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Canterlot Mountain is a volcano. It always has been, and always will be. Earthquakes have shaken the land for months now, and haven't shown any sign of stopping. The city of Canterlot was supposedly built to protect against this... Even then, the city is nothing but ruins now. Hardly anything else remains.

It all came down on the day the world exploded.

Simple cover art drawn by myself. I've got a very complex scene in mind, but I don't know anyone who could pull it off, nor do I have the money to pay someone to draw it.

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Look don't get me wrong, the story sounds good, but I find it a little hard to believe that one volcano, even a big one, could do this much damage!

I've had the Yellowstone Supervolcano in mind the entire time I've been writing this. It's predicted that it'd at least take out a sizable chunk of the western United States, and the resulting ash cloud would cause temperatures all across the globe to drop.

I don't know why. Krakatoa leveled an island archipelago and caused a global, five year volcanic winter. You ever notice how in late nineteenth century art the skies are always these weird greens, purples, and reds, and everyone's all skinny and wearing heavy looking coats? That's because all of the volcanic discharge literally changed the weather. Then there's the Deccan Traps, a super volcano in India the size of France that erupted for 800,000 years, covering one- to two-thirds of the continent in lava and probably killing off the dinosaurs. Mt. St. Helens, Omoa, the Siberian Traps, Kilauea- volcanos are no joke.

A volcanic winter is actually the direction that this story is currently headed, too.

I haven't read this story yet, but I have a feeling you'll be interested in this theory of mine.

It is most definitely relevant to this story. (And it may even help you!)

Damn. That actually makes a lot of sense, both in universe and irl. To take it a bit further, what if all of that tectonic energy is the reason the sisters built Canterlot Castle in its current location: tapping into that tremendous well of power is what allows them to control the planet's satellites?

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