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Little Lost Pikachu - CommanderX5

One month has passed since Twilight and her friends provided Raichu with a home, food, kindness and friendship. Now when more pokemon are summoned into Equestria, it is up to Nica to ensure that Ash Pikachu’s visit will be as memorable.

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Ch.9 - Unexpected Encounters - Pt.2

Little Lost Pikachu


Chapter 9
Unexpected Encounters - Pt.2

Pikachu’s ears jolted up in alarm at the name ‘Mimikyu’ while his heart began rapidly throbbing in his chest. The very mention of that word filled him with dread. His fears were confirmed as Nica stumbled down the ladder with the disguised pokemon wrapped by her tail. Out of reflex, he hid behind Apple Bloom, who glanced at him for a moment in confusion before shrugging her shoulders.

Once on stable ground, Nica nuzzled the smaller pokemon’s veil and hugged him with her forepaws, who in turn embraced her back with shadowy hands creeping out from underneath his costume.

“Awww… and who’s this cutie?” Sweetie Belle cooed as she approached and stroked the ghost pokemon on the forehead, who blushed from this gentle gesture.

Nica gently released the pokemon and placed him on the floor. “Everyone, meet one of my friends and teammates, Mimikyu! Astra caught him a year ago during her vacation in Alola.”

“Looks kinda creepy, but also radical at the same time. Is this a costume?” Scootaloo asked as she snuck behind the imposter and stretched her foreleg, poking the weird, creased ears before trying to lift the bottom part of the costume.

“Don’t do that!” Nica shouted as she slapped away Scootaloo’s wandering foreleg with her tail. “Mimikyu is a ghost and fairy pokemon, and he wear this disguise for a reason. His real form is too dangerous to look at for the average pokemon! I don’t even want to imagine what could happen to you three fillies.”

“A ghost? Like… a spirit and stuff?” Sweetie Bell questioned as all three crusaders took a step back in fear.

“There’s no need to be afraid. Ghost types are common where I come from, and they can develop charming personalities of their own, rather than the haunting and scaring most creatures believe.” Nica explained, “I think the pokemon and humans who strongly cling to their previous life return as ghost types without any memories. It’s just a theory though.”

“Cool!” Scootaloo proclaimed.

Pikachu stopped eavesdropping from his hiding spot and peeked out from behind Apple Bloom, now seeing the other two crusaders examining this pokemon’s features from different angles. Probably trying to examine him for maximum cuteness, he scoffed, his tail twitching in suspense. The face visible on Mimikyu’s belly seemed to be smiling from being the center of attention. Not trusting the ghost’s smirk, he swiftly leaped towards a nearby box and hid behind it. His experience with the other Mimikyu told him their encounter wouldn’t end well, even if he had Nica there to defend him.

“His costume reminds me of Pikachu,” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

The middle part of Mimikyu’s costume narrowed its eyes, his smile turning into a disheartened grimace.

“That’s because many Mimikyu are left feeling isolated due to their supernatural forms. So, many craft a disguise as Pikachu, considering how popular he is.” Nica wrapped her forepaw around Mimikyu’s shoulder and pulled him in for a massive snuggle against her soft belly. “He hoped to receive affection thanks to this costume, though most people and pokemon still avoid or fear them. They don’t take the time to see how kind and funny these little guys can be.”

“Awww…” Sweetie said with a pitiful look. “That’s so sad.”

Apple Bloom nodded. “Ah’m not surprised. Pikachu looks really cute and cuddly. No wonder he’s so popular where you guys come from.”

Sweetie Belle shook her head. “I just don’t get it. Raichu is much more appealing and unique visually, so why are they less popular? Anyone with a lick of sense would notice how Nica’s cooler.” She crossed her forelegs and said firmly, “Personally, I like Pikachu’s evolution way more.”

Scootaloo nodded. “I know! Raichu is totally the best.” She approached Mimikyu, stood on her rear hooves and him pulled into a tight hug, surprising the cloaked pokemon. Her chin pressed against his fake, crumbled ears. “But a lonely ghost whose only desire is to be loved and appreciated, I understand the feeling. You’ll do anything to make certain ponies notice you.” She ducked her head down and gave Nica an apologetic glance. “No offense, but while I still like how cool you are, I think now I like Mimikyu and his backstory even more.” She raised the ghost pokemon with her forehooves and looked into his fake eyes. “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll give you all the attention you want. You can count on me.” Mimikyu’s eyes briefly squinted, showing glistening tears of joy.

“None taken. It makes my heart soar whenever I hear he’s made a new friend,” Nica said with a cheerful smile. “To be honest, when he first became a part of Astra’s team, he seemed very wary of me for some reason.” She raised her forepaw, narrowed her eyes and continued in an alarmingly serious tone, “At night, he would escape his pokeball, sneak around me and use the move ‘Dream Eater’ to leave me feeling drained in the morning, and I still don’t know exactly why.” She gave him a toothy grin, her cheeks bunching up glee. “ But he’s a dear friend and I wouldn’t change him for the world.”

<I’m sorry… it was a mean thing for me to do, especially after how kind you always were to me.>

Nica continued, “However, after that one night when I had a particularly bad nightmare, Mimikyu started acting very friendly towards me.” She rubbed her chin, thinking. “I don’t remember what this nightmare was about, but when Mimikyu used ‘Dream Eater’ and saw it, his attitude towards me changed overnight.”

<I’m not telling,> Mimikyu uttered as two shadowy hands emerged from their cloth cage and crossed in defiance. <What’s important is that you really cared for me and were a great friend. Working and training with you was amazing, not to mention educational. You’re the best friend a ghost could ask for.>

“I try my best. As long as you’re all happy, I’m happy!” Nica cheered before looking around in confusion. “Hey, where’s Pikachu? He was just here a moment ago.”

<Pikachu?> Mimikyu spat as the eyes on his disguise narrowed with a murderous gleam.

Sensing an overpowering aura of fear materializing from inside a nearby box, she ran towards it and dragged the smaller pokemon by his shaking paw. “Come on, don’t be shy.” She stepped to the side and pointed at Pikachu, who had nearly folded himself in half, attempting to become invisible. His efforts were futile.

“Mimikyu, do you remember the heroic Pikachu I told you about? The one I admired so much, the partner of the heroic trainer, Ash Ketchum who’s saved the world with barely any formal experience or training? Guess what, it’s him! I finally got to meet my hero! Isn’t that amazing?” Suddenly, she sensed an ambience of anger, hate and jealousy grow in strength while her friend Mimikyu started emitting short ear-shattering screeches. “Is something wrong?”

Pikachu pulled his forepaw from Nica’s hold in alarm and flashed the enraged Mimikyu a nervous smile. Even without the ability to detect other’s emotions like his guardian Nica, he could feel the malicious intent flooding the tree-house, leaving him practically gasping for air.

“You… you couldn’t possibly hate my hero, could you? You haven’t even met him yet! C’mon, just give him a chance,” Nica begged before holding her forepaws together in a pleading gesture, adding in a pouty lip for extra measure. “Pleaseee…”

<Of course not. Why would I possibly hate the very pokemon I based my costume on?> Mimikyu howled, using his murky claws to pry himself free from Scootaloo’s hold. He stalked closer, as if sliding on the wooden floor. <It’s not like I envy every ounce of undeserved attention he gets thrown at him. It’s not like I can’t stand the fact that an amazing Raichu like you views this pathetic creature as superior. It’s not like he’s the very one who cursed you with your crippling inferiority complex.> He whispered very quietly, <I should crush him right here and now for all the ways this wretched Pikachu has plagued you.>

Pikachu felt a ghastly chill echo through his body, not daring to take his eyes away from the mysterious and creepy pokemon who started to spiral around him in a sickening dance. His senses sharpened as he prepared himself for the spirit's implied assassination attack.

Litten leapt off his haunches, hissing. A second was all he needed to act, prepared to jump into action if the situation called for it.

Nica moved herself in between the feud, attempting to calm the maddened phantom. “I know you may not approve, but he’s someone I aspire to be, while his heroic deeds speak for themselves. His actions should be praised whether you personally like him or not,” Nica explained before interlocking her forepaws under her neck, now appearing like a puppy begging for scraps. “I’m sure if you just gave him a chance, you would become great friends. Will you do this for me, pretty please? It would mean the world to me.”

The CMCs glanced at one another, exchanging worried yet confused looks before they returned their surveillance back to the ghost pokemon. While they understood the wraith was showing aggression, they were still utterly lost, not being able to understand his ranting a moment earlier.

Mimikyu’s costume flared a crimson red as dark, jet-black smoke started emanating from underneath. Though with a few seconds to cool down, he shifted back to his previous form, wearing an unhappy but compliant grimace on his face. <Fine, you know I’d do anything for you. But first, just one question.> He stopped in front of Nica, now staring straight at her. <Has he upset you in any way? Please, be honest. I need to know.>

Pikachu bit his bottom lip before looking at Nica, shaking his forepaws in panic while desperately trying to communicate with her. Don't tell him, please! he thought, hoping Nica understood his gestures. He froze the moment Mimikyu glimpsed his way.

“Well… we had a big misunderstanding,” Nica admitted, receiving Mimikyu’s full attention while Pikachu’s face became pale.

Goodbye world, it was fun while it lasted. Pikachu mumbled with his hands crossed over his chest, as if already six feet under.

Nica continued, “When I learned that he had a couple bad experiences with two particular Raichu, it was revealed to me that he wished to never evolve, preferring his current form and not wanting any relation to the meanies that bullied him. Since then, I was terrified I had become an eyesore to him and that he would hate me if he discovered my achievements. It crushed me, the idea of my idol never wanting to see me again or view me as a rival to overcome.”

She tapped her forepaws together, clearing her throat briefly.

“Thankfully we resolved this misunderstanding and he swore not to let his jealousy get the best of him, but not before we experienced a bit of drama.” She let a charming giggle slip through, her voice now sporting a hint of her old enthusiasm. “But it’s behind us now and I’m happy that all my fears were put to rest.”

The CMC chose now to butt in, each voicing their thoughts in a flurry of shouts and gasps while attempting to outspeak the others, still having a bit of trouble keeping up.

“Wait, you don’t like your evolution?” Scootaloo wheezed. “How is that even possible?”

“Bad experiences?” Apple Bloom chimed.

“Uh, oh, drama?” Sweetie Belle asked, “Are we talking soft-drama, extreme-drama, or a Rarity-level of drama? Because just in case, I can ask Rarity to share one of her emergency fainting couches and ice cream. She has them stored all over Ponyville.”

Pikachu turned towards the exit and started stealthily tip-toeing out atop his tiny paws, only for a figmented, shadowy hand to block his way. His ears picked up another shrill screech.

<I… see… I’m glad it’s resolved and that you’re happy, at least now. Ummm… anyways… since we haven’t seen each other for nearly a month, would it be too much to ask for… an honest hug?>

“Honest hug?” Pikachu echoed.

“An honest hug, of course!” Nica shouted in excitement before taking a deep breath and bracing herself. She stomped, clenched her forepaws and narrowed her eyes in a pre-trial warm up. “I’m ready!”

<Thank you!> Mimikyu shouted in excitement before jumping onto Nica’s head with an unseen childlike joy.

Pikachu and Litten gasped, while the CMCs stared at the scene curiously, still pretty oblivious to the events transpiring.

From atop Nica’s head, he gently maneuvered around her perked ears and lowered his costume to touch the Raichu’s soft fur. The cloak once covering him slid up, not enough to reveal the spirit, but enough for a dark murky substance to trickle out, wrapping Nica in a deathly embrace. Her eyes grew wide but she stayed standing, breathing heavily.

After a moment, Mimikyu jumped from Nica’s head as a big blush and cheerful smile was radiating from middle part of his costume. It was like his bad mood evaporated into thin air.

Pikachu’s attention focused on the exhausted-looking face of his guardian, which now sported a toxic looking shade of violet, similar to when a pokemon was poisoned or squeezed for minutes by a powerful ‘Wrap.’ “Uh, Nica, are you alright?”

“Y-yes… I… I am,” Nica choked out as her rear legs trembled, struggling to keep her stable. She sat and took a few slow breaths.

<Of course she’s fine. After the brutal training she endures everyday there’s very little that can bring her to the verge of death, much less affect her,> Mimikyu said casually as he nuzzled Nica’s side with a loving gesture. <Despite my warnings, one day she offered to hug not my costume, but the real-me! Despite it hurting her greatly, she was always willing to hug my ghost-self whenever I felt sad or down. Any other pokemon would faint, but not her. She’s the strongest and kindest pokemon I know.>

“I don’t mind... getting hurt… as long… as it… makes others… happy,” Nica panted, weakly grinning.

Pikachu flinched to the side when Mimikyu randomly bolted towards him during Nica’s explanation.

<Now, while Nica is recovering from our hug, how about we both have a quick chat outside. There’s something I would like to tell you.>

“Do I have a choice?” He gulped, already fearing the worst.

<Nope!> Mimikyu shouted.

Pikachu yelped the moment shadowy talons wrapped around his forepaw and yanked him, sending him flying. A moment later, he found himself face down outside of the clubhouse, lying on the grass next to the tree. The moment his front limb was released, he took a fighting stance, expecting to be attacked.

<Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you. Unless... you give me a reason to,> Mimikyu threatened.

“You… won’t?” Pikachu stood up to his two tiny feet, but remained wary of the ghost.

<Of course not. I would never hurt Nica’s friend, especially the one she’s idolized for years.> He muttered quietly, <Even if this idolizing did nothing but further hurt her psyche in turn.>


<N-nothing…> He continued in sharper tone, <You may not deserve her admiration, but at this point it can’t be helped, so you better cherish it. It’s a great honor to be a hero of a great Raichu like Nica.>

Pikachu rubbed the back of his neck while exhibiting a sheepish grin. “Well… I can’t deny that. The longer I hang out with her, the less deserving I feel of her praise.”

<Oh, so you get it. I think I may even tolerate you if you maintain that attitude,> Mimikyu said before a dark, hateful aura started to emerge from under his costume. <But make no mistake, while Nica can easily overcome any physical pain, her feelings are extremely easy to hurt. If I find out that you wounded them or worse, I’ll become your worst nightmare. Day in and day out. So, do we have an understanding?>

Pikachu sighed in defeat. “You may as well get in line. There’s already one Mimikyu who wants me dead. It doesn’t help that he’s pining after Team Rocket while he’s out to destroy me. Trust me, I don’t need another enemy. One violent Mimikyu is enough for me.”

<A Mimikyu helping Team Rocket? Oh, I would love to annihilate him for assisting those scum.> With a sudden shot of ‘Shadow Claw’ from under his costume, he demolished five nearby trees in a single go, like a metallic claw slicing through intricate paper figurines.

Pikachu flinched to the side to avoid the blow and gasped. The speed and power of the attack certainly being above the ‘Shadow Claw’ that the other Mimikyu used against him. If he made this Mimikyu a rival, he wouldn't be able to come back for a rematch.

<I have been training under the guidance of the Pokemon Master and Captain Nica. Even if I have less experience than her other team members, I assure you, I’m way stronger than the Mimikyu who sides with Team Rocket trash. She became a champion of champions for a reason. We are the best of the best.> He ended his spiel with a devious smirk, his eyes gleaming with unknown desires.

“Hehe, g-good to k-know,” Pikachu answered, devoid of confidence. Nica sure has some scary friends. I would not want to get on her bad side. If she even had one...

“Mimikyu! What did I tell you about unleashing pent up frustration on defenseless trees?” Nica scolded from behind the wooden fence, looking down at them from the higher ground. Her forepaws were placed on her hips like an angry mother.

<Sorry. I got carried away. It won’t happen again,> Mimikyu promised before looking at Pikachu, it’s shadowy claw pointing first at himself, then beelining for Pikachu.

Pikachu nodded, gulping as the message was made perfectly clear. One slip up and he was done for.

Rainbow Dash observed the distance between Ponyville and the Everfree Forest, noting the big grassy field with Fluttershy’s cottage planted among the horizon. “Oh, I can’t wait!” she chanted to herself as she recalled Pikachu’s plan. First, treats at Sugarcube Corner, something sure to be a blast thanks to Nica’s sweet tooth. Second, fun and games with the CMCs at their clubhouse. Third, exploration of the Everfree Forest with all those awesome monsters and hidden treasure. Finally, investigating the frozen north, which I’m pretty sure is similar to where Nica was born. She lived on that mountain thing, right? Oh whatever. It seems he really wants to go with Nica on an adventure with those last two ideas. It's a good thing I was in Ponyville to introduce my team to Nica. We’ll make a show for her to remember. She started trotting in place in excitement, unable to keep still.

“You sure are psyched today, maybe even more than usual,” Spitfire noted as she descended from the sky, landing in front of Rainbow Dash with four of her teammates by her side. They furled their wings shut and took a few steps forward. “So, where’s that friend of yours we're gonna be performing for today. If she really saved Equestria like you told us, I can’t wait to meet her. It’ll be like a hero meet and greet.”

“Very kind, shy, likes pies, she sounds just like me,” Soarin’ bragged with a toothy grin. He rubbed behind his white ear with a forehoof, and next fixed his dark-blue mane, ensuring it looked presentable even though it still held a charming bed head look.

“I prefer the part of her being brave, fast, agile and reckless. Well, maybe not the reckless part, but everyone has flaws,” Spitfire said. Her flame-like mane rippled in the wind.

“Speaking of flaws, What kind of heroic athlete has such a low self-esteem and practically no pride in their accomplishments?” Fleetfoot frowned. Her muzzle and wings were a lighter shade of blue when compared to her Wonderbolts’ costume, accenting her aquamarine eyes. Her mane floated within the sky, resembling a spotless white and puffy cloud, giving her a noticeable shine.

“I’ve said it more than once, she needs a big dose of pride with at least some bits of arrogance. She’s too humble for her own good, especially given all the awesome things she’s done. She’s saved Equestria almost more than I have!” Rainbow Dash glanced at her own pride and joy, her Wonderbolt outfit, before pointing at the horizon. “Here she comes!” She spread her wings and flew up, waving at the running pokemon. “Hey Nica, you’re just in time to witness the best show of your life! Led by ‘mwah of course.” She teased, although much to her confusion, the long-tailed pokemon stopped sprinting and started nervously stumbling backwards on her four paws. She could see the overwhelming sadness even from high up in the clouds, as her ears drooped like wilting flowers. “What’s wrong?”

Pikachu managed to catch up a few seconds later, pressing his tiny feet into the grass in attempt to reduce his speed. It proved useless when he bumped into Nica with a gentle ‘boop.’ He giggled slightly, though stopped when he saw her despair. He glanced at the taller pokemon with a questioning look. “Are you ok? Did someone scare you? Let me at ‘em!”

Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes, seeing another creature approaching some distance away. Chalking it up to one of the recent pokemon visitors, she ignored the little blob and glanced back at her team who wore guilty expressions, as if they had stolen cookies from the cookie jar. Now, this what something she couldn’t just shrug off. She landed and stomped her hoof deep into the soil, fed up with the team’s antics. “Alright, can somepony explain to me what the hay’s going on?”

Spitfire rubbed her foreleg in shame, attempting to explain. She opened her mouth, but closed it a moment later. The other Wonderbolts shared her hesitation.

Nica took a deep breath and said, “Rainbow Dash. Do you remember how Darkrai started targeting both Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, along with Fluttershy’s family?”

“Well, duh… how could I forget?” Dash leapt up, now hovering in front of Nica while the creepy-looking pokemon from a while back finally reached them. Hehe, it looks like a lame attempt at making a Pikachu costume for Nightmare Night She continued, “He was the creepy ghost-like pokemon who tried to summon a bunch of creatures from your world, but totally failed after you kicked his flank into next week! Darkrai, I think his name was, being the sore loser he is, decided to then target our families with minions and hit us where we were weak.” She pointed at Nica. “Despite your injured leg though, you still volunteered to assist us at Cloudsdale and saved a bunch of ponies.”

<Injured leg?> Mimikyu growled.

“Injured leg?” Pikachu repeated, both pokemon started staring at Nica in concern.

“From what Applejack told me, you jumped into the giant jaws of a Hydra to save Apple Bloom, and ended up being chewed for dinner instead. Aside from hurting you, its teeth greatly injured one of your rear legs, but that wasn’t enough to hold you down,” Dash boasted.

Nica embraced herself and shivered. “Don’t remind me. It was bad enough the first time, don’t make me imagine it again.”

Spitfire approached hesitantly, and with great reluctance her team followed suit. “I’ve never seen a Hydra before. What does it look like?”

Nica shivered as she gazed at the Wonderbolt with a saddened look. “It’s this gigantic fat creature with four heads placed atop very long, but strong necks. Each of its maw’s big enough to store six ponies or more, not to mention how it could crush a house with a flick of its tail. Every step it takes makes even the ground tremble in fear, forming one of the deadliest creatures of the Everfree. It was too dark for me to see its teeth, but I felt them, and trust me, they press deep into your skin with insane force and a rugged barb with each tooth.”

Soarin’ gulped while Fleetfoot chuckled nervously. Neither of them had expected to hear that.

Nica could feel the guilt dripping from each Wonderbolt, only growing in strength as she continued her vivid description of being chewed. She turned to her smaller pokemon friends. “Picture a three headed pokemon Hydreigon with an extra head and green rather than its normal shade of black, violet and blue. Then mix him with a large pokemon with massive belly, long tail and very long neck, Aurorus, and one that’s not twice, but three times taller than an average human.”

Pikachu’s heartbeat pounded.

Nica stood on tips of her rear feet and stretched her forepaws upward. “Then picture his size increasing four times. This Hydreigon is massive, with each head having full capabilities and a loaded jaw of razor sharp teeth. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.”

“W-what! And you were chewed by one of its heads?” Pikachu shouted before looking at her rear legs in pity. “How have I never heard this before?”

Nica looked at Mimikyu, whose shadowy hands formed a gigantic axe, spewing toxic dark energy. “And before you think of having any sort of revenge, that Hydra was under Darkrai’s control. No monster hunting, got it!?”

<F-fine…> Mimikyu grunted as his axe turned into smoke and retreated back into the safety of his costume.

Upon hearing the hooves of Rainbow Dash pound against the grass next to her, she looked up at the pegasus and added, “It shames me to say, but Darkrai summoned and managed to convince many Raichu and a few Skarmory to attack Cloudsdale, somehow able to recreate and cast a cloud-walking spell on them. Because of that, the ponies of Cloudsdale took me for an enemy. It wasn’t really their fault.”

“Wait… you also fought against multiple Raichu, while injured, after a fight with a flipping Hydra?” Pikachu asked. “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Nica nodded, giving him a proud smile, also secretly pleased she was unable to sense any form of envy. “Of course I did. Most of them weren’t trained very well, either because of lazy trainers or overconfidence from their evolved forms, so I was able to defeat them with pure skills alone. Someone with your abilities would have been able to knock ‘em out in no time as well.”

“If… if you say so,” Pikachu muttered, clearly not convinced.

“To be fair,” Dash added, catching everyone’s attention, “some of those Raichu disagreed with Darkrai’s plan. Not only did they refuse to hurt either of our families, but they were able to befriend them instead. Now whose saying friendship isn’t magic!” She looked at the Wonderbolts and soon realized what cause Nica’s earlier retreat. Her eyes became wide like plates. “Oh no! Spitfire. Please tell me you and the team didn’t take Nica for an invader and broke her injured leg? The poor girl felt devastated and burst into tears when we found her.”

“S-sorry Dash… we… kinda did,” Spitfire murmured, leaving Rainbow Dash shocked. She shot them a furious glare, promising to continue the discussion later.

“Don’t get mad at us! When we were attacked by one of those... Raichu, was it? And we managed to beat it with numbers alone. It just magically vanished. I don’t know all too much about magic, but we assumed we could get those electric rodents back where they came from while defending the ponies of Cloudsdale at the same time,” Fleetfoot said, though doubt was clear in her voice.

Soarin’ spoke up, “But much to our surprise, one of the Raichu we faced was way more skilled than the others, holding back despite its injured leg. We were surprised when it didn't fight back, though we simply thought it was a ploy to get us to drop our guard. No matter how hard we beat the poor thing, she didn’t disappear.” He looked at Nica with puppy eyes. “I’m really, really, really sorry. I’ll… I’ll get you as many pies as you want as an apology. Maybe a year-long vip pass for our Wonderbolt shows?”

Nica de-tensed her muscles, now staring into Soarin’s apologetic eyes.

“Actually, Soarin’ was the first to point out that this Raichu wasn’t fighting back and asked, no, basically begged for us to stop fighting it. Cloudsdale was still under attack so there wasn’t time for any first-aid or an apology. We had to rush to other ponies’ rescue,” Spitfire pointed out. “I hate to say it, but even if I could go back, we would still have rush away. There was simply too much damage control needed for us to stop on one creature.” She removed her goggles and wiped them, her wings and ears drooped. “I must say, you have some serious guts refusing to fight back. You had every excuse to hurt us. But no, not even a shock of electricity.”

“I… I wouldn’t dare hurt anypony. You were just trying to defend other pegasi from the likes of me. I don’t hold a grudge,” Nica forgave as she waddled on her two feet. “Besides, I heal fast. There’s no reason to feel bad.”

“Huh?” Fleetfoot mumbled as she yanked off her goggles as well. “But you should be angry at us, I wouldn’t mind if you yelled. I mean, we hit your injured leg so hard that your scream of pain could be heard from miles away.” She stomped. “That’s unacceptable. We deserve to be yelled at! Yell at us! YELL!”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, used to Fleetfoot’s over exaggerated performances. “While I agree with you, Fleetfoot, that isn’t how Nica thinks. Am I right?”

Nica stopped a meter in front of the Wonderbolts, nodded at Dash and then ducked down to solemly look at her own feet. “I… I don’t hold a grudge against any of you, and I endured pains much worse than that. What really hurt was your hostility towards me. It… it made me sad that so many ponies hated me, when all I was trying to do was help.”

“That’s it? That’s what you were sad about?” Spitfire bellowed in disbelief. “Not only did we beat you after you did your best to protect ponies from other Raichu and monsters, we even broke your leg, and you were sad just because we were angry at you?”


Dash spoke up, “She can sense the emotions of other creatures, so she’s very sensitive with this kind of stuff. I think now would be the time to apologize...”

Nica forced a smile. “However, instead of malice, now I sense nothing but guilt from all of you. As long as you’re all truly sorry and maybe would like to be friends, I don’t mind putting the past behind us.” She trotted towards on her two hind legs and raised her forepaw in an act of forgiveness. “Will you give me a chance to be your friend?”

Spitfire shook the little paw in an instant. “You kidding? Of course we can become friends. In fact we should be the ones begging for your forgiveness and a chance at amity.”

Fleetfoot approached Rainbow Dash from behind and whispered, “If she’s as humble as she is forgiving, this heroine is gonna be one big piece of work. If Princess Twilight can discover a spell to transfer personalities, you can count on me to donate some of my ego and arrogance. Everyone knows I got more than enough to go around.”

“Sorry, not laughing.” Rainbow Dash frowned and crossed her forelegs. “She may have forgiven you, but I’m still disappointed in the whole team. You guys really messed up. You’re lucky she’s so kind.”

“I don’t blame you, and yea, but don’t worry, we’ll make it up to her. Let’s start by performing a great show for her that’ll knock her socks off. She can even ride on our backs later… if she wants to of course.”

Dash put on her goggles. “Now we’re talking. But if she’s gonna end up riding a Wonderbolt, it’s going to be me.”

Pikachu looked at Nica in admiration. Even he wouldn’t be so quick to forgive such a traumatic experience, having those he protected beat him up and break his leg in pure aggression. His attention focused on Mimikyu who kept murmuring something to himself quietly behind all the action. He took slow steps towards him, his ears perked with full focus. “Can you repeat that? I didn’t hear you.”

Mimikyu glanced away from the Wonderbolts, glaring at him with a dark aura escaping from underneath his costume. “Resist… murderous… intent… resist… murderous… intent…”

Pikachu’s ears drooped as he smiled sheepishly and took a few steps back in fear. “Hehe, y-yea… you do just that.” At least now he wasn’t first on Mimikyu’s hit list.

Author's Note:

And so Pikachu survives his encouner with Astra's Mimikyu as they... somewhat... got along. And Nica have an encounter with the same pegasi who broke her leg. Hopefully Mimikyu will manage to keep his vengence in check, or else one of the bolts may expect having a broken leg in the near future... that... or Hydra will lose one of its head.

In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and the interactions. I'm looking forward your feedback, and as before, will upload next chapter in next weekend.

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