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I became a Brony in the summer of 2017, and I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs, science and friendship.


When Twilight is afraid of sleeping alone after a nightmare about something lurking under her bed when she's a filly, she asks her best friend, Pinkie Pie, for a sleepover. Pinkie tells Twilight it was not real... or is it?

Editor and Proofreader: sevenofeleven, LoneUnicornWriter (Unavailable?) and TheMysteryMuffin (Added).

This took place during the events of season 1.

Also, if you hit 'DISLIKE' on the story, please PM me and tell me why. A downvote doesn't help me improve my writing!

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But in the moonlight outside her covers, a shadow of a large hand, with a palm as big as her head and four elongated fingers, slowly moves from in front of her bed to her face.

What in the hay is that:twilightoops:?!

Well, the first chapter has set the stage, and I'm intrigued... I think I'll go listen to a "monster under the bed" creepypasta now...

"Look, making me breakfast isn't gonna work at all." Twilight levitates a fork and she picks up the pancake slice. "And besides, Spike's been gone for two days with Rarity." Twilight takes a bite out of a slice.

Of course he has:ajsmug:.

At least my nightmares are not real.

For now...:trixieshiftright:.

Did I do something wrong even I was a filly? I didn't do anything wrong. She sighs. "I hope Pinkie's right." She closes the book.

Me too...:twilightoops:.

Wow, that was a freakish nightmare:twilightoops:! And those two fillies...:pinkiesick:.

Twilight hears a demotic voice that almost sounded like her voice.

Misspelled a word there:twilightsheepish:. Other than that another good chapter:twilightsmile:.

Wow, Twi's imagination is just running wild here:twilightoops:.

Hmm... I see some emerging similarities to IT:pinkiecrazy:

And War of the Worlds (if you count on those red roots).

Nice to see I’m not the only one with asburgers syndrome:twilightsmile:.

Also, those Namage interest me:unsuresweetie:.

Why was sevenofeleven's name crossed out, but not LoneUnicornWriter?

I fired him when I hired new editors because he wasn't that good on editing stories (I mean no offense to him), and LoneUnicornWriter is unavailable for a week, I don't know why. Thanks for asking.

200 views, man. Awesome! Like count is going up as well. :rainbowwild:

Go look it up 'Namahage' and find out.

" You will die! " Twilight's black-eyed doppelganger shouts in a demonic voice. " The Namahage will hunt you down for the orders of the colony. You will see her as she wanted. "


Daydream. Daydream? Twilight thinks. I don't even know what I'm I going to daydream. I haven't daydreamed since when I was younger. I hope I can still.

Me too...:fluttershysad:.

This is creepy broni-stalker!

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