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The Mean 6, a recent episode yes with plenty of interesting ideas, but it's ending fell flat, this is one authors way of changing the course of history...

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Actually, the ending was very good. It brings up questions of whether the tree really is sentient.

Glad someone enjoyed it lol

This is the most underwhelming thing I have ever read. The only part of it that even sorta works is the casual single-sentence deaths nopony mentions, as they fit in with the manner of the overall fic.

This... made absolutely NO amount of sense to me.

At all.

Lol, when I read the synopsis I didn't know what to expect, how the Transformers would be involved. As I read, it turns out to be based on the 80s animated movie but then the WHAM ending turns out to be just a simulation by Wheeljack, the "author" being referred to in the summary.

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