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I write stories about cuddling ponies because when I try to cuddle people they scream and run away


Since the very dawn of ponykind, drinking has been a social activity shared between friends and a method by which social bonds are strengthened, achievements are celebrated, and oaths are sealed.

It is also an excuse for Rainbow Dash to get touchy with you.

A 2nd Person Pony Self-insert x Rainbow Dash cuddlefic.

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Rainbow Dash’s glare narrows and she grits her teeth. “Is that a challenge?” she asks, steely frustration coating her voice.

Ya shouldn't'a did that.

Heh heh, Dash being embarrassed to be sweet and snuggly is always adorable

Great Story CGrant!!! This is one of your best if not your best!!!:pinkiehappy:

This is great. Nice light hearted cuteness.

I’m really glad you enjoyed :3

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