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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.

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Am I first for once? Well, anyways, I liked the references to Greek mythology and the whole "surrealness" of this story makes it awesome.
WARNING: Major spoilers in the comments below. Do not read before reading story.

... Now I'm sad. It was a good read though.

I got confused near the end; the whole "Celestia being supposedly dead" came out of nowhere.
I would say more, but I can't right now. Good job.

All my feels. A very nice story friend :twilightsmile:


1022888 Celestia is an immortal. She can go between the world of the living and the dead. she is essentially their god.

Comment posted by chief maximus deleted Jan 14th, 2018

1022907 oh man you hit me with that one. I expected death...but you got me with this one.

... Yeah, I kinda figured halfway through that that's what happened. Still good though. Especially taking the "don't explain how" route (unless I missed it).

Wasn't really a surprise; the train analogy is an old one. Nevertheless, it was still a great read. Props to you, good sir.

Well, this was an unexpected sledgehammer-blow to the solar plexus, followed by a gutpunch with brass knuckles.

It was...bittersweet, that's the term. The structure, spelling and grammar all seem to be in order, which is a bonus.

Faved and upvoted.

Ya know, there's a small part of me that hopes this will be in season 3.


Ending...this ending. I love it. I like this look on this matter. Not goodbye, only see you soon.

Title + tag = instant spoiler for me, but good story nonetheless.

I had the same problem when I opened the story. Old Country songs, Folk Lore, and Tom and Jerry nearly ruined this for me.

What a beautiful story. I loved it. :pinkiesmile:

Wow, that hit hard. Very good story.


I think it was Casper the Friendly Ghost that made me remember the imagery of the train. One of the movies.

It looked like she was I a pool of hr own blood, from the picture..

um was there just a hint of shipping in there? and how in the hay did Applejack die? let me guess she worked herself until she had a heart attack right?:applejackunsure:

Wow. This one hit me good. Thank you for writing it.

A wonderful story all told. A strong central metaphor that manages to hold its suprise a suprisingly long time with its great subtlety.

My only complaint would be the Dash segment is a bit too shippy for my taste, and I don't think it makes sense that she can't join the Wonderbolts (if flight school was really a necessity, there'd be some kind of remedial program for adults). I think there are other tragedies, or lesser problems, you could draw from there.

Still, that doesn't detract much from an otherwise excellent tale. Good stuff.

Wow, this went WAY over my head, i didnt even get any of the dialouge until the A/C pointed it out, and even then it took me a sec. cuz i thought he was talking about celestia, i didn't even consider that possibility of her being dead, man NOW i can see why its labeled sad, i didnt think her leavin to go to her parents

Wasn't there a country song that was called the Lone black train?

This was good. One thing though, a free ride? Charon always demands payment for passage to the land of the dead.

1024005 He doesn't demand payment from the dead.

I knew it was about her parents! I called it! But...now that I think about it, are they all dead? The fact that Charon was there, and that everypony else was crying for her, and when Applejack asked Princess Celestia if she was dead...Holy moly, they freakin' are dead! Applejack's parents died, and so did Applejack, that's how she went to see them. That's also why her parents thought they'd see Granny Smith first, too, huh? Wow, at first I was happy that Applejack saw her parents, but now that I know she's really dead...:fluttercry:

Chancellor Puddinghead. That made me laugh waaaaay too much.

She's d-dead?
...ok I'm choked up now...:pinkiesad2::applecry:


That. Was truly amazing. I have no words.

wow... petty heart tugging. nice:pinkiesad2:

And it certainly was no secret that Aj died, the figerative langurage and even the fact that the cover image lookes like AJ in her own blood from a distance

you can't fool me! I've read the stories!
:applecry: don't cry, don't cry..

Comment posted by Brony_Fife deleted Nov 26th, 2016

:applecry: : "Wh-Where ya goin?... Come... Come back..."

I thought that picture was a pile of spaghetti and meatballs from the thumbnail on the featured bar.

Was the end surprising? No. Was the story touching? Yes.

Was it something I really wanted to read after going memory digging into some darker parts of my head for my story today? Damn you feature box.

All in all this was done very well, now pardon me while I go cry like a foal.

Eeyup! :eeyup: I was about to do a "Relevant Country Music" link (~IS~ there a "Relevant Heavy Metal" song?), but you beat me to it.

:rainbowhuh: Now my question is, why is she going to Hell/Purgatory/Perdition/some OTHER bad place? My only references for the Long Black Train all refer to it being a E-Ticket ride, so to speak.

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_future.png Eh, might be worth a read later. *Tracks*

wow... that just blew me away

Don't go ridin'on that long black train..... :fluttershysad:


THAT'S how I wanna go!

1024084 when ever sum one would die the wife/husben would put a coin under there tung to pay Charon for ferrying the dead to the land of the dead. The dude has to make $ sum how .

With Celestia being the sort of ruler she is, I'm sure she's made arrangements so that none of her subjects will be left behind for lack of funds.

1023918 That was the song that inspired it, and the weird thing is, I don't even listen to country music. :pinkiegasp:

I saw this in the featured box. I knew she'd be dead. I'll read this later (Tales of Harmony is pulling me away).

One question, though. I didn't cry at My Little Dashie. Is this less sad than MLD, or more?

I nearly flooded and shorted out my keyboard at the Rainbow Dash part.

This is actually a strangely peaceful story in a way. A touch of sad, but more than just that.

I'm not sure how much the fact that she was dead was supposed to be a surprise, though, versus simply keeping the language subtle for the sake of atmosphere. I went into the story assuming she was probably visiting her parents' graves, but it really only took a few paragraphs to begin to suspect that Applejack herself had probably died. But that's fine, though, I think that's largely what gives it that peaceful "life passing before her eyes" kind of feeling.

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