Nearly all the magic in Equestria has been absorbed by Tirek. With his newly acquired power, the demon-centaur is unleashing destruction upon the land. His plans for conquest were just getting started. After Equestria, then Griffinstone, the Dragonlands, and the Changeling hive. All magic on this planet will be his to control.

But, there is hope. The Tree of Harmony gifted a crystalline chest. Only with six keys will it open. With Discord's friendship revelation, they received the final key. All they can do now is hope, hope that whatever is contained inside the chest is enough to stop Tirek.

Soon, they will see the coming of the invincible incarnation of power: the Lion's Sin of Pride, Lord Escanor.

The Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai crossover.

Chapter 1 adapted from Tirek is Doomed.

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just because Escanor, liked


Honestly, been wanting to do either a Meliodas or Estarossa displaced


Wherever the Lion of Pride goes, no opponent is worthy to prove his strength.
Praise the sun

That box is just full of surprises. I still remember the time they pulled the Doom Marine of all beings out of it. Tirek didn't like that fight...

On an unrelated note, your images appear to be broken, might want to get that checked out.

Yup. After reading that one, I thought to myself "What if...?"

Ah, what if. The best question any author could ever have the pleasure of answering. Why, this entire site is built on it! I love that question.

Please continue this

Love Escanor, looking forward to more of this story

side note the images are broken and don't show up.

they work on my phone but not firefox on my laptop

just found out why they don't work Firefox doesn't support webp images

Shouldn't Twilight know what a human is since she went thru the mirror?

Did she go through the mirror before or after Tirek? Cause I though it was after, though I'm probably wrong.

already featured

You did rip the beginning from Tirek is Doomed, but I suppose you already mentioned that in the description, so I'm fine with it.

It's certainly well written. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out, especially since Pride is rather scrawny at the moment.

Yes in the 1st EG movie Twilight was still getting used to being an alicorn.

Ah. It has been like three years since I saw the movie, so my bad.


Twilight went trough the mirror some time after s3 but before s4. So she went through the mirror before she even discovered the chest


Shouldn't Twilight know what a human is since she went thru the mirror?


Did she go through the mirror before or after Tirek? Cause I though it was after, though I'm probably wrong.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I never had a chance to watch the EG series, but I have heard of it. I guess I'll try and fix that in my story.

You my good sir! You have my attention with this! Please continue ASAP!

Oh god, tirek is going to be fucking SLAUGHTERED

Escanor is the prime example as to why you don't f*#k around with Celestia.

Tirek, prepare to praise the sun!!! It doesn't matter how strong and skilled the enemy is, it does not matter if this one has an entire legion at his command or even if it has the aid of the demons.

All enemy falls by the power of sun itself!! The prideful lion and member of the deadly sins, Escanor!!!!

technically they are non-canon so you can ignore the EG movies

Oh dang, Tirek has indeed fucked up! Escanor, ready to slaughter all who stand in the way of his Pride!

this will be quite fun for us

Weirdest coincidence. I was thinking about Escanor in equestria yesterday and this pops up a hour later. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Whatโ€™s this a nanatsu no taizai crossover!? :pinkiegasp: NO WAY! proceedes to fangirl

*cough* lemme just *slides onto read later shelf*

Escanor was the highlight of the series for me so I'm interested to see how you'll portray him. Based on his outfit and cargo, I'm guessing he was pulled from his world during his time running My Sweet Gluttony?

Eh, I'll let EG slide for now.

If you like the direction I'm going, favorite, track, and like this story.

I want to stay as true to his character as possible. In regards to his cargo, did you expect him to be far from his sacred treasure?

Sadly, as much as I love Rhitta and the Grace Escanor wound up with from Mael - Sunshine, and his whole lion-sun motif, his fanbase is so toxic even I've fallen out of love with Escanor.

Haven't read it yet, but I like how the folks at Man At Arms finally made Divine Axe Rhitta yesterday :rainbowlaugh:

Exactly what is this a crossover with?

The anime: The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 since the guy they summoned doesn't get introduced until then

Where have you been hanging around where the toxicity got that bad?

Its a great first chapter I hope you continue this


Here some videos that could help you write Escanor better:

And will Escanor also fight against others MLP villains too?
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Are you part of the FBI? ๐Ÿ˜‘

How did you get access to my Youtube History? ๐Ÿ˜†

I hope so, but since this fiction takes place in the 4th season finale, we might just see him fight Tirek and while other villains plot their vegance or are introduce *coughs* Starlight *coughs* our dear Escanor will settle in the "peaceful" town of Ponyville and maybe open a bar.

That video coming out soon after was a happy coincidence.


9100967 9100983
Well maybe Escanor could fight and body some G4 versions of G1 MLP villains like Grogar and Catrina.

I'll keep them in mind. ๐Ÿ˜€

Unacceptable! I was promised a Glorious Moustache!

Humph, in spite of a lamentable lack of facial hair, this is very well written. Though I haven't the slightest idea who this poor barkeep is, or what story he's from. I suppose the surprise can only enhance the reading.

Congratulations! Your story will define my very first impressions of this entire franchise, whatever it is! So no pressure or anything...

and then he steps out into broad daylight, and all of a sudden he gets swol. jaws drop everywhere

So Escanor been in Equestria before? This is story I gotta hear.

Tirek is SCREWED.


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