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Knight Shadow, husband of Twilight Sparkle, Hero of the Changling Wars, King of the Shadow Clan and Captain of the Knights of Twilight.


Twilight Sparkle is in a funk. Cadance was assassinated, and to Twilight, it felt like all the light and happiness had gone out of the world. Her big sister, surrogate second mother, and idol was gone. How are her friends going to get her out of it? They aren't. But one new Alicorn is. Enter Nocta, Alicorn of the Moon, formerly Nightmare Moon. What task does she have for Twilight Sparkle? And why does it involved kissing?

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A bit confusing. At one point you talk about 300 years in the future, only to state we are 5 years later, after Cadance has been dead for 30 years? So I'm not quite sure when this is taking place; you need better structure so the reader can follow better in my opinion.

I follow. I think I was kinda subtly saying "do some math here" when I did that. The story itself is taking place 335 years after Cadance's death. If I'm remembering it all right. It is, as I stated, relatively old. I'm considering re-writing the whole thing to make it a little more coherent. Reading over it again, I feel like I'm reading the ramblings of a drunk.

335 years o_O
I know Twilights friends are quasi immortal, but how is her mother still alive, or the Cakes? It's also a pretty long time to grief. And didn't Flurry start school or something?
Something doesnt seem right if it's really been 335 years.

I'll get to the Cakes later. As for her parents... you'll find out soon. Also, you're pretty close on the money there. Somethin' doesn't feel right for a reason.

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