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why just why

As a person who hates Trixie, it’s nice to see her get this kind of punishment.

Not bad. There were a few typos and spelling errors, but the story was simple and believable. :eeyup:

I like the cover art, it’s really cute!
This was a good short-story. Even though Trixie is kind of annoying and not very nice, I sorta can’t help but feel bad for her. Even if she doesn’t deserve pity, I’m gonna give it to her. Though that’ll only be if she manages to behave herself like a good little filly. :raritywink:
At least no pony is being mean to her for her bed wetting outside of the dreamworld.

is this the only chapter because I was really liking it so far I'm guessing that one individual was going to be Princess Luna I just kind of thought there was going to be more like maybe her helping Trixie

I don't get it. Why does this story have so many downvotes?

I liked so much how the story described Trixie's feelings about wearing diapers as well as the embarrassing situation of the dream. Very well done :twilightsmile: But well, maybe a couple of extra chapters won't be a bad idea. :pinkiehappy:

The 'Dream Realm' is certainly an interesting place. The way Luna can navigate it is extremely impressive and being able to interact with dreamers is certainly quite the super power.

I'd imagine something like The Alicorn Amulet would have some 'side effects'. It was a powerful, yet cursed, artifact. Power that strong has a price and Trixie, in this story, got off quite easy with it only impacting her nocturnal ability to hold her bladder.

Nice little story. :)

Because they can!

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