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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle meets the Mixed Six

Glitter Brightstar's Grand Finale party was good but now she wants to have a much bigger party and this time Everyone is invited!

And I mean Everyone... Literally.(some may not appear due to thier own choices not due to my laziness...)



1. Twilight Sparkle

2. Fluttershy

3. Pinkie Pie

4. Rarity

5. Applejack

6. Rainbow Dash

( Different View universe normal and Anti)

7. Glitter Brightstar

8. Prism Shine

9. Prof. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

10. Flutterbold

11.Jeweled Apple

12. Quartz Bell

(The Other View Universe)

13. Dr. Flora Shy

14. Peaches Pie

15. Shine Spark

16. Joyous Rainbow

17. Stormy Diamond

18. Applegem

( The New View Universe)

19.Sunny Sky

20. Moonlit Sky

21. Shining Twilight

22. Midnight Serenade

23. Windfeather

24. Random Question


That's right everyone from all of my Au's are making an appearance in this new story which is going to be a comple redo of The Grand Finale which means that there is a lot of characters and I'll need a lot of time to do this story I hope you guys understand.

:The Other Au's not listed:

The Ultima Universe

The Final View Universe

The Hyper Universe

The Random Universe

The Opposite View Universe

The Altered View Universe

The Legendary View Universe

The Godly View Universe

The Kidverse

The Mixed View Universe

The Alternate View Universe

The Beautiful View Universe

The Future View Universe

The Mirrorverse(my version)

And The Monstrous View Universe.

[New aus to this story will appear as I came back to really finish this story.]

(Inspired by https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-70Tmxcf_2g)

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I came back and really finished this story for real, I didn't like the short end I had so I made the chapter much, much longer than before. This took me a long time but I'm happy I finished this for real. I may go back and twerk this story here and there to make it a real Ultimate Finale.

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