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Well... okay.

yes. This is. good.

Are you a BEEE-YETCH that likes the FEATURE BOX??

This is vastly improved if you imagine the Superfriends announcer delivering the scene transitions.


a drunken orgy of mishmashed words that painted an image of her after-action report like a Jackson Pollock painting.

I wish to know who wrote this, because it is a truly fantastic turn of phrase.

its pretty good tbh

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Go fuck yourselves.:heart:

I may have helped a tiny little bit

Athon best pone

Your guy's works inspired me to create my own AiE fic. I hope you like it. ;)

TAnon Begins
If you were thrown into a world of technicolor ponies, what would you do?
TheKMExperience · 36k words  ·  72  17 · 1.8k views

I'm proud of my holes

I am proud I was high enough yet coherent enough to write this.

Faggotry in its purest form, nicely done guys, nicely done :trollestia:


Years from now when our children's children wonder where it all went wrong, this is the moment they will point to.

This makes my head hurt.

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