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To quote myself from the first story I ever posted on Fimfic:

I love the Anon-A-Miss storyline.

There are so many options, choices, and possibilities with the storyline, and I want to explore another one with this story~ ^^

Now onto the description proper xD

It's the most wonderful time of the year~!
As if! Sunset swore she could kill whoever first wrote that line... December sucks! Sure, it started off great- people continuing to treat her well after she saved CHS from the Sirens, but now everone seems to think that she's behind this Anon-A-Miss, even the other members of the Rainbooms! Maybe the Princess can help?

Chapters (6)
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Gotta say, that is arguably the best FU moment I’ve come across since Black Lagoon.

Oh i wonder how will you take this

There will never be a better Fuck you rainbooms moment in all of FIMfiction.net

Ok.......this is very different. You had the truth revealed sooner than before, but made it that it was still too late.
I gotta say that is a good twist, and love what you did, thou i wonder how Twilight can be so damn stupid, to leave the book alone as she did.
never occurred to her something could happen.

Also think Principal Celestia and Luna fucked up beyond measure, I know what they were trying to do, but they should gone about a different way.
Should been blunt and said to protect her from anymore attacks, as they failed to catch them, so best to protect her by sending her away, maybe admit they fear she could be stabbed even or so...not that it matter. She was attacked outside the school.

Oh love how you had Sunset kick their asses, Gilda and her goons big time!
Love it.

I also wonder how is they found out the guilty party, was a accident, or they confess or caught in the act?

Well, this is a most interesting take on Anon-a-Miss.

You have my attention, so have a Fave, and Upvote and a Track.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter to see what happens next.

Although I noticed that this has the "Tragedy" Tag, but not the "Death" one.
A subtle hint there, perhaps?

Regardless, keep up the rad work, okay?

And HOW have I not been Following you all this time?!
Consider that faux pas corrected.


Wow. This might be your best Anon a Miss story yet!

Keep going!


I’m excited to see where this goes, however I hope this doesn’t mean Phoenix and Reborn are being cancelled, although if you make this story better than I’m ok with that.

Also I’m hoping you don’t make too many projects and then have to cancel a few or get delayed by them all.

Oh well who am I to say?:twilightblush:

Glad you liked it~! ^^

Glad you like it so far~ ^^

Theres gonna be some stuff revealed next chapter with the Rainbooms~ >;'3

Thankee~! ^^

And maybe it is~ >;'3

Well you follow my old account xd

I'll say indefinite hiatus at the present moment ^^;

And nope, im too busy with with work to work on too many stories xD

9066945 You're very welcome.


Well, I guess I'll be Following you on this one, too.;)

Oh, btw, your avatar for this account is absolutely adorable!

I have good feelings from that laugh tho i hope this isn't the end of sunset(living or dead since im counting ghosts or undead as not being the end)

Yup, guilt will spread all around.

The human five are screwed aren't they.

Neither she nor any of the other Rainbooms gave Sunset a chance to defend herself, yet she expected Sunset to give them a chance to defend themselves...

Rainbow Dash, you are a bitch.

Rainbow Dash is extremely Loyal (it is her Element after all xD), but just as is shown in the original Discord episodes of the main show, Loyalty can be twisted. During Anon-A-Miss Rainbow Dash is staying true to her oldest friends, the other Rainbooms (Minus Sunset). She is be hotheaded and brash, which is a large chunk of her character~ ^^


She's still being a little overboard though xD

Will see what happens~ ^^

You are really enjoying saying that.

Mwahahaha >:'3



...Yes. xD

All I can say is wait for what comes next~ ^^

Haha ok glad you had fun and don't let any haters get to you

As a wise clown once said, "All it takes is one bad day..."

It's all one big, twisted, demented, gag! Why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?!

I... I think my heart just stopped. *wipes at eyes* Oh boy. Oh gods. *sits down and freaks out* :raritycry: :raritydespair:

Wait till next chapter~ >;'3


And an extra ten of them for the next chapter potentially~ >;'3

really the best FU moment I have read in Anon-A-Miss, can't think of a better one right now.
Keep it up, Moony :pinkiehappy:

Uh huh, standard Anon-A-Miss... Where's the thing begin- Ah, there it is xP

Hi, Twight,

"Twight... Pffffffffft... I'm using that and you can't stop me. XD

Your fr

Awwwwww nu. Awwwwwwwwwww nu! Das no bueno! No bueno I say!

Sunset gave an annoyed hiss as she gently pushed at the fresh bruise on her arm before looking down at the crumpled forms of Gilda and her small troop of cronies.

Ha! Hahaha! Yeah, they just got FUUUUUCKED! Aaaaahahhahahahaahahhaha! Aaaah... Enjoyable xD

Sunset chuckled as she plummeted down, the air racing around her as a cold smile spread across her face, almost as cold as the large chunk of ice drawing disturbingly close to-

THE TITANIC!!!!! No? No, definitely not right... That's iceBERG, not iceCHUNK. Uh... Well jeez Rick, I just don't know. :trollestia:

Well that was interesting. And tragic. Damn it XD Nothing like some good ole bridge hopping to make you want to write cute shit. xP I'm kidding of course. It was weeeeeell doooooooone. I swear. xD Of course I'll be looking forward to the new chapters! ^^

Some ones gonna save her huh. It's Twilight isn't it. Bet ya i'm right.

You know I've not yet read the original Anon-a-Miss comic? Can't believe how much fan stuff it continues to generate. And I thought all the 'Twilight goes off on everyone over the Wedding' fics everywhere after Season 2 was big.

This was so sad to read, but how Sunset reacted is very well written since anyone would react the way she did. I hope to see more chapters in the future.

Im gonna go fix that spelling error now... >.>

And you won't have to wait long for the next chapter~ >;'3

Will habe to wait and see~ >;'3

I just love how many ways you can write the storyline~ ^^

Thankee, I'm glad you enjoyed this~ ^^
And the next chapter should be love here momentarily~


Mwahahaha >:'3


Y'know, my motivation to read this kinda dropped with each time you did this or some other evasion.

If you can't say anything without spoiling something you don't want to spoil, then keep the muzzle closed.

The Trollestia faces, evil laughter, things like that just make you look like a jerk.

Friendships broken and so is Sisterhood. When news gets out, there will be people out for blood on the Crusaders. I think that after this everyone will learn a valuable lesson. Too bad it cost Sunset her life...or did it?

Sorry that you feel that way~

Sadly I've gained some long time readers and commenters over the year (god has it already been that long!?) of writting I've done on Fimfic, and that's usually how I interact with them~ ^^

Sorry that it's killed you're intrest~ ^^

It will be awhile until the news comes out too much, as Christmas break starts now, so students won't be gathering in one place~ ^^

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