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This is a challenge to myself. To take a single image and write a short thousand word story. I have no idea what to expect from this but it seemed like a fun idea in my head, so let's see where it takes us.

Think you have a MLP image with a story to be told? Post it in the comments and perhaps I'll choose your image next! No Anthro, Humanized or EQG images. Keep it SFW, please.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)

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I actually used to be part of a podcast that did this very same exercise, but for a variety of things instead of just an image. It's a challenging exercise sometimes but very rewarding.

The second I saw the title, this instantly popped into my head

Ha! Absolutely glorious. Love these short stories you're doing mate

Ah dammit, that adorable pic just reminded me of the first pic I shoulda submitted >.>
well, that or the slightly sadder version

Looks self-explanatory to me.

That's freaken adorable

Definitely looks better without the Bowtie, you look amazing as you are celestia.

too cute, just too cute.

He looked at me!

I am awaited in Valhalla!

On another note, I have three more images (at the risk of seeming attention-hungry):

So you will write a thousand words on any picture? So long as it’s isnt anthro, equestria girls, and humanized. Does it have to relate to anon? Any restrictions on crossovers, and images from other fimfics? (Could that be considered as plagiarizing? )

Just in case I’ll post some images of what (I can understand) you suggested within the description:




(I hope gifs are ok)

I chamber another round and fire at the nearest important target.

I may be nitpicking but isn't the M82 semi auto? Or maybe he was reloading. Or I'm completely wrong and misread.

Still great though, I like this alot. Maybe you wont mind a second submission?


You may find this interesting.
And these mini-stories are fun



Very nicelly written but... Am I the only one who finds this one extremly... sad :pinkiesad2: ?

these are just ridiculous and silly. love em

If I had a pile of bits of I'd buy all the pudgy pony bellies I can carry, and then I'd raspberry them.

All of them.

already written my dude its the main six version of my little dashie i just wish i knew the name

Huh, I'm surprised I only took a look at this just now. With this idea I don't think you will ever run out of silly prompts.

Speaking of:
From Alasou, and
From Mysticalpha. Because not mentioning the artist is rude.

Does anyone else feel like this is one of those tv reality shows where you anticipate the next chapter wondering if your submission gets picked? Shows like iron chef, cupcake wars, and American idol?

Maybe some Femanon? She need attention too.

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