• Published 3rd Aug 2018
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Under the Bed - tyrannosaurianrex9

Twilight thought that something that's lurking under her bed was just a figment of her imagination even as a filly, but her childhood nightmare turns out to be real.

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Chapter 3

Outside, Pinkie is happily bouncing her way towards Twilight’s library while waving to other ponies and wishing them a pleasant morning. She then arrives at Twilight’s library and knocks loudly on the red wooden door.

"Hey, Twilight?” Pinkie calls, in her usual bubbly tone. “Are you awake?"

There was no response. Pinkie decides to knock again.


Concerned, Pinkie attempts to open the door, but discovers that it's locked. In protest, Pinkie stamped her hoof on the ground and huffed in frustration.

"Now what?"

She looks at the nearest window and trots over it. Pinkie discovers that it’s unlocked and opens it wide enough to squeeze through it.

Inside, the library was dark. Pinkie finds a light switch and flips it, illuminating the room.

"Twilight?” She calls again. “Are you here?"

Suddenly, Pinkie hears someone sobbing from upstairs. She trots up the staircase and then stopped, only to discover that the sobbing was coming from Twilight's bedroom. Pinkie gasps quietly, as she recognizes the sound of crying and who it belonged to. Pushing the door to the side, Pinkie went into the room and found Twilight crying on her bed.

"Twilight? Are you okay?" Pinkie whispers, turning on the light switch.

Pinkie found the pillow on the floor next to the dresser and most of the books had fallen from the bookshelves and onto the floor. She hears Twilight sobbing from under the bed covers.

Twilight’s sobbing voice quavers as she cries out. "Just go away.”

Pinkie trots over Twilight's bed. "Twilight, what's wrong?"

Twilight's head emerges out of the blankets with tears flowing out of her eyes. "Oh, hi, Pinkie."

"Let me guess. Another nightmare?"

"YES!" Twilight slams her face against the mattress crying.

"Soooo, are you scared of sleeping alone for now?"

Twilight raises her face to Pinkie. "Mm-hmm." She nods.

"Aaaand do you want me to spend the night with you?"

Twilight hugs Pinkie. "YES! YES, YOU CAN!"

"Don't worry. I won't leave you while you're sleeping."

"Thank you."

Then Pinkie had an idea. "I know; I'll go downstairs and make you breakfast."

Twilight sniffs, rubbing her hoof across her cheeks and wiping away the tears. "Okay."

Later in the kitchen, Twilight's sitting on the table staring at her plate while Pinkie's making pancakes.

"So what happened?" Pinkie asks while flipping a pancake in the air.

Twilight pauses. "I don't know how to tell you my dream. All I know is that I was grabbed by a bunch of hands, saw two fillies who I recognized in the newspaper, got sucked in a pile of disembodied ponies and then get eaten alive by something big... and scary."

Pinkie gasps, perhaps rather more excited than worried. She turns around and waves her hooves in the air. "The boogeyman?!"

Twilight nods. "Mm-hmm."

"What does it look like?" Pinkie looks back at the pan and pours pancake mix into it, before tilting the pan so that the mixture reached its edges.

"I don't know,” Twilight replies, placing a hoof on her chin. “All I saw were long black arms and sharp teeth."

Pinkie continues to cook the pancake mixture and then stopped for a moment to look back at Twilight. "That's funny. I thought it would be Nightmare Moon."

"We reformed her. Remember?"

Pinkie’s eyes widen in realization. "Oh yeah! But, couldn’t Princess Luna save you from that type of nightmare?"

"I don't know, Pinkie,” Twilight replies. “I better ask Celestia about my nightmares."

"Don't worry. I'll send a note to her." Pinkie flips the pancake over again.

"But Spike's not here."

"Oh. I guess we'll go to Canterlot and ask her."

Twilight nods in agreement. "Sounds like a good idea."

Pinkie goes over to the table and puts the pancake on Twilight's plate. "But you know, you could tell her about the boogeyman."

"I thought you said it was just a filly’s tale?"

Pinkie trots back to the stove. "I meant 'your dream'." She especially visualized ‘your dream’ by tilting her hooves in the air.

"Oh!" Twilight says in relief.

Pinkie dumps more pancake mix in the pan. "And besides, I was scared of sleeping alone in the dark when I was a filly."


"Yeah. So I asked my older sister, Maud, to sleep with me, and she did." She gives a cute grin.

Twilight laughs nervously.

"So who do you sleep with when you're scared of sleeping alone?" Pinkie asks Twilight, who blushes awkwardly.

"My older brother, Shining Armour.”

Pinkie quickly turns her head. This was the first time she was told this. "You have a sibling?"

Twilight nods.

"I didn't know that." She flips the pancake with her spatula.

"Yeah. Sorry I didn't tell you."

"That's okay."

"I also had Smarty-Pants with me."

"You know, Twilight, she's just a stuffed animal."

Twilight blushes again. "Yeah, I know. But she’s always been my favorite toy.”

Pinkie puts her pancake on her plate and then grabs it with her mouth. She trots over the table and sits right across Twilight before placing the plate down.

Pinkie looks at Twilight who is hardly eating her breakfast. "Uh, Twilight? You should stop thinking about the same creature in your dream. He's not real."

Twilight levitates her fork. "Yeah, I know."

Before Twilight could eat her pancake, Pinkie swiftly runs over the pantry, grabs the syrup and runs back to the table, handing it over to Twilight.

"Oh, thanks, Pinkie." Twilight levitates the syrup and pours it over her pancake. "I'm sorry. I just can't... stop thinking about that… thing." Twilight levitates the syrup to Pinkie, who clasps it between her two hooves.

"You should talk to a psychiatrist." Pinkie suggested while pouring the syrup.

Twilight raised an eyebrow in confusion. "I thought we could ask Celestia about my dreams."

Pinkie places the syrup on the table. "Yeah, and that."

Twilight decided to change the subject. "So how are the files' parents?"

"Who? Oh, yeah! The police are looking for them. They said they couldn't find anything."

Twilight sighs, slamming her face down into the syrup-coated pancake.

Pinkie trots over and lifts Twilight's head, whose face covered in syrup. "Twilight, your pancake is for eating, not for sleeping."

Twilight sits up straight as Pinkie let go of her. "I'm sorry. I was just worried that-"

"Hey, remember I told you: 'the boogeyman isn't real'."

"'The boogeyman isn't real'," Twilight says the same way Pinkie says. "I know that, Pinkie! I just can't help myself!" Twilight takes a bite on a pancake slice by using a fork. "Is it me, or does that pancake taste funny?"

Pinkie's eyes are half closed. "You landed your face on it. And besides, you got syrup all over your face."

Twilight scrapes her cheeks with her hoof and glances at it, which she rubbed only to discover more maple syrup all over her face. "Oh dear! I'll go and wash it off."

Leaving Pinkie at the table, Twilight trots to the bathroom and then she steps inside before shutting the door behind her. Twilight turns on the sink, pump her liquid hoof-soap, and then leaned down into the sink to scrub her face to clean the syrup off.

"It's coming for you!"

Twilight hears a demotic voice that almost sounds like her voice.

Twilight looks at her reflection from the mirror... the reflection of herself wears a surgical mask. Twilight checks her cheeks only to feels she's not wearing a surgical mask, unlike her reflection who is moving the same way Twilight is.

"It's coming for you, Twilight!" Her reflection says.

"W-who are you?"

The reflection didn’t answer.

"Answer me! Who are you?"

Still no reply.

Twilight, trying to believe that she was in control, carefully removes 'her' 'surgical mask' with her hoof. Her reflection does the same.

But then her reflection's surgical mask falls out of her mouth, revealing a lipless slitted mouth with sharp teeth. Twilight screams and her reflection screeches showing a pharyngeal jaw with rows of teeth unlike her primary jaw with one row and her eyes turn black.

Twilight runs out of the bathroom and through the hallway until she crashes into Pinkie, making them both fall onto the floor.

"What's your problem?!" Pinkie asks in frustration.

"I- I saw the reflection of me... and... it had a lipless slitted mouth with sharp teeth, and it has a mouth inside another mouth." Twilight answers, gasping frantically.

They stand up.

"Did you say 'Bloody Mary' in front of the mirror?" Pinkie asks.

"No, I haven't!" Twilight replied angrily, replacing her frightened expression with a scowl.

Pinkie sighs, trying to think of a suitable response to her friend’s situation. "You should talk to Celestia. I think you're having a lot of problems."

Twilight nods back. "You're right. I could’ve been... hallucinating."

Pinkie puts a hoof round Twilight’s neck and smiles, which made Twilight smile back. "Why don’t we finish our breakfast?"

Twilight nods, still feeling extremely shaken. "Okay."

Author's Note:

I fired my original editor of the story as I have two editors including TheMysteryMuffin I hired.

Didn't Twilight mention her brother before season 2 finale? Well, the bright side is the rest of her friends didn't mention her brother until in that episode.

Also, the Twilight's reflection mirror wearing a surgical mask and has a lipless slitted mouth is referenced from a Slitt-Mouthed Woman from the Japanese urban legends. I added that because that always freaks me out. If you have heard of her, let me know in the comments below, and :twilightoops:do not show me the picture of her!

I am NOT gonna look at her face the same way again!