset’s innocence – which may ultimately hurt the story.

If we started adding more evidence against Sunset, I think the archives of Anon-a-Miss stories would be all the better for it.

"Please be alright Sunset..."

I think it’s a little late for that Shy:ajsleepy:.

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