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Trying my hand at writing for the first time ;P


Sunset's life has been completely destroyed by Anon-a-Miss. But just because Canterlot High has shunned her, that doesn't mean she has to be forever friendless... does it?

At Sunset's lowest point, a stranger comes to her defense. And this stranger is different. In fact, she's not really a stranger at all... even though they've never met before.

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Hmmmm.... You've peak my interest.

Sorry, but I'm not planning for this to be a shipping fic... :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

Aww... but Twi and Sunny looks so cute together!


But good story by the way!

How about getting two of them go to sugar cube corner together and if the others try to harass her and tell them to leave, how about the cakes tell pinkie her friends will have stop harassing their customers or they will have to leave

It's a great start to what promises to be a great story that I will enjoy reading. Have a 👍 and a 🌮

Ok, here:

Twilight looked both excited and cautious at the same time. "I wonder if extremely cold conditions affect this new magic? I should go so I can set up my equipment to test it!"

Should magic be energy as Twilight doesn't yet know it is magic or about magic?

Yes, thanks for pointing that out! And I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

Yep! I think I'll just see where it takes me

Good idea, thanks!

Good stuff. Transfer at some point I'm guessing?

To Crystal Prep? I'm considering it, yes. And thanks!

Just let Toothless burn all of Canterlot High down. They don't deserve it, and it'll teach them a lesson in life - treat others how you'd want to be treated.

This has my attention. Putting into my tracking folder now.

Oh, and keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

transfer to crystal high sure the principle made a toxic environment there but I sure that can be beaten easy I mean twilight did it really easy. plus sunset better than being treated like a beaten dog for two face jerk who drop ya as soon as it doesn't benefit them what a cheap friendship. I hope that nasty attitude and harassment bite them tell and running her off in places they go to is so gonna irritate some adults with how over dramatic it is

joy more stories that write the rainboom grossly out of character



Looking great, keep up the awesome work!

Please tell me, that Sunset will break it off with the girls for good? She can start over with Twilight.
Also please please the CMC get really punished harshly,not just by the school but also by their families to the point they be merisible for a year or so.

When are you gonna write a chapter when the cutie mark crusaders tell the five they did in this story? Just wondering

Sunset won't be going back to the Rainbooms, don't worry. And the CMC will get what's coming to them!

Hopefully within the next few chapters

Oh boy, those 4 are gonna be problem later on & also, which Twilight? Princess or Sci-Twi?

Sci-Twi, I'll change it to that, thanks

i hope she makes a whole friend army

I really am enjoying the suspense of this story so far !! Also I was wondering if you plan on having Sunset tell the Rainbooms and CHS at any point about how the case of her being Anon-a-miss is can’t be possible due to not only her reformation, but also to it being too sloppy and obvious of a job for someone like Sunset as if it were her, she would be clever enough cover her tracks and subtle to make sure all suspicions and evidence pointed away from her.

Well forgot this...out of all of them.... I think fluttershy be given a chance. Reason is thanks to a few fics read.
Some Anon A Miss ones, revealed a detail never thought of.

Reason why Fluttershy would think she guilty, because out of all of them, Fluttershy make of been the biggest victim before the Fall Formal.
She could been the most bullied by Sunset, BUT...but depends on the writer of the fic, and if they can see it in their story.

glad to know the adults aren't lawless or blind you know I hope one of the girls causes a scene at there job or favorite place and either gets the ban or fired like imagine if pinkie went too far with her rudeness for a paying customer the cakes and the reputation of there bakery would have no choice but to let her go since their laws against that kind of harassment let them fall down a few of the holes they dug themselves I say.

I feel that Twilight being logical won't just believe the Rainbooms that Sunset is bad news without any facts to back them up. She will even dismiss Anon-A-Miss.

Sunset stood up. "You're probably right: I shouldn't stay out on a night like this. I mean, I'm lots of things but I'm not suicidal!"

Is that a jab to some headcanons regarding anon-a-miss?

Well, you captured my attention honorable gentleman.

I hope you can keep going.

Thank you! And thanks for giving my story a chance!
Thanks for reading my story, I've read a lot of your stories and enjoyed them!

Olala, this is interesting. A story where Sunset meets Sci-Twi. You have my full attention. The possibilities are endless. Taking into account that Twilight is someone very smart, I think she'll know see behind the nonsense Anon A Miss. That account is screaming to the heavens "I am Sunset Shimmer, make my life hell." Will there be any chance that Twilight to see how they treat Sunset, she defends and even find a way to clear his name? Twilight is a genius in technology. ¿Shining Armor will have more appearances? What about Candance? Sunset just hope not forgive so quickly to Rainbooms. Once lost confidence, it is difficult to regain. Excellent work.

Well I love it. Sure, she can cry and feel despair alright, but at the same time I think she's stronger than most people/ponies, given that she's been living alone in the human world without family or friends.
In other words, I think she's made of sterner stuff.

I love this story so much! You deserve all of the invisible cookies this world has to offer <3

Okay, how does this Big Mac have smarty pants?

Friends with Shining Armor... he may or may not have stolen it...

oh boi sunset gonna get it hope this ends sooner rather then later

A bit iffy but I'm hoping things change in her favor VERY soon.

Hope guldas gang does get reported
And like the other comment says I hope the rainbooms causes a scene and gets them into trouble with the staff

Is this gonna continue soon?

Applejack is being kind of an idiot here. Does she think Sunset broke into their house to take the photo? If she thinks it was hacked from a phone then whose? That being said Applebloom is being more of an idiot for going for a post that could so easily be traced back to her.

When is the next chapter?

please continue this amazing story!!!

This is interesting.

Honestly, if the rainbooms texted me I would honestly tell them to f*ck off. Also, is this gonna continue?

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