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How would you react if one day, you woke up with a floating text box in front of you? Would you scream? Panic? Perhaps lay down in the throes of existential crisis?

Or would you think to yourself 'I can work with this?'

Rainbow Dash now finds herself in position to answer that question.

Kami-sama save us all.

I am not the first to make a Gamer fanfiction. Nor will I be the last. If something in here look familiar, it's because 1) I'm still new to writing fanfiction and 2) I don't usually play games with the stat system used in these stories. Ja Ne!

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Not bad at all, evenly paced and simple to read o e thing I would suggest for later chapters have one sheet for all future stats don’t list them in the story unless they appear for the first time many people make the mistake of listing old stats over and over again, anyway good so far.

I only did them now because Dashie is just now learning 'Oh shit mang, I'm a video game protaginist!' and she'd need that info.

Not bad only advice is soft command and ... Shumpo

Alright for the first two or more chapters just meant so the list doesn’t make up half of the chapter

That's fair. Again, the stat screen will be at the end of the chapter, barring stat gains during an event.

No. It's Shun-Po, or shunpo. Also... 'soft command'? Please explain?


Instead YELLIG or saying commands with voice commad or doing weird hand gestures and voice command

THE SOFT COMMAND is just thinking to do it makes it , that is also for the shinoby branch .

Oh. You mean silent casting. Yes, I'll keep that in mind, thank you.


And one more important advice about ice powers and maybe earth .

If the enemy could block the attack try to make a smoke or dust screen to block the view and atack from the blured view and make the enemy to have trouble with the visibility , a way to see trought , mist , vapour,steam and dust .
wide spread attacks and projectle which once hiten would reveal anouther or more same or leser in it .

and with ice try to make the ice freeze fster , corosive spreading ice , and in large distance make or send cold area
Plus earth and ice cold be offensive and defensive . that is why I prefer them they are so flexible . there may be invinsibility spells based on ice .

Nice. Though try actually commenting ideas on the proper stories. I'm not giving a Shinigami Hyoton or Doton jutsu. If you really want to harp on about that, do so on the Shinobi route.


The is just to know . Ok what element or energy Rainbowdash is fit to use ? Electricity ? Wind ? or something else ? Maybe Earth , or darkness , light , or water ?or maybe fire ?

Give me idea what the hero will use to know how to use it .

The basic is explore the enemy weak points and attack , make a shelter or temporary cover ,neutrelise the attacks closer to the enemy from range making sor of smoke cloud of rubble of whatever is it , and large spread attack is must . and attack in the attack is also a good idea .
That is just the basics .
And attack from the blind point should count as backstab and do not yell backstab like a lunatic .

While the illusions may be good and real illusions better better back up the illusion with something real depending on the intent disable , disarm,immobilise,and that sort of in range . and that could make the illusion better . The short energy well and ey contact is not comfortable but with large well or affecting part of the surrounding
is much harther to disable and to operate easily .

And water and makinsg water so hot to Acid
How safe would be ... boil and acidic but in relative control of shaping . the downside is if it is water to acid to turn part of it either not acidic or aditional coushioning covering to prevent corroding the rest .

I know all this. I really well and truly do.

As to Rainbow's elemental affinity, I don't know what I'd like it to be, as with Shinigami it works differently. While a Shinobi has an affinity for one or more elements, a Shinigami themself doesn't. Rather, it depends on the element of their Zanpakuto, meaning Rainbow's could be light, water, wind, storm, lightning, or just outright speed. Take, for example, Sode no Shirayuki. That is an Ice-type zanpakuto. Zangetsu is Darkness-type, and Ryujin Jakka is Fire-type. However, Zabimaru would be a Power-type, and Suzumebachi is Speed-type. However, any of the Shinigami can use the same Kido (if they actually know the spell in question).

Comment posted by Shadesplit deleted Nov 17th, 2018
Comment posted by Shadesplit deleted Nov 17th, 2018

i need more, that is all. for both versions of this story please...:eeyup:

wonderful, thank you

* tips hat *

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