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"Burninating the countryside... burninating the peasants... burninating all the peoples... and their thatched-roof COTTAGES! THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES!! And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIGHT!!!"


The year is 20X6. It is the future. And Young Hero Twilight-chan leaps into action, defending Neo Canterlot against a threat far greater than the average kaiju or humongous mecha attack.

For as it turns out, Twilight-chan's steadfastness as a hero is reflected in innumerable variations across the infinite multiverse... and something is collapsing the boundaries that hold those dimensions apart!

This story was expanded from its original appearance in the February 2017 Writeoff, "The Twilight Zone," with the assistance of MisterNick and Posh! Fantastic custom Twilight by The-Butcher-X with background/lettering by yours truly. Featured on FimFiction 4Aug.2018! :heart: Also featured by Seattle’s Angels! :coolphoto:

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Can...can someone decisively explain to me if this was a crackfic trying to take itself seriously? Because that's the vibe I get from reading it.

On an unrelated side-note, reading the short description caused half my brain to need to reboot.

Finally, it is published! I do not remember how long ago it has been since the first draft of this cut through my eyes with laser swords, nyan!

Ri2 #3 · Aug 4th, 2018 · · ·

...Okay, I want to see more of the adventures of Twilight-chan. Squee!

It's a crackfic premise, executed with a straight face. Those are the best kind!

Yes indeed folks, it's a cracky premise that I tried to execute with seriousness and heart. It's neither the first nor last time that'll happen with me!

Draft #1 was way back in February of last year. For some reason this was the story that really got frozen in my brain when I had RL stuff pop up after that. It's certainly not the longest or most complex story that I've worked on since then, but it seemed like nothing I tried to do with subsequent drafts worked, and I kept trying more and more different stuff. Then suddenly the whole thing clicked a couple weeks ago.

~Arigatou Gozaimasu :twilightsmile:

This was random, all over the place, & I absolutely love it! This maybe a crack one-shot, but I see potential for a hilarious spin-off/sequel of the crazy adventures of Magical Schoolgirl Ninjacat Twilight & Sexy Metal Bikini-Armored Twilight!

P.S. Did The-Butcher-X make the artcover for ya or is it somewhere on his DeviantART page?

Pure beauty of unity! Blessed story with great purpose. Nyan!

I had a few other "Tales of Neo Canterlot" ideas pop into my head around the time I wrote this. I generally don't write sequels, but you never know!

Also yes, The-Butcher-X arted Twilight for me; but no, I don't think she ever showed up on his DeviantArt. She came with a transparent background, and eventually I stumbled on some background & text effects in Inkscape that seemed to work for her.


I see thx for answering :twilightsmile:

I fondly remember this from the Writeoff. Wonderful to see it again. Thank goodness poor, battle-bikini'd Sci-Twi has a tomodachi like Tuwairaito-chan. Ganbarre, Twilights! Sweatpants of great justice call to you!

You do me great honor, FOME-senpai. :heart:

I don't know how you do it but you have some of the best short stories ever to grace the pony AU scene. Brilliant sir, just brilliant. :twilightsmile:

Doumo Arigatou, Just_Me-roboto. :twistnerd:

I can't help but feel partially responsible for this somehow.

I can't imagine why, Posh-Pan-Pantsu-chan. :trollestia:

teach you the One Thousand and One Ways

:twilightsmile: "A..a list!" She gasped excitedly.
:moustache:"The great checklist of harmony!"

Heavens above, that's fantastic! I wish I'd thought of that first!

If you ever decide to do a story based on that, I won't mind.

It was a fun story for sure! I know I need to catch up quite a bit but ... it was nice working with you again. Keep on with the keeping on sir!

... Where is the Anti Monitor (look it up you un cultured barbarians if you don't know who that is) when you need him? This multiverse needs to be erased. And fast.

Do like the story though.

By the suns unholy wrath my stomach hurts :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

“This is no time to catch a train, nyan ,” Twilight-chan shouted over the roaring wind. “Tiny Purple Kaiju , there is too much interference… I can't raise the Great Teacher on my comm. But if those responsible for this are sitting in the middle of its kokoro , then it is up to us to stop them. To battle!”

oh no

fucking hell, dude XD

Bizarre? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Confusing? F yes. Add to Favorites? Done.

rebooting cognitive functions in safe mode

Nyan? Whassat?

Great Teacher Principal Cinch sat before her monitor, fingers tented, gaze burning holes in the holoprojection panel. Attitude and disrespect was one thing... jeapordizing her own abilities was another. Twilight-chan had lost her familiar! Perhaps this new arrival could be adapted, but that kind of thing was very, very delicate; also probably highly unethical, but such were the decisions a Great Teacher was forced to make for the good of all.

But most concerning was the threat of sweatpants! The only reason Twilight-chan was capable of channeling remotely so much cosmic power was the exposed skin on her upper thigh! Of course, knowing this fact would also reduce her abilities by over half. Sweatpants were absolutely unacceptable, as was revealing the truth.

Great Teacher Principle Cinch smiled a dark smile. She had a plan in waiting for this day; a plan fraught with danger, but perhaps the greatest payoff of all. She pressed the intercom button.

"Headmistress Cadance, have Flash Sentry-kun report to my office immediately."

This was preposterous! I must only wonder if Sour Sweet is her friend (friends call her Mai on her good days, Su on her bad, and if you don't get it then you aren't her friend), or maybe the magical musical triad The Dazzles, and what their favorite kind of crepe are and where and how they buy them!

If you are asking in earnest (and it's possible you are not), "nyan" is the japanese equivalent of "meow" -- the sound a cat makes; here, Twilight-chan has it almost as a vocal tick (but remember, it established in the first line that she is a magical catgirl).

I had no idea. I am not a fan of anime. It was the first time I had encountered that word, so naturally I would find it confusing.

...and I'm a wannabe crazy old cat fellow!

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