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Returning Home - Arceaion

When Twilight Sparkle was killed in the changeling invasion all of Equestria mourned. But when a mysterious figure in armor slays Chrysalis in front of the princesses they will learn that anyone can change. For better or worse.

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Chapter 7 - The Fall of Canterlot - Part 1

Twilight calmly walked through the Realm of Shadow. Like all the other realms, the Realm of Shadow was unique in the terrain and seemed to be a separate world from the void. This realm consisted of an endless world of eternal night, the ground was littered with thousands of bio-luminescent plants and trees while the sky shone with thousands of stars. While there was no moon in the sky the stars provided plenty of light. As she walked she spotted a large temple like structure and turned to approach it, as she neared she saw that it was in fact a shrine. At the entrance stood two statues, on the right was one of Betrayal in his Berzerker armor a large broadsword clasped in his hands while on the left a statue of Loyalty in his knights armor a Katana was grasped in his hands.

Twilight took a deep breath and stepped into the shrine. At the center Loyalty and Betrayal sat opposite to each other. Like when they first met the two were in meditation, Twilight approached and sat down joining them. After a time Twilight sensed movement and opened her eyes to see the two watching her.

Twilight blushed and bowed her head. "Forgive the intrusion Masters, I was unsure when you would be done, I hope I haven't disturbed you."

"No, it's quite alright Twilight." Loyalty said.

"You did not disturb us." Betrayal said as he rose and walked around Twilight examining her. "I see you have completed your training under the other Elements you have become a fine warrior." He said proudly.

"I have come to train under you masters." Twilight said calmly as she rose and bowed.

"Unlike the other Elements where you learned from them both together you will be learning from us separately." Loyalty said. "I will be teaching you the finer points of sword work and battle, after that Betrayal will teach you."

"What will I learn from Betrayal?" Twilight asked.

"I will be teaching you the Path of the Betrayer." Betrayal replied. "Do you know what a Berserker is Twilight?"

"A Berserker is a type of warrior class." Twilight answered. "According to legends Berserker were objects of fear not only to their enemies but they say they could also be a danger to their allies as well. They fought as if they were animals but the reason they were seen as a danger was because they killed all around them, whether they were friend or foe."

Betrayal nodded. "This is why I was branded as the bearer of Betrayal, I was a Berzerker. In life I was known as, Guts.

Time dilation for Equus: 3 days
Total duration for Changeling War: 1 year 6 months, 1 week

Celestia stood at the balcony watching the changelings approach, at the lead flew Chrysalis however she had changed. Her carapace was cracked and large bone spikes were ripping through it and her single eye glowed red. Around her neck hung the cause of her transformation, the Alicorn Amulet.

Celestia sighed and turned to her sister. "With Chrysalis wearing the amulet I fear our chances of winning this battle has decreased significantly."

"The alicorn Amulet, forged from Mythril by the ancient Dwarfs it was deemed far to dangerous for anyone pony to wield. In fear of its use they tuned to our Mother who locked it away. How did Chrysalis acquire it?" Luna asked concern showing on her face.

"Twilight sent me a letter about a show mare using it, where she got it we didn't know but it was given to Zecora for safe keeping after Twilight removed it from the mare." Celestia sighed.

"So Chrysalis stole it from Zecora's home." Luna said with a sigh and turned leaving the balcony. "Sister, Chrysalis has long since sealed her fate but this must be the final battle."

Celestia turned and the two left the balcony heading for the armory as they walked they saw the guard running around preparing for the coming battle. Many had not seen action yet and would probably die within the first moments of battle. When the war had begun the nobles sent there children to enlist so that they may gain glory and have bragging rights unfortunately the children had no idea what they were doing and had failed at even the most basic of tasks. The only reason they even made it through basic training was due to there wealth and the instructors desire to have nothing to do with them. As a result they were undisciplined and a disgrace to the Royal Guard. It had gotten so bad that they had been given the nickname, the brat brigade.

Celestia smiled. "You know one good thing may come from this."

"Oh, what's that sister?" Luna asked an amused smile on her face.

"I'll finally be rid of most of the nobles. With them gone we can place ponies like the bearers as nobles. Maybe then we will be able to get something done around here." Celestia said.

Luna laughed as they entered the armory though it quickly died out as she saw her armor.

Long ago, back when Equestia was young there had been many evils that the sisters had battled against. It was also during this time that they had earned the names Nightmare and Daybreaker. The names were given to them by there troops in battle. It was said that when the Nightmare rode into battle the shadows themselves would rise to aid her in battle and when the Daybreaker rose the enemies of Equestria were burned to ash by simply looking at her.

The alicorn sisters had been ruthless in those days to the point that there vary appearance struck fear into the enemies troops. However that had been a much different time and it was believed that those stories were just legends to make the princesses seem more powerful.

"Are you sure you wish to do this sister?" Luna asked. "It was you who wished to bury those personas, are you sure you wish to bring them back?"

Celestia didn't say any thing.

Luna turned to Celestia. "If we do this then we are confirming the legends of old, our ponies will never look upon us the same. Are you truly sure you wish to return to this path."

Celestia turned to look at her sister. "We swore to leave them until they were needed again. Look around Luna, Changelings are at our doors, the Elements of Harmony are broken and an alicorn lies dead!" Celestia yelled angrily. "Chrysalis has come to far and crossed the forbidden line. Now she wears the Alicorn Amulet, an artifact that even Mother could not destroy only lock away because it's so powerful! If there ever was a time that we are needed it is now."

Celestia stepped forward and grabbed the breastplate of the armor as her main and tail caught fire. She turned to Luna revealing her eves had changed to draconic slits. "She has taken one who was a daughter from me, I will see her pay." She growled as she attached the armor to herself, her fur lightening and taking on an orange red shade.

Luna sighed and stepped forward as her eyes silted and her fur darkened to a deep back. "If this is the path you choose then so be it, I will stand at your side sister."

Several moments later the two stepped out of the armory and made their way to the throne room around them the guards began to shake fear clear on their faces.

For the first time in over a thousand years Daybreaker and Nightmare had been released.

Chrysalis flew in front of the swarm a maniacal smile on her face. "As soon as you touch down begin slaughtering the populace, I want every scrap of love these worms have. I will deal with the Princesses and anyone else myself." She said.

The swarm approached Canterlot and a massive wave blasted from the city. Chrysalis raised her hand and a red shield appeared around herself. The swarm scattered and dove for the city, as they landed the ponies ran screaming as they were slaughtered and drained of there love. Chrysalis smiled and walked toward the gates of the castle. as she approached the guards raised their weapons and fired upon the Queen.

Chrysalis smiled and charged forward drawing her blade, the Guards screams were cut short as they were cut down. Chrysalis summoned a ball of energy and blasted the gates open, as she walked in guards charged their spears pointed at her. Chrysalis rolled her eyes and launched a wave of fire at them burning them to ash.

As she entered the Castle guards continued to attack but were quickly being dispatched, at last she approached the throne room. Before it stood two guards but they were different. Their armor was a full plate rather than a simple chain-mail suit and a chest plate. In their hands were heavy broadswords.

"I assume you are different?" The Queen asked.

The guards charged forward and Chrysalis sighed before firing a wave of fire at them. One of the Guards raised his sword and slashed sending a wave of air from the blade cutting the wave of fire in half. The second Guard leaped over the fire and swung his sword downward forcing Chrysalis to block the blade. As she blocked the guard the other charged forward and thrust his blade in to chrysalis. However instead of it piercing her the blade was stopped. Chrysalis smiled and threw the guard she blocked away sending him into a wall and killing him, she then grabbed the other guard by the neck. The guard began to chock and dropped his sword. Chrysalis grabbed the blade and raised it to his stomach. The guards eyes widened as she thrust the blade into him before throwing them aside.

Chrysalis smiled and turned to the throne room doors and slowly sauntered up to them before raising her left foot and kicking them open.

Time dilation for the Void: 2999 years, 11 months, 30 days
Total duration Equestrian time that Twilight has been in Void: 1 year 6 months, 1 week

Twilight stood before Loyalty there swords raised as they circled each other. Loyalty charged delivering quick blows as Twilight parried them, from behind him shards of black crystal launched forcing him to dodge quickly to the side. Twilight snapped her fingered and quickly a sword fish shot at him, Loyalty parried the fish as it fought and Twilight quickly jumped backwards.

The moment her feet touched the ground the earth erupted and seven golems formed and charged the warrior. Loyalty extended his wings and charged using the feathery appendages to slice through the stone being or blocking there blows as he cut down the last golem Twilight teleported behind him and slashed her blade. Loyalty blocked the blow with his wings though the force pushed him back. Twilight pressed the attack and summoned several blades of light that fired at him sending him spiraling back, she them stomped her foot and impaled him with several crystals that shot from the ground.

Loyalty grunted and twisted his body breaking off the crystals and charging at Twilight who simply stood and watched, as he drew closer Twilight tensed and when he was right on top of her she launched herself into the air before delivering an ax kick to his head. Loyalty fell to the ground knocked out.

Several hours later Loyalty groaned and turned to Twilight. "Gotta say, I haven't been beaten that bad since I was training."

Twilight smiled and blushed. "You trained me master."

Loyalty laughed. "Your to modest Twilight. A great warrior, scholar, beautiful, modest, kind, while also being royalty and the best politician I've ever met, if you don't attract someone within the first month of your return I will personally forge a suit of armor and eat it."

The two shared a laugh before Loyalty turned serous. "Well I don't have to say whether you passed or not do I?" He asked. "I mean it should be a given."

"So she is ready for my lesson." Betrayal said as he approached them.

Loyalty nodded.

Betrayal sighed. "Twilight my lesson has already been taught."

Twilight stared at him confused. "What?"

"The path of a Berserker is actually a lot simpler than you think." Betrayal explained. "You simply need need to be trained as a warrior and then you need a suit of Berserker Armor. Berserker Armor was forged by Dwarfs long ago. At one time there were many suits but over the ages they were either lost or destroyed. The only one that remains is mine."

"Why were they destroyed?" Twilight asked.

"The armor is cursed." Betrayal replied. "Berserker Armor is infused with a flow of pure blood lust, any who synchronize with this terrible flow of power with in becomes unstoppable, the wearers passions that become so strong that the wearer ceases to feel pain or fear. Living beings unconsciously limit there strength to protect themselves, pain is a warning to keep the body from destroying itself however with out pain beings become incredibly strong and agile, they surpass the bodies limitations endangering there lives."

"So it represses pain and fear by using the wearers blood lust making them battle as an animal the longer they wear it?"

Betrayal nodded. "Yes but that is only a fraction of its power. The armor and the wearer have a symbiotic relationship. The wearer provides it with power from their blood lust and rage while the armor protects the wearer. However the armor often goes to far. It the wearer is injured in battle and can no longer move the armor will embed itself into the wearer and set the limbs back while also moving them for the wearer."

Twilight's eyes widened in understanding. "The armor doesn't heal the wearer though does it?"

"No." Betrayal said.

"Then that means that the armor will make the user fight till they die." Twilight said.

"The armor is powerful but dangerous." Betrayal explained. "That is why your lessons will be with the armor not necessarily me. I will be teaching you how to use it and also how to prevent it from controlling you. Though you have an advantage over any of its other users."

"What advantage?" Twilight asked.

"You're immortal. The armor is alive and it eventually grows attached to the user. While I can no longer use it, it still cares about me. Since you're immortal you are not only near impossible to kill you but you and the armor will be bound till death and since you cant die by natural means then the armor will be with you forever as a constant companion."

"How did I die if I am immortal?" Twilight asked.

"I can answer that." Loyalty said. "When an Alicorn first gains their power they don't immediately become immortal, in fact when they first come to be they are weak and can be easily killed. Chrysalis took advantage of this to kill you."

"Come with me Twilight it's time you take up the armor of a Berserker." Betrayal said as he walked into the shrine, Twilight hesitated for a moment before following. Betrayal lead Twilight to the armory and opened the door. As Twilight stepped in to the room she saw that the only thing inside was a suit of armor made from many plates, the helmet was fashioned into a wolves face and the eyes were shaped like a Z.

"Twilight this is the Berserker Armor, Berserker Armor this is Twilight Sparkle. As I can no longer wear you I feel it is time I pass you on to the next." Betrayal said as he looked at the armor. "Thank you for all you have done for me old friend, I will never forget you."

Once he finished he turned to Twilight and smiled. "I will leave you to get acquainted." He said and exited the room.

Twilight looked at the armor for a time before taking a deep breath and approaching it, slowly she reached out but before she was able to touch it the armor moved on its own and grabbed her arm. Twilight froze in fear as the armor seemed to melt and slowly crawled up her arm. Twilight screamed and tried to pull away but the armor held her in place as it covered her. The armor slowly covered her and her eyes widened in fear as the helmet covered her and locked her in place.

Twilight froze as she came face to face with a large black wolf. "So you are the one my former master spoke of." It said.

"Who-what are you?!" Twilight asked as she backed up.
"I am the Armor." The wolf said as it paced around her. "I am the physical manifestation of your fear, your hate and your desire." It said as it approached her.

Calmly the wolf looked over her before chuckling. "We will get along well you and I, such potential. I accept you as my master." It said before rushing at her. Twilight screamed as the wolf covered her and the world went black.

As Twilight awoke the scent of blood filled he nose and she coughed before looking around. The first thing she noticed was that she was restrained by thick chains that bound her arms to her sides. Twilight flexed the chains testing there strength.

"Finaly awake?" Betrayal asked.

Twilight turned to see him sitting on a large stone.

"What happened?" She asked.

"When the armor bonds with it's new host it activates. Fortunately we were able to restrain you till you came to.

"The armor accepted me?" She asked

Betrayal nodded and walked toward her. "Now to train you to properly use the armor.

Author's Note:

So here it is. Twilight will soon be ready to face Chrysalis and then the I start the next great adventure. I'm honestly extremely excited. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope to see you in the next one.

Twilight's Armor a.k.a. The Berserker Armor:

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