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Two minor villains, two heinous crimes, one cramped cell, and one very nerdy pony out to prove she can work friendship's magic too.
But will Spoiled Rich and Lightning Dust actually learn the value of friendship? Whatever happens, Moondancer's sure it will make an excellent case study and that she can deal with the ethics board.

Takes place sometime after The Washouts.

Warning: While not directly shown, rape will be a major theme.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 18 )

Will all the rape be male on female?

I'll see where this goes. It's dark but it has my interest.

Okay, I wasn't expecting it to be first person, but it's a nice touch.

Female on female only. Males are virtually absent from the story.

I swear I added this to my tracking, but I only saw this chapter when double checking the status.

Anyway, man that got even darker than I was expecting.

I had a lot of trouble with coming up with LD's backstory as a reason for her being here. At one point, she was going to have murdered her love interest in a fit of jealous rage. This version, where the deaths are accidental, is the logical result of her being with a dangerous stunt group that very nearly killed a pony in the actual show because of her. It makes her a little more tragic in that, for all her faults (and boy, you'll see her faults next chapter), she got worse than she deserved.

That makes sense.
I don't see LD as being capable of intentional murder, at least not yet

Why does this story have so many dislikes? I mean, it can't be that bad, right? ...Right? I mean, it looks like a good story!

I think the bulk of them (based on timing) are because Lightning rapes Spoiled in the chapter "A Punch in the Gut". People are very particular about how rape as drama is done, and so while they liked that Spoiled gets drunk and rapes her daughter, they weren't too fond of Lightning "winning" in a sense in the struggle for dominance of the cell.
The rest are probably just because it's kinda dark and gross.

I like that this chapter is overall more calm than the previous one.

Well it's good to know I did something right with this, this chapter is really about rapidly falling off that peak of intense conflict between SR and LD. Main worry is this would feel still a little too dark with SR being emotionally crushed, and that it would seem not so great with her attitude towards LD relaxing after what happened.

It feels just right, considering what happens here.

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted January 7th

The fact that moondancer somehow was allowed to make this program interests me more than the rest of the story tbh... like how the fuck did she do any of the social interaction required to get something like this made?

I suspect Celestia, a late evening, insufficient stimulants, and delicious near-bedtime treats were involved.

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