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Lord Grogar has been defeated.

At least until he returns yet again to bring the world to the edge of destruction, as he has countless times before. Only this time things will be different. Much different.

An expansion of the story from the Writeoff It Could Have Gone Better of the same name

Cover art fromDiscorderlyConduct at this link

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First comment for the author. It is good it is to have friends to deal with trivial little matters which you do not have the time for.

Nice, need more Grogar and a truly dark and dangerous Luna.

I hate Grogar, but I love this story. 😄

And in another place beyond the dimensional vale, two bipeds lay together in each other's arms. Clothes tossed about the bed they shared, dropped haphazardly in their frenzied coupling, Sunset caressed Twilight's cheek. "You must be a natural. There's no way you learned that in a book."
"Talent, yes, and oh so many books."
Far above them, a young fighter pilot trainee has just breached the sound barrier for the first time. Her instructor just kept rubbing her eyes as reports kept flooding the channel about the prismatic light show the jet plane had just produced. "That. Was. Awesome!"
Simultaneously, Sunset, Twilight, Rainbow, and the other magically active young adults went cross-eyed as a wizened voice that sounded like a dying goat screamed, "Curse you, Luna!" And then went dead silent.

There, sunlight and rainbows...:pinkiehappy: I like the story.

I too enjoy a more powerful Luna. Good stuff

Luna Resplendant, Justice for All. A nice turn of events :)

Still a wonderfully mythic Luna. The extension makes it all the more satisfying, and nicely ties up a loose end from the original. Thank you for this.

Friendship is magic, but so is fiendship.

9039214 750 word limit on Writeoff.me You should have seen how much I trimmed and snipped, but it kept getting better up to this point. (and I just did an edit to fix a 'before' issue)

Ri2 #10 · July 11th · · ·

Ha! Loved that

Sometimes, it's who you know.

Now I'm imagining Luna catching up with Death over a few beers or hard ciders and Death complaining about Grogar. I'm sorely out of practice in writing fan fiction but have this anyway.

Deep in a tall pitcher of beer, Death muttered too low for Luna to understand the him. The pale horse looked up at Luna, "It is wonderful that you have returned. Not only because I missed my best drinking companion but I missed your understanding. Your sister is another dear companion but she does not understand. She is far too much of the light to understand as you do." He raised his pitcher in salute to Luna.
About to say something else, Death's eyes crossed a moment and he cursed in a language long forgotten by all but the most ancient beings. "Grogar again. Damn that Grogar. I am going to have to drag him back to Erebus. Again. The misbegotten son of worm and lizard. He knows I cannot rend his soul as it so deserves."
Luna hummed and took a deep drink of her cider. She considered the problem. Death was correct. Grogar was a true master of knowing how to use rules, laws, and contracts. He would know that Death could only take him to Erebus. And, so long as he returned to Erebus, his followers would be able to return him to life. A stray, almost whimsical thought crossed her mind. It was almost gone before she latched on to it. She considered the idea, considering the consequences and outcomes and realized that nothing was lost by asking and everything might be gained if the answer was a positive one.
"I might have a solution to the problem. Might it be allowed that I borrow your cloak and scythe?"

See, not everything I write is sunlight and rainbows.

Good ... Good ...


It is good it is to have friends to deal with trivial little matters which you do not have the time for.

A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move bodies...

I dunno... Seems to me to be a very happy story with a very happy ending. It would make a great episode, if it weren't PG-13'ish.

I know that name...

Ah, well. Have to agree with the comment, this isn't exactly depressing. Bad guy gets what's coming to him, and less-bad-people are making sure the world is still in order. Seems pretty happy to me.

Of course you do, I'm a long time resident of ... huh. Where AM I a resident of, again? What's my line again, Mr. Discord?

I do show up in a large number of fanfics, in cameo roles. Including what I consider to be THE Harry Potter fanfic, Rorschach's Blot's Make A Wish.

(I'm the wheezy old gunsmith who tunes Harry's six-gun for him in the western-theme'ed chapter.)

Looks like plenty of sunshine and rainbows from here, you old goat. :rainbowwild:

Probably not from the same continuity as your most recent work, but still a worthy entry.


He never said that it wasn't happy; just that it wasn't 'sunshine and rainbows'.

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