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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


When Diamond Tiara gets lost in the woods, her father is terribly worried. He sends you into the forest to go find her, and offers you money to do it. But, what you find in the woods is far more than just a little filly, and you quickly find that underneath her bossiness and bravado, she has a much softer side.

Written in Collaberation with Eighth. :heart:

Warning: Mild gore and suggestion of death, the character Anon, and other things that will make you mad.

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Did not expect that ending, great story!


Thanks, heh. I'll pass the compliments along to Eighth.

Oh my God.

Oh my fucking God.

Trees don't ever write again.

EDIT: Actually, Eighth's bits were really nice and sweet, and even your twist totally caught me by surprise. But I can't get over that pun. Good job.

Yeah, to his absolute credit, his parts were lovely. They were sweet and cozy and they tell a pleasing little narrative.

...and then I ruin it.

Like I ruin everything.

Warning: Mild gore

Only mild? I’m mad. :flutterrage:


I'll write a gore and vomit story soon, just for you bby. Or at least a lwtsiw with all dat.

I feel like I just read one of those long ass green text stories only for it to end with >tree fiddy
Like, Wood you come up with a better ending please? It just leafs too much to the imagination. It honestly feels like you think I’m a sap or something. But I digress. The root of the problem is that I can’t figure out why DT would say something that branches so far out of her character. it’s got me stumped.

WOW. Shit hit the fan.

Well, that escalated quickly. Damn, Pencil... you ruin everything. 10/10

Well, at least Anon got wood in this story. :trollestia:

I liked the story. That ending tho....

What- I - you.... Huh?

ok that ending was unexpected Oo

This ending makes me want to kill myself.

I didn't see that coming.

Screw you Diamond...

I am feeling many things right now.

None of which are pleasant.

fuck this story man, that twist was too goddamn good.


well...thanks for playing with my heart

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