• Published 7th Aug 2018
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Sting Like a Bee - Gojipower12

A timid pegasus and a young Autobot forge a powerful bond between each other while racing to stop a power-hungry Decepticon from plunging Equestria into darkness.

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Chapter 1

Several bright rays of sunlight trickled into Fluttershy’s bedroom, shining its golden light onto the yellow pegasus’ face. Fluttershy’s eyes crinkled up before slowly fluttering open, taking a good look at the bedroom in front of them. Sitting up from her prone position, Fluttershy let out a small yawn before rubbing the sleep from her eyes. A small bunny the color of snow jumped on Fluttershy’s bed and hugged the pink-maned pegasus with a little smile on his face.

“Good morning, Angel. I see you slept well last night.” Fluttershy said with a giggle. She slid off of the bed and trotted towards the kitchen with Angel on her back. As she began brewing coffee, Fluffershy looked out the window and noticed a certain hot-pink Earth pony hopping around gleefully while handing party invitations to passerby residents. Fluttershy walked out of the cottage and walked towards the ecstatic pink equine.

“Good morning, Pinkie. What’s the occasion for giving out invitations?” Fluttershy asked.

“Oh, hi Fluttershy! It’s the Cupcake twins’ birthday in two days! I’m going to host a party for them. I just started handing out invitations and I already invited the other girls, you’re more than welcome to come!” Pinkie Pie replied with a grin.

“Oh, of course. I’ll definitely be there. It has been a while since we all got to spend quality time together.” Fluttershy said.

“Great! The party’s going to be at my place. See you there!” Pinkie said, hopping away. Fluttershy smiled to herself as she headed towards the Ponyville marketplace.

It’s going to be a nice party for sure.


Darting through the thick trees of a ancient forest far from Ponyville, a large yellow mech raced past the towering wooden monoliths with the grace of a panicking hippo. The mech craned his head around just enough to witness a speeding red and silver F4 Phantom dive towards the Autobot and fire a volley of missiles at him. The Autobot yelped as he was sent flying into the brown dirt by the following explosion. The young Autobot rolled out of the way of more incoming missiles as he converted into a compact 1984 Volkswagen Beetle before racing off ahead of the enraged aircraft. The jet increased the power of its thrusters as it soared right above the treeline, setting the speeding car in its sight. Within mere moments, the jet hastily converted into a huge winged mech. The silver, red, and black Decepticon smashed into the ground right in front of the Volkswagen, creating a small shockwave that flipped the vehicle over on its hood.

“I knew you couldn’t run from me forever, little Autobot. Now, let’s see how many circuits I can rip out of your chassis before I reach the precious cargo you stole from me.” The Decepticon said, reaching out a servo towards the downed Autobot’s mid-section. Without so much as a warning, a thick trail of oil shot out of a exhaust port near the car’s rear right into the Decepticon’s crimson optics.

“AGH! MY OPTICS! I CAN’T SEE!!” The Decepticon wailed. The smaller Autobot managed to flip himself over and drive towards the blinded mech, the left side of his vehicle mode convertint into his left arm and knocking the Decepticon over on his face. After reforming back into a complete vehicle mode, the little Autobot quickly sped off while leaving the angry Decepticon to flail about madly in the dirt.

“NOBODY SHOOTS OIL IN THE MIGHTY STARSCREAM’S FACEPLATE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!” Starscream yelled, getting up and wiping the oil out of his optics. He activated the built-in thrusters sitting under his peds, propelling the Seeker into the air. Starscream’s servos converted into duel open-barrelled Null-Ray blasters as he closed in on the smaller mech, opening fire on the Autobot. The yellow mech swerved to the right right as a burning stream of violet plasma incinerated the ground next to him. The Autobot continued dodging the projectiles with ease until a stray blast of plasma struck his hood, sending the Volkswagen spiraling out of control. The Autobot didn’t get time to brake as he was valted off the edge of a cliff. The yellow Volkswagen violently tumbled downhill until he disappeared into the canopy below. Starscream landed on the edge of the cliff, scowling with fury after losing his target once again.

“Gah! That’s the second time Bumblebee has escaped from my grasp!!” Starscream yelled. The growl of a vehicle’s engine turned the Seeker’s attention to a sleek police cruiser driving towards him. Starscream glared at the black and white vehicle as it parked a inch from his peds.

“It would’ve been nice if you showed up sooner, Barricade.” Starscream retorted with venom laced in his voice.

“Don’t twist your circuits, I ran into heavy traffic on the way here.” Barricade replied as he converted into robot mode.

“That’s what you get for choosing a car as an alternate mode. Maybe if you had scanned a vehicle that possessed flight capabilities, such as a jet, converging on my coordinates would be a lot faster and easier.” Starscream said. Barricade rolled his optics in annoyance.

“I will never understand your disgust for ground-based vehicles. Anyway, where did you say the bug ran off too?”

“Down there. But I highly doubt any of us will have a good chance locating the Autobot with ease down there. And the encryption codes he stole from us would be no good if he’s offline.” Starscream said.

“Then let Dropkick and Shatter search for him. They’ve done a decent job hunting down stray Autobots before.”

“For Primus’ sake, no. They are unruly, horribly uncoordinated, and barely listen to my orders! I called you in because you are exceptionally skilled at hunting Autobots and go about your job with professionalism. They are not as skilled or professional.”

Barricade simply glanced at his commander before turning away with a humph.

“You want those codes so bad? Dropkick and Shatter will get them. Period.” Barricade said, converting to vehicle mode and driving off. Starscream stared at the area where Bumblebee fell, wearing a grimace on his faceplate.

“Just my luck. I lost the ecryption codes and now I have to work alongside two of the worst Decepticons on the face of this cursed rock...!” Starscream groaned. He leaped into the air and converted into jet mode, blasting off into the sky.