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This story is a sequel to The Fighting Dragon

Following his adventure in Fœnum, Spike was forever a changed dragon.

By day, Spike is just a little dragon, Twilight's number one assistant, and every pony's best friend. However, when night falls, the predator inside of him emerges for the students to see and witness.

They'll never look at Spike the same way again. He has become their sifu.

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Whoa. That was an intense first chapter. VERY good detail in Spike's probably PTSD-related half-flashback/half-nightmare. Anyway, you did a VERY good job on the dialogue, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

Yeah, I am most certainly going to be looking forward to more of this.

So what happened with the other story makes it feel like theres a big gap of information.

To answer your question, the other story is put on hold, because it's dependent on the story mode of the game. And so far, the story mode has yet to be completed. And until then, The Fighting Dragon will remain on hold.

In the meantime, I decided to pass the time by writing this story that would detail how much the adventure had affected Spike, and how he will come to terms with his experience with the students later in the story.

I can see a bit of Tianhuo’s fighting style in Spike.

Excellent work on this latest chapter. Great depiction of not only the physical aspects of what Spike went through on Foenum, but also the emotional aspects. . I particularly liked how Spike's friends are reacting to the changes in Spike .

The exchanges, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all quite well done in all the right places.

I forgot that the MLP movie is canon now.

please continue this! I want to see more interactions between spike and the young six!

it updates!
also no matter how much spike refuses, he is gonna have to cave into the young six eventually; one way or another

Yay, new chapter! Also, Spike can't run forever.

Please continue, this is fun to read. Watching Spike slowly be tempted and him staying true to himself is making this for a fascinating story. And it was satisfying to read how Spike exploded on Twilight for the mistreatment he got from the show, especially with him getting left behind on may occasions. He became strong and Twilight doesn't know how to process how her baby dragon is more than capable of taking care of himself now.

Please tell me someone tells the mane six that it was Spike who defeated the Bug-Bear.

I do like how the words of his old comrades are coming to Spike from time to time. Even worlds apart they're still with him. Shame only the Predators are reaching him.

This is pretty alright so far, but why did you give Spike's fireball attack the name "Bash" ? Wouldn't something like "Blaze" , "Burn", or "Blast" make more sense?

I have a feeling that Tempest should come back, and really apologize to Spike!!!!

When will he finally tell them all about the predator problem inside his head??!!

Even if it's only 1k words I still loved reading this.

It sounds like Spike is slowly going insane from this visions. Maybe that's the point? To make him go insane and to control him easier. Because if they got him to do that to his room and the Rarity Doll, it be dangerous if he loses control in front of his friends.


Why is this even happening to him!? Why can't he just tell them the truth?! Just so they can finally help him with the mental problems.

Probably because he's scared of what they would think they know. That he himself is a predator that could hurt them, and from the looks of it, whatever happened in the prequel is something that (from the looks of it) no one knows except Spike, and he had to remember it in the first place.

He was trained from ground zero to fight these predators, not his friends in Equestria. He probably wants to handle the situation so they don't get hurt.

That and, the stress is probably not letting him think clearly. Which is what we see in this chapter.


Well, not telling anyone before it's too late is gonna BITE HIM IN THE ASS!!!

Plus, didn't they handle this "issue" when he has his "greed growth"!?

It will bite him in the ass. In fact, the problems are already showing right now and will keep growing.

Considering that he defeated the Ursa while his friends were knocked down, I say Spike is justified that he's worried about his friends getting hurt. They didn't really defeat his "greed form", he just shrunk from non-battle.

I just reread this story, and I'm excited for whenever the new chapter comes out.

I can't wait to continue

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