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Sunset was devastated. It hurts, knowing what she's lost. Forced away from the only friends she's known, she feels like Anon-A-Miss has won. Somehow, she makes it home, and finds herself doing something she rarely does: watching television. Early in the morning hours, she's awoken by the sounds of a children's show with a man who wears a red cardigan.

Somehow, this soft spoken man reaches inside her and gives her peace with just eight words: "I Like You Just the Way You Are"


A tribute to a great man, and my own way of memorializing his life in one of my favorite shows. Like he said once, I may not be good at this, but I still enjoy it.

EDIT 6/3/19
Featured story! Thanks so much for this! You're all wonderful people, and it's you that I like.

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pretty wholesome

Oh man. You had to punch me right in the childhood. And by "punch" I mean "remind me of a time when I would watch Mr Rogers and talk to him because I truly felt like he was talking to me and I was happy".

Good times.

Haven’t read it yet but giving you a thumbs up just for the idea.

Deep down, she had known that their friendship wasn’t everything it seemed. She had hoped, if only for a while, that maybe she had actually found a bond that wouldn’t break under the lightest of stress. It wasn’t to be, however, as she had single handedly destroyed any chance of redemption the moment she made the decision to dominate the school.

Can't fix something that was never made.

Also, Mr. Rogers is the man.

It's certainly interesting to see the CMC have a change of heart here, although personally I'd have developed it a little further.

Apart from that, a well written and heart warming story.

There is no sicker burn in the world than telling a bully that they're not being the person Mr. Rogers knows they could be. With his big heart, red cardigan and soft-spoken support, Mr. Rogers was and always shall be an international treasure...

I knew exactly who this was about when I read the title. Now I also need to looks up old songs from Mr Rogers Neighborhood, so thanks for that

And when you smiiile... the whole world stops and stares for a whiiiiiile...

This was refreshingly wholesome, but the writing felt dry. It felt like you were just telling us everything instead of showing us, and as a result, scenes that should have felt emotional instead fell flat. It also felt rushed at not even 1700 words.

Having formerly been a pony, she had heightened hearing, which translated in her human form as tinnitus, the constant ringing in her ears a maddening drone.

This is an example of one of the mishaps in the story. It has no reason to exist. All it did was take me out of the story to question why it was there. It ruined the flow.

There's a good story in here, but it needs some more work to really reach that potential.

Sorry. It's my first time trying to write a story like this, so it's not really a natural thing for me to do. I can tell you I did take a couple weeks to write it, I just should have taken a bit more care maybe. Sorry.

It's all good. Everyone starts somewhere. Just keep working at it, and you'll keep getting better. Writing is often a "learn by doing" experience.



Indeed and even those of us who have been writing for a long while still have room for improvement. Keep it up and you'll get better.

I wasn't born in time to enjoy the amazing man that was Mr. Rogers in the way most of these readers did, but I still love this story

Oh god, there goes the punch in the gut. Right here. God above... sniff


:fluttercry: :raritycry: :applecry: Simple, but beautiful. I can't even think of anything else to say, I love it.

This was nice. It would be so nice if everyone was more like Mr. Rodgers.

good story very wholesome.
but the ending left me wanting more. like what happened?
was it easy?
still a good story

Of all the people I’ve looked up to (who weren’t family), none were taller than Reverend Fred Rogers.

Freaking awesome. If everyone in the past, present, and future was like the Pentagon of the Pillars of Purity (Steve Irwin, Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Stan Lee, Stefan Karl) the gates of Hell would be shaken forever.

Mr. Rogers was a saint, bless his soul. He even won the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. that should show you just what kind of man he truly was.

mr rogers was a legend, thank you

This genuinely made my day. Thank you.

Always nice to see someone honor a true legend.

The ears on the cover art are rather...horrid to look at

This made me cry and is going to my bucket list shelf

I was in high school when I found out that Mr Rogers passed. Cried the whole bus ride home.

When I was younger I used to watch Mr Rogers' Neighborhood. It helped me get through a lot of tough times and a lot of personal issues. This song... it always made me feel like what the kids at school told me was wrong. That I wasn't some freak due to the fact that I had Autism.

10/10, a very good fanfic and one that I would gladly recommend. Keep up the good work.

I loved Mr. Rogers. I miss him so much. This made me wish they still regularly played his show for kids today. They will never understand just how beautiful a day in his neighborhood could be. This made me cry.

Crossovers with Mr. Rogers are rare. There was an Avengers crossover prompt (I haven't read an actual fic like it yet) about Thor encountering Mr. Rogers and wondering if he can lift the hammer. Mr. Rogers just picks it up like it's light as air and says that some things are heavy for some people, but helping others can make them lighter. Thor ends up finding out that Mr. Rogers is related to another great Rogers. His old friend Steve. I'd love to see a MLP crossover like that. Someone like Sombra or Chrysalis tries to attack Mr. Rogers and he just smiles at them and asks why they're so troubled, reforming them.

Great short fic. Even managed to slip mention of the second member of the Wholesome Trinity in there.


Well I, for one, like them; just the way they are.

I love Mr. Rogers. He really exemplified the whole "Love your neighbor as yourself" principle. I'd say more but, since the guy was a minister, I'll let his Boss speak for him.

"Which of these three, do you think, proved neighbor to the man who fell among the robbers?” He said, “The one who showed mercy to him.” And Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.” Luke 10:36-37, the Good Samaritan.

Thank you for this wonderful story.

Mr. Rogers used to receive fan mail by the bagful all the time, and he'd take the time to read it all and even respond to a lot of it.
Could have been a cool idea to see Sunset write him about her problem and her feelings, and instead of just having things resolve themselves like they did here, Mr. Rogers, seeing the heartache and desperation in this girl's writing, decides to intervene and help her.
Either write her back,
Respond to the letter on live television to reach her,
Or straight up take a trip to Canterlot High to give a speech in the auditorium about the dangers of bullying and not giving people a fair chance to prove themselves innocent or something.
Of course, this would assume Mr. Rogers is alive and active in this world, but hey, it's an alternate Earth, so who knows.

Mr.Rogers was a big part of what I watched when I was a kid. It makes me happy to see this fic. Thank you for this reminder of how good people can be

You know something about Mr. Rodgers? A blind girl used to listen to his TV show and was worried that the fishes he said he had weren't getting fed, so whenever he fed the fishes he said, I'm feeding the fishes now to assure her that they were in fact getting the food they needed.

This, this is a wonderful story and I'd love to see a sequel. I also wish they still aired reruns of his show.

This is now my preferred head cannon for why Sunset accepted the Main 6 with so little fuss.


AB’s right, Scootaloo, we can’t keep this up.Based on what I’ve seen from the school, if we keep going, we’ll end up being worse than the sirens, mainly ‘cause we didn’t use any freaky magic to break up the students!”

I’m not sure if this is 100% correct, but I think it sounds better as “AB’s right Scootaloo,” without the first comma. Also Based needs a space.


As she moved to turn the channel, she had a second thought, and decided she’d humor the show for an episode. It seemed to be relaxing, sort of like that painter that seemed to think that trees were happier if they were short. Oh, how the ents in her world wood get a kick out of that! (heh)

ants, unless I’m missing something.

Anyway this was a great story.

Nope. Ents are living trees from the Lord of the rings, I just thought it'd be cool to include them in my fanfic universe.

Probably gonna write more stories in this continuity eventually


Ohhhh how did I not get that. Thanks for the clarification and I look forward to more of your stories.

You would be incorrect. Direct addresses are always surrounded by commas. The actual issue here is that the second comma is a comma splice and should be a period instead.

I never watched Mr. Rogers when I was young, but even I could tell the world was lesser for his passing.

A very wholesome story this.

Thanks for your time reading. I hope to write more stories for you to enjoy!

Thanks! I hope to have another story or two out this month. Have a wonderful day!

Hmm! There's an idea! I'll think about how to take that and make it work in a future story! Maybe you'll be surprised at how it's done!

I heard that story and cried. I've also read an article recently about how the writer went to see Won't You be My Neighbor and then watched an episode of the show with his 4 year old daughter the next day. During the show, Fred had a girl with leg braces as a guest, and the guy's daughter had leg braces too. The girl was mesmerized by how much he cared for the girl he invited, and told her he was proud of her. Then he turned to his television audience and asked them if there was anything they were proud of. The writer's daughter walked over to her play area and grabbed a caterpillar she'd made out of pasta and pipe cleaners and showed it to the TV for Mr Rogers to see.

Even beyond the bounds of time, Mr Rogers still manages to bond with the children he loved so much. We need that kind of love now more than ever.

I would say that you are no different than anyone else in the ways that matter. You care for other people, you can connect with people in ways that even I cannot, and you have a great potential to be more than anyone thought possible. And I enjoy hearing stories of people who are encouraged by either my work or by others.

Never stop loving who you choose to be.

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