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I'm apart of the LGBTQ+ community and enjoying venting by writing stories about depression and anxiety along with other mental illness that I suffer from.


Chrysalis, The Queen of Changelings, has lost her hive and has no purpose. But suddenly finds herself stuck with a fellow villian that also has no purpose. What will they do when they find out a secret past and a royal scandal.

What will the Queen of Changelings do in this new adventure and a group of new friends...

The cover is by BegasusTiuBe, Who is a very underrated and undiscovered artist. I recommend you give them a look.

Sex will be suggestive (innuendos and teasing)
Violence will be shown in the form of abuse (inform me if I need to change my rating)

Added tags: Dark, Sad, Drama

Warning: Characters will be OOC (My representation of the characters)

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It needs some work with giving speaker's their own paragraphs, having two people speaking inside the same paragraph makes things confusing.

I agree with the speaking thing Author brought up, but other than that I really want to see where this story goes. Its defiantly not a story I have seen before

Texus #3 · Aug 3rd, 2018 · · · 1 ·

Nightmare looked at her smugly "No but we all carry similar ancestors to them" She lectured giving her a smile.

I was never sure if they know about them or not.

"It didn't take me that long to get to your hive. But you are weak and starving. Would you like me to get you a fish?"

I was actually curious as to how they could get a link when they weren't exactly beaten the same time and why she went there. I mean was Nigtmare already cursed with the chain and followed it or what heppened?

Chrysalis ignored her and closed her eyes willing herself to fall asleep. Somewhere inside of her, she was happy that someone care about her wellbeing.

hhhmmm I'm half way convinced that Nightmare is one step away from getting on her nerves with how she acts.

Nightmare wrapped a wing around Chrysalis. The changeling attempted to move away but was held in place by the strong appendage. "Why?"

"I don't need you getting sick. You're obviously cold and your teeth are chattering"

She is nice but I think she maybe takes a bit to much control of the situation not really caring what she seems to think about it even if it makes sense what Nightmare does.

I expect an answer like "you need to be that forcefull to get trough Chrysalis thick head" or something like that, but it is just how I seems to feel at the moment.

Not bad but I can't say how much I like it at the moment.

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The changeling and the unicorn continued their back and forth bickering until they happened upon a small wooden cottage under a tree. "Welcome to my humble abode" North said opening the door.

She seems a bit crazy so far, but at least that didn't meant any Villain that soon.

While I would have liked it to have the chance to state my opinion before everything is already written, this way I don't have to wait for something new.

I agree. I can tell ponies what direction to go or just how to work out relationship issues. Whatever is plaguing them at the moment"

the "showing the right direction part" was alright since it looked more like a vision or fortuneteller, but the other part of her cutiemark I disliked because it looked a bit to much like what I dislike from Cadance powers or how she is often written.

"I was just wondering if we are friends"

"I'd like to think of you as a companion, yes but that is up to you"

"I... Just realized I don't know much about you"

I really need an explanation about the chain and why Nightmare Moon? was there, because I can't really tell if their relationship should work or not. Nightmare is acting to much like her mother at the moment and it seems like she does it out of nowhere.

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"Exactly! I personally think Princess Celestia is overrated. I mean she doesn't protect anything, she might as well just be the national secretary because all she does is paperwork."



Chrysalis took a few minutes to explain why the situation was inappropriate. Nightmare's face then became a deep crimson color. The two sat in an uncomfortable silence.

North came back and looked between the two mares "What did I miss?"

Okay I like that, but I noticed I'M not in the mood so I stop reading for today.

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"You dated a bad colt! Oh, I have to hear this" Chrysalis slurred suddenly interested in this story.

DId I missunderstood the game?, I think she said she never did it.

North sipped her wine "Ex-husband. I see... he sounds like a bad dude"

I hope she isn't talking about Sombra or isn't interessted in him anymore.

In my eyes Chrysalis didn't really gave her the fault, but couldn't endure being near her with those fresh memories and in her weak moment.

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"Follow your instincts and say what's on your mind" She said in a wise voice.

god I can image how awful she must sound now and maybe it get's even more on NIghtmares nerves. Recently I think I noticed that Twilight talks in that annoying suggarcoated voice that Celestia has when she talk to "her little ponies" or is just in teacher mode, yes I believe that was my reaction.

Not sure if you understand what I mean when I say this because I don't know how else to say it, but they maybe changed Twilight a little bit to much and a little bit to fast in something she wasn't before perosonally wise and stuff.
IT would have been the best for me if she would have keept some parts of her personality it is like getting all those fanfictions or was it the show too?, where they take characters like Tempest and Starlight and turn them completely 100% around.

The romance happens a bit fast but it more or less feels alright for some reason. Either i don't care for it that much right now, or you just did a good job.

I think in this and in the last chapter they also felt more like being equal to each other than before that. i mean it was only small stuff but I think that I noticed something wrong.

Texus #8 · Aug 4th, 2018 · · · 6 ·


NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO I remember that was a weirdly favourite shipping but I never have seen a good example of it yet, which means I still dislike it.

Luna was staring at the mare with a suspicious gaze and everypony else was just shuffling uncomfortably on their hooves.

I know they were one being at some point but I don't want any theory about how Luna can sense her.

"Ok! I can't take another second of this! Night! why do you hate, Luna?" Rainbow finally broke the silence.

I think it maybe happens again with someone acting a bit controlling as if they wanted to push them into a direction withouth asking them. I admit I maybe react more sponanous instead of really thinking about it, but part of it is still true and will be in my head.

It's nice and I admit I'm not to sure about what was bugging me now and then but the reasons I mentioned are what I suspect to be the reason.

I like the story, it is nice in it's own way.

I plan to explain I lot as I go on but I've been working on this for months and I'm still editing and adding things to the storyline because I personally love this ship and I originally wanted it to just be a one shot

Never have I ever is when the person who says never have I ever... had never done it but the people who drink has

aahhh okay, I guess then it was the opposite from what I thought it meant.

Nightmare gave her a mischievous smile "You wouldn't know because they share their mares with everyone in the tribe" She informed her. Chrysalis shuddered "Why?"

Well in this story I wouldn't want to be a yak I guess.

For some reason I only remembered the timeline that they are in right now, I guess I hope in certain situations she is going to keep a part of her personality and that they have to learn to get along with it and not that Chrysalis is forced to turn into a .......uhhhmmm that she doesn't need to get completely harmonized, that she isn't turning into the different colour like the other changelings and that she won't be forced to act completely like the ponies.

You could say that I want her to be allowed to be herself as long as she isn't crossing certain lines, which means not being forced to bow to Celestia, not being forced to always be nice to other if she doesn't wants it now and then.

Just out of curiosity, did you ask Begasus if you could use her artwork?

Sorry for the late reply,
She's fine with people using it as long as they source it.
Her artwork has been on Equestria Daily too :raritywink:

I believe she deserves all of the attention for her amazing work.

Misago #15 · Aug 9th, 2018 · · · 7 ·

Well, yes, but just out of politeness, when you use it, you should ask. Not necessary, but a nice touch.

I took your advice and asked
She said yes :twilightsmile:

She was both vengeful and grateful. Suddenly, she felt guilty for yelling at Nightmare that night.

I kind of hope they aren't liking each other suddenly to solve all the hate and whatever else is between them.

Twilight shook her head "She learned from when she was a filly and made two siblings fall in love with each other. She got in trouble."

Nice that you talk about that here, because no matter how often they try to convince me they mean it different, I often get the feeling the Cadances in their story either abuse their power or well act exactly like that. Sometimes I notice when i want to mention to examples, that it's actually nearly only one.

'Our mare' a voice within her snarled.

yay nightmare and Luna got a sister now........:facehoof:

The pegasus stood up and walked up to her "Make me."

I guess he is not the brightes and nicest guy around huh? He doesn't seems to take a hint from no one.
In the end I really got the impression he is the "I look good and I know it" kind of guy.

Well nice chapter even if they start to come out now when I actually want to stop my reading session, I just feel better when I know I finished the new updates for the moment.

In this story, I make pegasus out mostly to be the most prideful race of the ponies similar to Rainbow Dash but each has their way of showing it

i have never grinned this much while reading a story about Chrysalis or Nightmare Moon

I take it as a yes then.

"Yea, her and Princess Celestia have prank wars"

Did I said that they are suddenly together is a bit weird? I didn't felt that strongly about it right now, but I remembered that.

"I agree with Summer. It doesn't make sense. I will have to send a message to the author" Twilight said taking it down in the notebook.

If that prevents the "changeling take 200 partners per year theory, then I'm all for it." I prefer my favourite chars in a more normal relationship, even the changelings, or more with a regular partner. I got more or less used to up to four partners, but they need to get introduced well into the story.

Nice chapter.

Chrysalis rolled her eyes as they walked into the hotel lobby and up the stairs. Nightmare looked to her "Did you and Sombra talk about having a foal?"

Oh no, I forgot about that shipping.

Chrysalis' head snapped towards her "It isn't rape if you give consent"

First I thought they where talking about Chrysalis daughter and then about Luna, but it's not Luna..., it was Chrysalis x........Sombra?, that's worse.

The chapter itself was alright.

how much do u want to bet her daughter is still alive some how

Chrysalis slipped under the unicorn's neck snuggling into the sensitive area. "Do you envy Luna...?"

Nooo, even if it's nothing bad, please don't make it look to positive Chrysalis. I enjoy it if they look as if they have some mistakes, the princesses I mean, no matter if it is something more believeable or this.

Did I missed something? I read about Celestia adopting Luna as her sister and then they where three kids together.

I'm still trying to think of a good middle way, but I hope they don't exactly get best friends, Nightmare and Luna I mean.

"If Night Tide was Nightmare Moon then Summer Grass had to be Chrysalis? I'm just going off coloration unless Summer Grass is real..."

uuuhhhh did she explained that in the story too?.

"Oh come on! I thought I was going to get an epic transformation where I completely change from giving my love to you"

oh thank you.

"Goodnight..." Nightmare whispered teleporting the changeling away before allowing the magical barrier to fall. What awaited her was a magical inhibitor and chains from the royal guards.

Twilight and the princesses watched anxiously awaiting the moment when the alicorn would fight back but it never came as she was dragged away.

Not sure what to think about that.

Twilight and the princesses watched anxiously awaiting the moment when the alicorn would fight back but it never came as she was dragged away.


Not sure if I understood the situation, but after just waking up this sounds like Chrysalis had a random cocky changeling there who thought she knows it better.

Glad that I found this fic. I like this ship and pics from begasus.
Keep it up!

what happened to chapter 1 o.o?

Fear not I'm just editing and elaborating. I'm working on my pacing :twilightsmile:

ahh ok

i asked because i clearly remembered there being a chapter 1 when i first added this to my read later list and when i went to read it something was missing. now i know why though and i'll wait a bit longer to check this out. ^^

Yay its alive!

Oh no I forgot about that, that's Noth the OC right?
Depending on who they are, I don't really like it if they act like the Nr. 1 and take control of the whole situation.

It seems I missunderstood the character since I really have no idea anymore who he was, but I honestly expected it to continue like I said, it happened often enough, However i was wrong this time.

I remember at least that Chrysalis is not supposed to be there right?, that Nightmare gave up or something like that.

Hmph, this is why we don't do princesses.

Why are you putting the story on hiatus? I'm curious.

I had to rewrite the story line because there was an inconsistency and a bit of rushing at the end but I'm almost finished.
It won't be on hiatus for long though. I plan to write a few plans for how I want it to end as well.

when is the next chapter done?

Editing as we speak :raritywink:

Chrysabuse is NOT cool. Well, MOST pony based abuse isn't in general.

what is the status of the next chapters?

My phone broke and I just got a new one a few minutes ago. I have them pre-made up until chapter 20. I may post them all at once to make up for the long hitatus. They are all being edited and Chapter 20 is 126 words right now.

Well now, Celly, what did you do?!

North sipped her wine "Ex-husband. I see... he sounds like a bad dude"

But is he a bad enough dude to rescue the president?

I still don't understand why Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis are linked by a magic chain? They have almost nothing in common, starting with goals and motivation, ending with the time periods in which they lost. Chrysalis was not even struck by the magic of the harmony elements.

For some reason, I thought that initially our characters went to the North Star home so that she could help break this magic chain.

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