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Scott Curl

It's Complicated


The beautiful sights and sounds of a sunny day in the small town of Gifthorse Beach are to be the backdrop of the wedding of Sunset Shimmer and Rarity. A perfect day, the perfect spot, and course, the perfect dress made by the bride herself.

However, as the old saying is quick to remind, "something always goes wrong at a wedding."

Sunset knows that. Rarity knows that. But it's still going to happen to them all the same.

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys. Image is of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Photograph taken by Jonathon Simister.

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Comments ( 8 )

this was a very nice story good job i enjoyed it also you should have written the bit with rainbow running at light speed to get the thing

Dear, sir/madam, I was really enjoyed your work! You should have written sunset and rarity stories more often, since i'm a sunarity sucker, or whatever this ship name, you have my full attention! Love it!!:duck:

0/10, can't fap to this.

Really, though, my processors were practically overloaded with feels as I was reading, which rarely happens. Amazing job.

My sincerest apologies, Captain. I promise to return to more lewd goodness soon.

It's fine. We're all writing what we want to, here.

Alright, who invited Murphy?

In all seriousness, wonderfully sweet piece. I especially love how Sunset threatens whichever weatherpony was responsible for this. Everyone else is lucky her rant didn't devolve into angry horse noises. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

Author Interviewer

I think it's ironic. :V

That's good advice, but I just didn't take it.

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