• Published 28th Jul 2018
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Quick Flashes: Story-a-Day Week - Wintermist

A compendium of short, smut-heavy stories focused on anthro lesbian encounters, written under two simple rules: a new story each day for one week, and once the day is over, no further edits (bar spell checking) are allowed.

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Comment posted by Sidral Mundet deleted Aug 5th, 2018

9086656 :twilightsmile:

Yep, the last chapter was hidden in the description from the start.

I didn't want to spell it out explicitly, but tried to point people at it, to let them make the joyous discovery for themselves. :twilightsmile:

Boom! There it is: the bonus bonus chapter!

Starlight Glimmer giggled, a dizzy, slightly nervous sound. "Who knows? It could be anything."

Uh oh…  What did you do, Starlight?

"You know - sometimes you think other ponies don't know things, and they do. You know, some things that you've written about, maybe, or maybe just didn't totally get rid of,

Oh no, she got into Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder and had it published as a book for her birthday!

Celestia wore a deep red dress, vivid against her white skin, while her sister wore an identical outfit in pure white that contrasted beautifully with her own midnight blue.

Isn't that a bit too high-contrast?  A pure white dress is going to make Luna's face look like an undifferentiated dark blob.  I'm not so sure that someone as brightly white and pastel-coloured as Celestia can pull of a deep-red dress either.

Then, in a single sharp movement, Luna's dark hands gripped Celestia's bodice and pulled it down, spilling the diarch's breasts into the open air for all to see.

Oh well, if they weren't planning on wearing the dresses for more than a few seconds anyway, that explains it. :pinkiehappy:

Also: Ho-lee Horseapples!  This entire thing is like a fantasy that Twilight in FIMC would charm Celestia to think was happening.

Two things stopped her. One of them was the fact that this was all horribly familiar.
She'd had a dream like this.
She'd written it down.

Hahaha, it really was her shipfic folder, and Starlight went way beyond merely publishing it!

"Starlight! What did you do?!" she whispered,

:rainbowlaugh: I knew that was going to be said, sooner or later.

Starlight had dropped to one knee, beaming brightly. "I perfected my spell, all to give you this!" As Twilight choked, trying to find the words, Starlight looked up at her and declared joyously, "My Queen - happy birthday!"

Oh that Starlight.  Always trying to impress Twilight by mind-fucking her friends. :twilightsmile:

Towering white walls enclosed three sides of the square, leaving it open to the east, towards the rest of the city.

And, more importantly, towards the rising sun. :twilightsmile:

Now the question is, will Twilight be able to reverse the mind-control and salvage the situation (as best as she's able) 'before' she starts liking the idea of being Queen, ruling over the other princesses and seeing them fuck eachother. Also, while not explicitly stated, I have it on good authority that the princesses will also be Twilight's sexslaves, so that's another thing to tempt her :p

Oh dear... well, this is certainly a twist on the last one. And whatever I think the consequences will be, I'm probably way off.

And now I want to see what happens to Starlight after the OurTown arc in FiMC even more. :trixieshiftleft:

Noc #9 · Aug 5th, 2018 · · ·

I was expecting Twi to startle awake in bed at the end of this one, but this works …

Also, I notice the story is still tagged “Incomplete”. An oversight, or could other bonus chapters be on the way?

9091460 Oops. That was an oversight, it's flagged as complete now.


Ah, too bad. Still, thanks for the awesome flashes!

So what's next?

I was half expecting the twist to be that Starlight did this so SHE could take over for herself.

I’d like to see some pet play maybe Dom Fluttershy having fun with Rainbow or something? Just an idea. The reason why I ask is because i’d Mainly like to see how I you would approach it is all.

I wanna see a whole story of just this
All hail Queen Twilight

9125708 Er, what's a 'sfmtorybof'?

O god, think I was half asleep at the time I wrote this.
Was supposed to say story

9126346 That was an epic typo :rainbowlaugh:

O stop your making me blush.. :twilightsheepish:

perfect ending to these stories, great job

Edit: Wrong story my bad lmfao, I'll definitely give this a run though

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