• Published 20th Jul 2018
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Familiar - Cookies

Upon her return and when confronted by the new Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon decides to summon the foulest creature to ever exist (at least she thinks so).

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The Second Coming

The train was approaching its final stop, and got through multiple tunnels to get up the mountain.

Without anything to look at, I quickly became bored, and the awkward silence that befell our wagon an hour ago was quickly becoming unbearable. Of course there were some whispers from time to time, but it never lasted long.

I patted my pants in search of my phone but I couldn't find it.

Frick. I think I left it at home.

With no other option left to distract myself, I had to break that silence before I went crazy.

I turned to Rarity, trying to find something to ask. One question quickly came in mind. "So Rarity, tell me if word got out about that whole 'Prince' stuff."

She started sweating and her eyes shifted left and right. "N-no of course not darling. Why would everypony be aware of that little fact?" She said with a painfully awkward giggle.


"Did you mean that 'everypony' is aware of it?" I asked with a sigh.

"I-I mean with a little gossiping, it's not possible that everypony knows of your princehood." She replied.

"How would you know it was 'little gossip'? Did you talk about it?" I asked inquisitively.

"I may have mentioned it to business partners that have ties all around Equestria..?" She squeaked back at me while shrinking in her seat.

I breathed my deepest sigh yet. "You wouldn't have known I was about to come back. Don't worry about it." I said to her.

She relaxed a little, but she was obviously struck with regret. I somehow managed to kill the mood even harder. Go me.

Another question crossed my thoughts. Surely it wouldn't make this whole situation worse. "Hey Twilight, what's Tartarus?"

"Please tell me he's doing it on purpose."

"Honestly Rainbow, Ah don't know."

Twilight seemed surprised by the question. "Why would you ask about it?"

I raised a brow at her. "To know more about it? Y'know the whole deal about wanting to gain knowledge about a foreign world?"

"Right, sorry. It's just that Princess Celestia always told me to be wary when somepony asks about Tartarus." She said while rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm not a pony, and I just want to know what it is." I replied simply.

She nodded and put herself in Thesis Mode, only to remember that the train was just a couple minutes away from stopping at our destination. She slightly shaked her head at herself. "To make it simple, Tartarus is a prison made to keep very bad creatures away from us. The entrance is guarded by Cerberus and its location cannot be disclos-"

I interupted her there. "Woah woah woah Twilight. Cerberus? Is it a giant three-headed dog?"

"Yes! How did you know?" She asked with interest and perhaps a hint of suspicion.

"Long ago, there were multiple mythologies going around. The Greeks' mythology especially mentioned Cerberus, a fierce three-headed dog that guarded the gates of the Underworld. That's where peoples' souls were supposed to go when they... Uhhh... Stopped living."

While they all were uncomfortable to various degrees after that last sentence, Twilight still showed great interest in the subject. "I wish I could take notes. Do you know more about this 'grihks' mythology?"

"Not much, but I guess I can buy some books from my world for you."

She was so excited about this that she squealed and did little bounces on her little hooves. I saw Rainbow huff at us and calling us "Eggheads."

The train's whistle suddenly rung. We were about to reach our destination.

Twilight calmed down with a couple breaths to wear a determined expression. "Alright girls, get ready. Princess Celestia wants to see us as soon as possible, so it must be an important matter. We'll run to the castle as soon as the train stops."

All of the others mares nodded. They were taking it seriously. "Anon, you're new here, so just follow us."

"Oh, uhhh. I'll be behind, okay but I don't-" I replied, but the train came to a stop and the mares immediately ran outside.

I had no choice but to follow them for now.

~ ~ ~

"Wait, where's Anon?"

"Oh he's just a tiny itty bitty behind."

"What?! Rainbow, can you get him?"

"Sure, we'll even reach the castle before all of you."

"For Corn's sake, this ain't a race, Rainbow."

"Pshh. This isn't like the Running of the Leaves, AJ. Don't worry. I'll get him.

There was a sudden gust of wind in my face and a certain rainbow maned pony was now looking at me from above. "Hey Anon, you feeling alright? We're nearly there."

It's been 5 minutes since we left the train and we've been running since, but I wasn't exactly in perfect condition for a little jog, even if the ponies are small enough that I don't have to run very fast to keep up with them.

Numerous sleepless nights over the last month made me exhausted and I didn't get time to rest properly. Not mentioning the lack of excercise in my life.

I managed to reply between a couple of panting breaths. "Taking... a little... break." I say while I sat on the ground. "Sorry, unless you manage to lift and fly me over there, it's going to take some time to reach the castle."

Her face lit up with an idea, which honestly worried me because I didn't want to be in a situation that would potentially involve me falling from a certain height.

"Let me try something." She said, before latching onto my back. I made small attempts to get her off my back, to no success obviously.

"You're not really thinking about it are you?" I asked, still breathless.

"Hey I may be the most awesome pegasus in Equestria, but I don't think anypony be able to fly with you weighting them down."

"Not my fault you're all so small." I replied. "What are you planning?"

"Not our fault you're so tall. I'm going to help you run by making you lighter. I can't lift you, but I can still do that if I use my wings."

I thought about it for a second. "Sounds really wonky. Are you sure it's going to work?"

"I'll make it happen." I could practically feel the smirk on her face right there. "Just focus on lifting me up then, not making me quicker. I do not have your reflexes." I told her.

"I know." Oh god I could hear the smug™ in her voice. I prepared myself to start running again when a voice came from our left.

"Hey! Are you the creature that ran across the city?" A guard yelled angrily at me, he had strange yellow eyes with red irises.
Two others guards were behind him, their spears pointed at me. "You have left a trail of panicked noble ponies behind you. You're coming with us."

"Yeah they screamed about my look. Guess they never saw a human before." I shrugged.

One of the guards on the back seemed to remember something, and went to whisper it to the lead guard. After a few seconds he grumbled and turned back to me. "Forgive me, Prince. I didn't realize it was you. We'll look the other way this time, but even your title has its limits. Be more careful."

I watched the guards fly away toward the city, probably to take care of the panic problem.

"What was that about? Dude seemed to have a personal grudge with me." I said to Rainbow.

"Huh? I didn't notice anything strange. Anyway, less talking, more running." She said while kicking my sides with her rearhooves to get me moving.

Did she just..? Oh the irony...

I started running, and I could immediatly feel the weight difference. She was making me run without efforts like this, though I heard her grunting. She was really struggling, but she kept holding on for the last kilometer.

Without my stamina to think about, I broke into a full sprint. Both to get back to the group and so that Rainbow doesn't spend more time that needed on my back.

We actually managed to reach the group just as they were approaching the castle's entrance. Rainbow just flopped on the ground behing me when I fully stopped.
The others came closer, worried about her.

She was panting and was probably exhausted after this. She side-glanced at me from the ground and made an attempt at a smirk. "You really need to excercise more."

"And maybe I will. Apparently I need to visit regularly for my health. I guess I could spend a Saturday morning training with a certain rainbow pony." I said while helping her up. They all were surprised by my words.

And thus the girls were now doing a mix of quickly asking questions to confirm my decision, and rambling about activities we all could do.

But in all of that, I still heard Rainbow laugh at my proposal, which just silenced all the other mares. "You don't know what you're getting into, right?"

"Uhhh. Try not to break me?" I said hesitantly.

She broke into another fit of laughter, and Pinkie joined her. Soon all of them were giggling too.

Was I missing some pony culture information to understand the joke?

Pinkie spoke between giggles. "H-he talked like he was some kind of toy!" Aaaand she giggle-snorted. It was fricking adorable, and that put a smile on my face too.

Element of Laughter uh. She's good.

"Alright Anon, I accept. There's no turning back now, and you better prepare yourself. There's a reason why I take so many naps." Rainbow replied with a devilish smirk.

That actually didn't seem good. "Can I retract my-"

She flew over and put her hoof around my neck, pointing at the horizon with the other. "No turning back. I'll make you follow a routine worth of the Wonderbolts!"

"The what?" I asked innocently. Bad mistake.

She gasped loudly and looked at me with shock. Twilight intervened. "Focus everyone! We're here to see the Princess. Let's not make her wait."

"But..." Rainbow started before sighing and nodding. "Let's roll." She said before kicking the front door open.

Dramatic entrance aside, the others immediately followed after her and I was left behind, but they didn't have to get far. Celestia was waiting atop of some stairs situated in line of sight from the entrance.

"Princess Celestia! We came as fast as we could." Twilight said to her mentor.

"Thank you Twilight, thank you all. Where is Anon?" Celestia replied with a slight tilt of her head.

The entrance's door slammed shut. The mares immediately rushed back to try and get it open, to no avail.

"Curses." started Celestia. "He has started to make his move. We need to go."

"What do you mean, Princess?" asked Twilight.

"I will explain on the way." Celestia said, she walked toward a side corridor.

"We ain't leaving Anon behind right?" Applejack asked worriedly.

Twilight looked down. "Princess Celestia will surely explain what's happening. Let's go."

~ ~ At the same time, from Anon's perspective ~ ~

I was still at the entrance, looking over the city and mostly observing the castle's architecture. I was no expert in the matter, but it wasn't everyday that I had the opportunity to be near a castle, and one built on the side of a mountain no less. Plus, the pony's architecture style was unique. There wasn't anything like it back on Earth.

Or maybe there was. In Russia or something.

After this little observation I could honestly tell that, at the very least, the whole white-gold-purple combo didn't marry that well--

"Anon, what are you doing?" Twilight asked. She was standing next to me. I didn't even hear her approach.

"What, me? Pshh, I'm just looking at the walls that's all." I replied with fake confidence. The truth is, I didn't want to see Celestia. This whole meeting was probably going to be about me and I didn't like that.

"You're avoiding the Princess aren't you?" She asked with a raised brow.

Bullseye. I sighed. There was no point in denying it. "Okay, okay, you got me."

She shaked and head and... grinned? "Unbelievable. Follow me, we'll get back to the others."

There was something wrong with her grin, did she always have this unusual tooth? I pointed at it. "You seem to... have something there..?"

She was startled by my comment and she wiped her mouth quickly. The thing was now gone. She laughed awkwardly. "I guess some of my breakfast got stuck there."

"Uh huh." I replied. I didn't know what was stuck in her teeth and I certainly didn't want to know now.

I looked through the open entrance, it had a feint shining outline at the doors. Was it always there? If it was magic, I'd need to avoid touching that.

In any case, it really seemed like they left without me. I walked toward the corridor but Twilight stopped me suddenly. "Wait! They went to the right wing, to the official meeting room. It's faster if we go by the side from here."

I shrugged. "Well you know the castle better than me. Lead the way."

"Perfect." She said and turned around. We walked around the castle until we reached another entrance. That's where we got in, and after that, we walked through numerous hallways.

This place was enormous. I would hate to get myself lost without a guide here.

Also, for a castle, it didn't seem to have much staff going around. Actually, we didn't pass by anyone.

"Aren't there ponies working here?" I asked to Twilight.

"Hmm?" She said with a strangely grave voice before clearing her throat. "Oh, the Princess evacuated the castle."

"Wait what? Why?" I asked, surprised.

"Well... Uh... To have our meeting without any possible interuption of course!" She replied with hesitation as we were reaching a pair of big ebony doors.

"That doesn't make sense. She could've kept the guards at least!"

Twilight stopped in her tracks at my comment. "Alright smartypants, it's a good thing we've arrived at your destination."

The black doors flung open and a powerful wind was sucking me in. I fell on the ground and tried to grab the carpet to resist, but I couldn't get a proper grip. "Twilight?!" I yelled at her.

She simply looked at me with a small grin, her unusual tooth --it really was one?!-- was back, and she had the same eyes as the mean guard from earlier. "See you later, 'Anonymous'."

I let out a very manly scream as I slid across the ground. The doors slammed shut behind me while I was hurled against a bed and hit my head.

I blacked out.

~ ~ ~

I woke up with a big headache and no idea how much time passed. I slowly got up on my feet while wincing.

It was no time to panic, I needed to know where I was first.

So of course the first thing I've done was to go to the doors, try to open them --they were locked-- then bang repeatedly against them while yelling for help.

While it seemed like a good idea in the moment, it was pretty useless, and I only realized it after minute, but hey, it was a nice try right?

I cursed under my breath and turned around looking at the dimly lit room. I couldn't distinguish much of anything, but it seemed pretty big, and there was an obvious preference for somber colors. I made a step forward to explore more when I heard some muffled noises from the bed.

To my horror, it seemed like there was something under the covers.

I approached quietly and grabbed the nearest object available to defend myself. It was a small music box adorned with gems. It wasn't much but it would surely knock out the thing hiding in the covers if it was bad.

I prepared myself to pull the cover off, then yanked it off in one go.

I was met by the sight of a brightly colored clown pony. The costume was complete, with the makeup and rainbow afro! I was so surprised by that improbable sight that I didn't notice the binds on their hooves, and the gag on their mouth.

Naturally, she screamed in the gag when I removed the cover, and naturally, I screamed back, from fear.

I pulled the cover back on her and just stepped back until the information that she was gagged finally reached my brain.

I hesistantly went back to the bed, and gently pulled the cover off, making the clown go "MMHMHM" quite loudly at me.

"Would you stop that?" I asked, irritated from the whole situation. I pulled more of the cover and the pony's voice --she was a mare apparently-- went even louder. Her face also turned red despite the makeup covering it.

I grabbed the piece of cloth that was around her head and tried to remove it, but it wouldn't budge. At least at first.

I felt my fingers tingle and twitch when I touched it. I had to close my hand around the band to not let go. I continued to pull until it eventually came off a few seconds later, at the same time the tingling sensation stopped.

Was this darn thing enchanted? What the heck is happening?

"Anon! Do not look at me!" The mare said with obvious embarrassment.

That voice. Could it be..?

"Luna?!" I asked in disbelief.

How the heck? Why is she wearing..? WHAT?!

Her face was now glowing red. "You will speak nothing of it! And please unbind me, he might come back soo--" she started, but another voice resonated in the room.

"And what better time to come back than right now?" Someone said, followed by an obviously evil chuckle.

I glanced left and right but I couldn't see the creature. My fist clenched around the music box, which I forgot that I still held.

"I see you found the gift I prepared for you, Anon. What do you think of it?"

"Gift? What gift? Are you the one that locked us here?" I asked, still looking for the creature to do something. Right now, my vision was based on movements.

The blinds on the windows snapped open and light flooded the room. I had to shield my eyes to avoid the flash.

When I could look again, I saw a mismatched Chinese-styled dragon staring at me with an obvious evil smug. "Surprise!" he yelled.

He sported the same weird eyes and fang from... Oh. He's the one behind it all huh.

"Discord!" yelled Luna with an angry frown.

"Luna!" he yelled back with a bright grin.

"Discord?" I asked confused.

"Discord." Discord comfirmed. A pair of shaded glasses on his face and neons flashing his name behind him.

"Discount Genie." I pointed out while looking at Luna.

"Dis-" He started again just before he registered what I said. His eyes turned into tiny infernos and he nearly pressed his face against mine. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! ME, A DISCOUNT?!"

"YOU WILL RELEASE US THIS INSTANT YOU VILE FIEND!" Luna yelled back with incredible force, and I mean that literally given that I got knocked back a few steps by the shockwave.

Also my ears were ringing.

I watched both of them argue while I rubbed my ears. It seemed pretty heated too, but I couldn't understand what they were saying until a most needed 'pop' happened, giving me back that sweet sense of hearing.

"--pardoned them for what they did!" Yep they were still yelling. I wondered what they were talking about.

"At least they showed remorse, unlike you!" I could see that Luna's face was red from anger even through the makeup.

"Remorse? After what you ponies did to me, conquering Equestria was the most fun I've had in my life!"

I interupted their verbal jousting. "Time out! What are you two catfighting about?"

"Anon--" Luna started, just before her mouth zipped itself close with a snap of fingers. She still hummed in disapproval though.

"Quiet now, clowns don't talk, and you made a clown out of yourself with that failed little rebellion against your sister." He said with a smirk, before turning to me. "Now tell me, Anon. Who summoned you in this world?"

Where was he going with this? "Well, it was Nightmare Moon?" I replied then paused. "I mean Luna, but like, her evil side? I'm still confused about it."

Luna looked down, it seemed like she had something heavy on her mind.

"Do not be fooled Anon, they are one and the same." Discord continued. "Did she expose you to magic?"

I looked at him with a raised brow. Why would he want to know that? "She did try to shoot at me. What does this have to do--"

He interupted me without a second thought. I saw Luna hid her face in the bedcover and become awfully silent. I looked at her with worry.

"And she made your situation worse with that whole 'Prince' fiasco, am I wrong?" He asked. I saw the color drain from her multicolored afro.

Was he trying to hurt her? "Look dude, I don't know what's your history with her, but you should stop."

"Stop? But we're just getting started on our revenge!" He stated with a bright grin.

"Revenge?! What are you on about?!"

"Come on Anon. We're the same." He said while spiralling around me. "I've been in the same situation as you, long ago. These ponies summoned me, stole me, from our world. And look at what they did. They hurt us."

"What the heck do you mean by 'our world'?" I asked while trying to avoid any part of his body from touching mine.

"I was human once, just like you." He snapped his fingers, making a floating upside-down bed appear next to me. He lied on it, or under it, depending on how you want to say it.

That's when it clicked in my head. I remembered the talk with the princesses during that hectic dream a month ago. He was that supposedly second human, the one doing the finger snaps! "What happened to you?" I asked him.

"Ahhh. That's both a sad and inspiring tale. After the summoning, they tried all kinds of magic on me, provoking surges after surges. It eventually changed me into this handsome creature." He said while wearing a tuxedo and a top hat. "I was no longer a human, but it didn't matter. In this form, I could collect the ambiant chaos, and turn it into power, and that's what I did in order to escape."

Okay, he had it real bad. I get it. But there was a detail I heard earlier that bugged me. "And so you took revenge on the ponies, by conquering Equestria?"

He flipped back to float 'normally' in front of me. "But of course! I had to teach them a lesson! It was all in good fun though. I never put them in real danger."

"I hit my head when you threw me in here. That could've been bad." I pointed out while approaching the bed. I needed to check on Luna.

"Honest mistake." He said while a halo appeared on his head.

I ignored it and sat next to Luna. She lost all of her colors and looked at a random corner with a disheartened expression. "Luna?" I tried to put my hand on her shoulder but she tried to wiggle away from it. "What did you do to her?" I asked Discord.

He laughed. "Me? No you misunderstand, Anon. We did it, together. We showed her how bad of a pony she was. And soon we'll show them who's really in charge. Me!" He exclaimed while raising his arms toward the ceiling, before looking back at me. "Oh and you in second, of course."

"But I didn't want to! She's not really bad, she just made a couple of bad decisions that had big consequences. I didn't want her to be... all depressed!" I yelled at him. Luna's gaze lazily fell on me. It was heartbreaking.

He was surprised by my reaction before a literal lightbulb appeared above his head. "Oh! So you're that kind of guy uh. I didn't know you'd want her to be physically punished." He made about a dozen feathers appear around him. "Is a tickle torment enough?" He pondered while stroking his goatee.

This dude was crazy AND dangerous. "No! I don't want her to be tormented in any way, nor I want to conquer a whole nation! You need to stop, before Celestia or the others get involved. It'll go bad for you."

He stared at me strangely. Like he didn't really expect me to say these things. He changed his outfit to wear a doctor's coat. "I think you hit your head harder than I thought. Every human has a thirst for control. It's in our nature, to adapt, overcome, and be on top."

"I just want control of the relative peace in my life, and you're stirring trouble right now. Just leave us alone, and take a vacation on a desert island or something." I said while looking back at Luna. She averted her gaze when I did so, but there was a faint twinkle in them.

He frowned at me. "Anon, think about it. I can give you the magic that you always dreamed of having. You would be able to do anything, just like me." Upon seeing my look of surprise, he smirked. "I may have been turned into a statue a thousand years ago, but I could still use some of my power to listen to conversations."

I must admit that I considered it, even for a second. But I was literally dealing with the Devil here. I couldn't take that chance. "No. Just return Luna to normal and leave."

His eyes turned ablaze again. "I cannot believe that I tried to associate with such an idiot simply because you were summoned too. I tried to give you multiple chances to join me. You will regret this."

"Twilight and her friends will defeat you with the Elements." I said, sure of myself.

But my confidence was quickly broke off by his mad laughter. "YOU FOOL. DO YOU THINK I WOULDN'T TAKE CARE OF THAT MATTER FIRST? I ALREADY DEFEATED THEM AND EQUESTRIA WILL SOON BE MINE." He coughed a few times. "Right after I take care of the other insignificant pony princess."

I got up suddenly. "What? What did you do to them?!"

"Would you like to see, Anon?" He asked with a sick mad grin. "Or maybe I should call you by your real name. I certainly need a minion to do all the grunt work."

No way. "You're bluffing!"

"I wouldn't be so sure of that If I were you. Do I need to spell it out?" He asked with faux-playfullness. I frowned and he grinned like he got me in checkmate.

"C." He said. A bead of sweat formed on my forehead.

"H." He continued.

I heard enough. "Okay! Okay. Stop. What do you want Discord?"

He shaked his head. "Tch. Disappointing in every aspect. You are no better than them." He snapped his finger. A bright flash briefly blinded me.

I blinked a few times. And when my vision returned, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Ponyville was completely ruined.

I seemed like random hills sprouted everywhere. The ground was all multicolored checkers. There were multiple buildings floating in the air. The sky was green, and in some parts, full of the same pink clouds from earlier today.

I was at a loss for words.

"Hmm." Discord snapped his fingers and made giant card castle appear nearby. "Perfect." He said as he sat onto a throne. "Isn't Chaos wonderful, Anon?"

"You have a problem." I replied dryly.

"It's not as wonderful as FRIENDSHIP!" I heard a familiar voice say. My head snapped toward the source.

I've never been this happy to see a pony in my life. There was standing Twilight, and her friends. All wearing the Elements of Harmony that they used a month ago. Wait... Where was Pinkie?

"Anon! What are you doing here?" Pinkie asked from beside me.

"I'm an hostage. He know my name, and I guess I have to listen to him so he doesn't say it." I replied.

The jewel from her Element suddenly lit up, and she was dragged in front of Discord with all the others, except Twilight.

"Will you ever learn?" said Discord.

Twilight teleported in the middle of her floating friends and casted a protection bubble all around them. That was nifty!

Discord seemed to think it was cute, given the weird smile he had on his face.

"I'll tell you what we've learn, Discord! We've learn that friendship isn't always easy. But there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."

That was really, REALLY cheesy.

"Ngh. Gag. Fine, go ahead, try and use your little Elements. 'Friend' me. Just make it quick." Discord replied with disgust.

Wait what? Doesn't he know what they can do? Is he just really crazy and think he's invincible or something?!

He teleported back on the throne. "I'm missing some excellent chaos here!"

Twilight smirked. "Alright ladies! Let's show him what friendship can do."

"Wait wait wait!" Pinkie said as she was openly drinking the strange brown rain falling down. What was wrong with this pony?

Everyone just stared at her blankly, even Discord.

Then with a bounce, she joined back her group. Twilight lit her horn up and they all started floating in the air. Just like last time. The only difference is that they were now shooting some projectiles at him at the same time.

"Uh, what this?" He said after dodging one that came awfully close to his head.

Then there was the giant rainbow beam of harmony shooting high in the air. Alright, it was going to be over soon--

"No!" Discord yelled as he grabbed me and put me in front of him as a shield while the beam was heading down.

"WAIT WAIT NO PUT ME DOWN YOU CHEATER!" I screamed right before the beam washed over us.

'Intense tingling' wouldn't even start describing what I felt at that moment. I simply was paralyzed by the sensory overload.

It only lasted for a few seconds, but it really felt like I spent a lifetime in there.

When it stopped, I was just a twitching ragdoll, brightly radiating rainbow power from my skin like a Rad ghoul from Fallout.

Discord dropped me on the ground and laughed like he never laughed before when he realized that the mares failed.

"You idiots! You can do nothing to me! Equestria. Will. Be. Mine." He accentuated each word while he levitated each Elements out of the mares' grasp. They were all too scared to do anything.

I needed to do something. I didn't know what, but I needed to. The temperature was rising, I was feeling like I was in a oven.

I not-so-steadily got on my feet while Discord mocked the group some more, but honestly my vision was blurred and I could only hear muffled sound at this point.

"Hey, you big failed puzzle." I said to the general direction where Discord was standing. I think he turned his face toward me. "You said you were turned into a statue once, right?" I clenched my fist. "Then why don't you have a go at it again?!" I staggered toward him and swung my fist toward his face.

I completely whiffed it and tripped.

But something amazing happened as my fist touched the ground. All the rainbow energy that I stored in my body just exploded outward.

A giant multicolored circle expanded from the impact and was turning everything in Ponyville to normal.

I heard a faint scream as I saw Discord turn into stone from his feet to his head. "CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!"

But nothing happened.

I simply grinned. Good idea, bad execution, but still got the intended result.

"Wesker ripoff." I mumbled while I rolled on my back. "Heh... That was awful." I whispered just before losing consciousness.

Author's Note:

Did you guys hear something?

Thanks for reading everyone!