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Yes. This is an awesome start. And I love the cover art!

Hm... an interesting concept for a story, and while it's honestly nothing like the stories I usually read, it's definitely caught my interest and i shall be following to see where this goes from here:ajsmug:

I must say I am intrigued. This isn't the kind of story I would normally read, but you have written yourself quite the interesting narrative. I look forward to reading more.

This is Stoked. The Spike parts are original but everything else is almost a word for word of the first episode of Stoked. Hope the story cam live up to the show.

This a definite follow and favorite.

I'm getting a very clear 'Stoked' vibe from this... Its VERY similar to the first episode.
Good thing I love that show

I see so much potential & a lot of girls for Spike to start a harem!

On a slightly unrelated note, I LOVE the fact that the fic's title and cover art are card-themed and that the fic challenger's name is... Wildcard25. So... chance or coincidence ?

Did anyone else see the hidden joke on the cover pic? Cause I did and I laughed hard.

I wonder what other tricks does spike has up his sleeve.
When I saw this I was curious about what this story all about many things went through my mind I thought of spike as actual gambit but wearing all black clothing with a deck of cards in his hand playing with them anyways I can't wait for the next one

Okay, this story seems like it's gonna be a fun read.

Looks like Spike's already capturing hearts, and making enemies. But man he showed Twilight for sure. I look forward to next time

I feel like I was in the story along side spike which was awesome

Spike is like 007 in Golden Eye and Casino Royale.

This is so anime like... I love it

Making enemies & has a few women on the mind, Spike sure knows how to make the day interesting. Also I got a bad feeling about Flimflam for whatever they got plan for Spike, after his performance against Twilight.

So did Spike cheat or undid Twilight's cheat?

I’m getting vibes from that one show, Stoked.

Comment posted by Bahamut Omega deleted September 8th

Did you seriously quote Star Treck in the blackjack scene? Spike's lines for that part kept switching to Data's voice at that part.

Oh, interesting. Very interesting! Like the choices in female for Spike. Applejack, Sunset and Fleur de Lis, excellent choices indeed!:moustache:

Was this story inspired by Rio: Rainbow Gate?

Guess Spike is the real VIP and Fluttershy is going to step up her game.

This story is amazing to read.

Interesting, I like that this isn't just Spike's story.

What a wonderful, funny, and hectic first day for the lot of them. Glad Suri got the boot. And it looks like Spike's gonna be helping out Fluttershy some more, and hopefully the others as well.

KO awesome chapter, summer has officially begun for the new employees as the work will be hard like anything else in life but they will make it through as Spike will enjoy the time getting to know his new friends more. Especially the girls! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

well then. :ajsmug: (elves voice) lets light the sole on fire baby.

Is it just me or is this fic Anime-ish?

Is this chapter inspired from a TV show called 'Stoked'?

A bunny Fluttershy is always awesome & I'm surprised Coco is the 1st girl to score a date with Spike. I thought for sure, it would be maybe one of the Dazzlings or Fleur

Hmm, this is enjoyable, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

I see scenes in this that remind me of Rio Rainbow Gate, where Spike is Rio, but then Spike is like that girl in the anime about a private scam eddy in Japan, name eludes me though. I know it's on Netflix though...

That was a hilarious initiation for everyone. and poor Spike with pineapple allergy. Still he got into a foursome.

Comment posted by DGJabberwocky deleted June 30th

1 this is starting to feel like a porno version of stoked.
2 spike really took one for the team with the hole pizza stunt.
3 spike is such a ladies man that he can get them going with jest his hands.

“On the other hand, pancakes are beautiful golden mini-sunshines covered in shimmering sweetness,” he continued, almost poetically. “But all the pancakes in the world would mean nothing without friends to share them with.”

Nice TDI reference. Also, nice chapter. I like how you used that one episode of Stoked as a reference. It was a pretty good show.

not sure why but I have feeling spike and twilight knew each other when they were younger ever best friend but forgot about each other or spike did and twilight remembers.

Things are getting more frisky

That was a great chapter, but the clop scene felt a little rushed. Still a great story and Can't wait for the next. :pinkiehappy:

KO awesome chapter, looks like Spike may have enjoyed some part of the staff initiation being with the Dazzlings and giving a ‘message’ no less. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Apr 12th, 2019

Very nice the pacing great as always.

Uh... Is Spike working at the hotel? I through that he was enjoying vacation with Celestia

When did Spike start working at the hotel. Also that cool scene was too rushed, should have been longer.

Awesome work. Spike wooed the girls and now has an official job in the casino. And nice Zephyr found himself a lady. I can't wait to see next time.

Comment posted by Path_of_cloud deleted September 8th

Update so soon lucky

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